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Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry


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Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry

Do you have such troubles, feel your space is dirty and messy?
You need a Vacuum Cleaner like this.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Use Car Vacuum Cleaner! It can be washed and reused, protect environment.

How clean do you think your car is? Probably not as clean as you would like. 

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Maybe you need a Vacuum Cleaner like this.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Turbocharger: Strong suction requires a sufficiently powerful turbocharger. Our product has a large suction power of 120W, mainly because we use a very high cost turbo. We want to make a product with heart.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

The wireless can be used as long as it is charged, Wired models need cigarette lighter to get power, you just need connect it to your car. Cigarette lighter with built-in 15A fuse, add more protection to your safety.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum
Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Use of high cost materials, real high density, strong suction does not decline, unlike other inferior products, the degree of adhesion is poor, the suction force gradually decreases, and it cannot be lasted.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

What's the difference between wired and wireless?

【Instructions for use】
1. Turn off the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the car, start the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, and start operation.
2. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be cleaned after use, press the clip on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.
Fine workmanship, easy to carry, super strong suction, can quickly clean small dirt and other dirt in the car, it is a good partner for your car.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Configured with several brush heads, dust and garbage can be picked up and sucked. Run out of car, you also can take it home or office. Ours each comes with 4 brush heads and a hose for better cleaning.

Car Vacuum Cleaner: This is a versatile vacuum cleaner which can be used to suction up liquid or dry debris. 

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

Product Name: Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner
Size: 30cm*5.5cm*8.5cm
Converter: Wireless cleaner version
Line: Wired cleaner version with an 8.2 foot (2.5 meter) cord
Accessories: hose / hose adapter * 2 / brush / flat nozzle
Power supply: 220V
Color: Black / white
Power: 120W

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum
Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum
Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum
Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum




Finding The Best Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaners



When it comes to choosing the best vacuum cleaner, there are many benefits to choosing a wet dry vacuum cleaner over a bagged upright vacuum. The main benefit to these vacuums is the cleaning power that they provide. These vacuums clean more than just the surface of your floor. The following article will list the benefits to choosing a wet dry vacuum cleaner over a conventional bagged upright vacuum.


The top cleaning tool overall: Wet dry handheld vacuums. If you own pets or children, strongly consider getting the wet handheld vacuums. It comes with all the cleaning tools you want in a handheld vacuum, and it's small enough to maneuver easily around the house.


The pros: The most obvious pro is the powerful suction power. Many consumers who have been vacuuming with a bagged upright vacuum have complained about having to constantly clean their floor with their canister or hose. The wet dry vacuum cleaner provides powerful suction on the first pass. The suction then continues to hold for as long as needed, which means a wash after each wash. This is far superior to the other types of vacuums that often have to stop and start the suction process several times.


The downsides: As mentioned above, the main drawback is the powerful suction. Many consumers have reported having trouble removing dried pet messes from their carpeting. Some consumers have even reported a build up of residue that makes their dry hands feel uncomfortable. The chosen handheld vacuum cleaner has a limited warranty, and the product rating on some models has been reduced. For these reasons, this vacuum may not be the best choice for individuals who are environmentally conscious or have pets.


The best choice: If you are looking for an all around vacuum that will provide powerful cleaning power, versatility, ease of use, and long battery life, then the chosen handheld vacuum cleaner is your best option. This vacuum type has many of attachments that allow it to do a variety of different jobs around the house. It can pick up pet hair, dander, and dirt. Furthermore, it comes with added tools such as a hair dryer, which helps eliminate dried skin and hair that you don't want trapped in the dryer.


The only drawbacks: While the powerful suction power is great, it may not be enough to take care of very small areas. The product rating on some models has also been reduced. The hose can get quite messy when used to suction large areas. This vacuum type also does not work well in wet or damp areas. In addition, this cleaning tool can become difficult to empty if you do not follow the directions carefully.


The least expensive option: The vacuum cleaner is another excellent choice for people who are looking to save money. This type of handheld vacuum has fewer accessories and is more affordable than other options. In addition to being less expensive, it performs a similar job as the chosen cleaning tool. This cleaner also performs well in both wet and dry environments, has less hassle to empty than other models, and is simple to store.


Overall, the vacuum cleaner is one of the best choices if you are looking for a powerful but lightweight vacuum that can perform many of the same cleaning tasks as a regular vacuum. However, it has fewer accessories and may not be enough suction power to get rid of all the dust and pet hair in the home. For those who want to go green, however, this is a great choice. For those who just want to clean their homes without spending a lot of time on cleaning chores, however, the cordless versions are much more affordable.





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