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Wire Stripper Tools Multi-Function Wire Stripper Box


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Wire Stripper Tool Multi-Function Wire Stripper Box

SCALE RANGE: When electrical wiring and splitting, you can measure the length you need and also to gauge accurately.

BLADE MIX: With upper and reduced blades, with screw fastening, surface anti-rust therapy, model-to-port electronic cleaning, hassle-free.

    Wire Stripper Tool

    • STORAGE SPACE FUNCTION: The refined cable covering can be stored in the package, and it can be unloaded when it is complete. It is easy and convenient.
    • SPRING LAYOUT: Four-corner return springtime layout, simple to press and also rebound, saving initiative
    • POWERFUL: Appropriate for multi-size harness trimming as well as stripping, to resolve the trouble that it is hard to make use of several versions in life

    Usage Scenarios

    • Applicable: Most line models

    Wire Stripper Tools


    • ¬†Red and blue inlay
    Product Size
    • stripping box: 52MM √ó 52MM √ó 42MM
    Package Contents
    • stripping box √ó 1

    Wire Stripping Box

    Buy the Right Wire Stripper Tools



    There are lots of different wire stripper tools on the market today. Each one seems to promise a different function or feature, but which is really the most useful? This article will explore the top five uses for wire stripper tools and help you determine which tools are right for your needs. Let's get started!


    If you need an inexpensive way to strip wire, an all-in-one wire stripper tool is a great way to go. Even if you don't plan to start stripping larger pieces of wire, these handy tools can quickly take care of all your shipping needs. Some even come with different attachments, including a hook for stripping wire behind panels and walls. Whether you need to strip wire for repair purposes or just for stripping decorative wires, an all-in-one tool will have you wire-stripping in no time.


    A wire stripper tool can also come as a wire feeder. These tools allow you to feed wire from different directions, rather than all at once. Some come as a portable stand-alone unit, while others require that you attach a cord adapter to your power source. Stand-alone units can be used in a small warehouse, or around a construction site, while cord adapters can be used in factories or anywhere there is a lot of electrical wiring. The advantage of a wire stripper tool over a stand-alone model is that they are easier to transport, and require less wiring.


    For those who need a little extra versatility, many wire stripper models come with a pair of shears that can perform both stripping and shearing. For wire stripping, of course, you want to cut the wire, and for shearing you want to cut the wire into smaller gauge wires. Using a pair of shears for both tasks means that you don't have to stop to perform a single task, and the wire stripper tool is better able to perform both tasks simultaneously. Of course, some models only allow for shearing, but this is generally not necessary for stripping.


    Some of the latest wire stripper tools have electronic chips on the shaft, allowing it to work even when the power is off. If your stripping job requires drilling, however, you will need to purchase a separate device that allows you to drill through both plastic and metal. The most recent versions of these tools have a plug that allows the connection to be permanent, so that the wires won't get yanked out when the power is turned off.


    When shopping for stripping equipment, make sure you know the size of the wire you'll be working with. Wire strippers vary in voltage, and you'll need to buy the right one for the job. You also need to determine what kind of environment the wire will be exposed to. For example, if you're stripping steel wire, then you should use a wire stripper with an electrical outlet. Don't use a tool that's intended for wood, or else it could get quite hot.


    Another important thing to consider is how the wire will be run between the stripper and the object. Some wires are more difficult to strip than others. In addition, some kinds of wire aren't even suitable as wiring because they conduct electricity. So, you should always do some research and always ask a professional what kind of wire they would recommend stripping.


    It's a good idea to find a list of wire stripper tools on the Internet. These lists will give you a good idea of all the different types of strippers available, and you can easily compare one stripper to another. Remember, however, that you still need to do the research before you buy any wire stripper tools, so you may end up spending more money than you wanted to.



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