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Wine Bottle Stoppers Champagne Bottle Stoppers Keeps Wine’s Natural Flavor


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Wine Bottle Stoppers Champagne Bottle Stoppers Keeps Wine’s Natural Flavor

    • The limited Silicone Sealed Sparkling wine Stopper maintains your wind fresh and keeps the white wine's all-natural flavor for days. Turns easily, say goodbye to fighting with corks!


    Main Features

    • [Effective Sealed Storage Space] By enhancing the interior structure, a mini champagne sealant makes the a glass of wine stopper fit completely and tightly secures the gas within the bottle to keep the bubbles from slowly escaping once the bottle is opened.

    • Wear a "safety and security hat" for the beloved white wine, sparkling wine stopper takes on an unique "little hat" shape style, fits the plump arc design of the gleaming a glass of wine bottle, and the style is more stylish. Mini size and splendid, more hassle-free to conserve.

      Utilization Methods


      • [Revolving Lock Layout] Extra reliable and also simpler to use, sparkling wine corkscrew embraces a turning layout, only needs to rotate the top part of the cork to unlock, and afterwards plug it into the bottle mouth snugly, and then turn the sparkling wine cork. The top part is locked back to the original placement to achieve sealing save.


      • [Considerate Finger Groove] Integrated with the turning lock design, the champagne plug has actually meticulously included 3 small grooves that fit the fingertips on the top component, making it less complicated to use force when rotating as well as simpler to use.


      • [Wide Application] Fits typical white wine, champagne, soft drink, and beer containers consisting of some bigger designs. It could be used on all kinds of events, such as bars, wedding celebrations, as well as houses. Is a great choice that makes an excellent present for your best friend that liked red wine.


      Product Weight
      • 22G
      • Black
      Package Contents
      • Silicone champagne stopper × 1
      Material Silicone, ABS





    • The interior securing components of the a glass of wine stopper are chosen for usage with food contact quality silicone materials, and also they are extra secure. The round champagne stopper shell is made of sturdy ABS product, which is not easy to put on as well as very easy to clean.

    • By enhancing the inner structure, a mini sparkling wine sealer allows the wine stopper to fit flawlessly as well as tightly secures the gas in the container to avoid the bubbles from gradually escaping after the wine bottle is opened.

    • Use a "safety hat" for that beloved bottle of wine, champagne stopper takes on a special "little hat" shape design, fits the plump arc layout of the sparkling a glass of wine container, as well as the style is much more unified. A lot more effective and also much easier to make use of, champagne corkscrew embraces a turning style, simply needs to turn the upper part of the cork to unlock, and also after that connect it into the container mouth firmly, and also then turn the champagne cork. Fits standard red wine, beer, soda, and also champagne containers consisting of some larger styles.




      Tips For Replacing the Wine Bottle Stoppers


      There are many different types of wine bottle stoppers for wine. Some are very inexpensive, but some are very expensive. However, most people do not realize that there are stoppers for wine that can be used with any brand of wine bottle. Some of the more popular brands include; Saint Gewurztraminer, Chianti, Ruinart, and Moravaciano.


      The price of wine bottle stoppers varies greatly depending on the type of stopper that is purchased. Of course, if you are not buying a wine stopper, then the price of the wine stopper would not be much of an issue to you. However, if you want to be able to purchase one when you get home from the store then you need to shop around. It is best that you shop in the middle of the week, because the demand for stoppers on the weekends tends to be much greater than the demand for stoppers on the weekdays. You can also usually save quite a bit of money by shopping online.


      When you are selecting wine stoppers for wine you want to select one that is made of metal. If you are purchasing a metal stopper then you will want to make sure that it is stainless steel. This will help to keep your wine bottle stopper very clean and free from fingerprints. If you elect to use plastic stoppers for wine, then you will want to avoid plastic stoppers that have been painted.


      If you elect to buy a metal bottle stopper then you will want to remember a few important pointers. First, you will need to make sure that the stopper that you select is very secure. There are many stoppers that come with clips that allow them to snap on tightly to the bottle of wine. These stoppers should not be used for serving. If you elect to use this type of stopper when you are entertaining you should use plastic wine stoppers.


      Before you purchase your wine stopper, you will want to measure the opening of the bottle. It is a good idea to measure both the height and the width of the opening. This will allow you to get the correct size stopper for your bottle. Next, you will want to visit any local hardware store. Many times you can find a great deal at a local hardware store by looking in the phone book or on the internet. In some cases you can find the exact stopper that you are searching for at a local store.


      When you are looking at a wine stopper, you will want to look at the style of stopper that you are looking at. The most common types of stoppers are screwed on and bottle stopper locks. If you would like to use a stopper that is not as traditional as you may want to look at the twist off stopper. This stopper allows you to unscrew the stopper from the bottle easily. After you have purchased your wine stopper, you will need to assemble it.


      In most cases you will want to use the screwdriver that came with your stopper. If you cannot remove the stopper with your Phillips screwdriver you will need to use the knife to pry the stopper off. Once the stopper has been removed you will need to pull the stopper away from the neck of the bottle.


      After you have taken the stopper out of the bottle you will need to reconnect the two parts. You will want to place the bottle stopper on top of the neck and secure it with the screws that are provided with your bottle stopper. Then you will want to attach the screw to the wine stopper with the help of the screws. Place a rubber stopper band around the bottle neck to keep the wine stopper in place. You will want to finish this process by attaching the stopper to the wine stopper with the screw.





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