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Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool Cleaning Tool Suction Head


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Vacuum Head for Swimming Pool Cleaning Tool Suction Head 

‚úÖ Swimming pool cleaner that uses just water to create vacuum cleaner and also vacuum cleaner!
‚úÖ Easy to use just attach the hose pipe as well as vacuum cleaner!
‚úÖ Get rid of Leaves, bugs, dust or any type of dirt from the swimming pool!
‚úÖ Multipurpose, works for swimming pools, tubs, lakes or fish tanks.
‚úÖ Does not require any type of sort of engine to run!




Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Suction Head Pond Fountain Vacuum Cleaner Brush Hot Spring Vacuum Cleaner

‚ėÖ TOP MATERIAL: This pool cleaning tool is constructed of premium, high quality elements, which ensures the optimum toughness. Small size, simple to shop.

‚ėÖ BASIC DESIGN: Basic layout and also no devices required to install, hassle-free and also simple to make use of. Features quick tube connector, very easy to link it with any type of basic yard pipe.

‚ėÖ MULTIPLE UTILIZES: Suitable for any kind of typical retracting pole, very easy to tidy leaves and also various other particles. Appropriate for cleansing little swimming pool, med spa, pond as well as jacuzzi, etc.

‚ėÖ BENEFICIAL DEVICE: Mobile swimming pool cleansing tool, it is the most effective gift you can give to your family & friends, as well as it is likewise your own present, this item is simple to use. It is an useful cleaning tool.



1. Made out of high quality ABS product, tough and resilient.

2. The head size is 25.7 cm/10.1 inches, Fits on any kind of typical retractable pole, No requirement any kind of tools to mount, lightweight in 400g, very easy to tidy fallen leaves as well as other debris. It is easy to bring and also utilize.

3. Features fast hose pipe adapter, easy to get in touch with any kind of standard garden hose (Not Included Hose) quick pipe connector, very easy to attach it with any type of typical yard pipe.

4. This vacuum cleaner cleansing tool is ideal for cleaning little swimming pool, day spa, fish pond as well as hot tub, etc.



Material: ABS

Color: As shown in picture

Head Length: Approx. 25.7cm / 10.1in


Package Content:

1 * Brush Head

1 * Handle

1 * Quick Connector

1 * Mesh Bag

1 * Water Inlet



1. Please allow a bit error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

2. The color may have different as the difference display, please understand.


When linked to the yard hose, the 8 water nozzles, which are located at the end of the vacuum, develop into mini-jets which create a powerful suction as well as help raise the fallen leaves in the vacuum cleaner bag.

Top Quality Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Tool Suction Head

The vacuum head is built in ABS plastic as well as polypropylene mesh, making it exceptionally durable and conveniently lightweight. The great mesh network effectively records also the tiniest fragments and bugs.

Type: vacuum cleaner
Material: ABS

Color: white and blue Head length: approx. 25.7cm / 10.1in Weight:
Approx. 400g / 14.1 oz

Package Includes:

1X Brush Head
1X Handle
1X Quick Coupling Connector 1X Mesh Bag
1X Water Inlet









Vacuum Head For Swimming Pool



When you are setting up your swimming pool, one of the most important things to consider is the vacuum head that will be installed. If you install a vacuum head that is not ideal, you will find yourself swimming in dirty water day after day. There are three types of swimming pool vacuum heads to consider when installing a pool vacuum system in your swimming pool. These are brush heads, swimming pool vacuum heads and swimming pool vacuum brushes.


The most popular swimming pool vacuum head is the brush head. This head is easy to install and requires little maintenance once you have it up and running. Just add water, let the system run as normal and soon you will have clean water sparkling like new. Brush head swimming pool systems often come with a hand held vacuum that is great for cleaning hard to reach areas. The pressure of the pump is enough to easily agitate and wash debris from swimming pool floors and walls.


You will also find swimming pool vacuums on the market with suction power that can reach deep into the corners and under the bottom. One of the main problems you may encounter when cleaning your swimming pool is the presence of algae and dirt. If you have a swimming pool vacuum head that has this kind of power, you will soon find all of those pesky organisms washed away from your swimming pool. Some swimming pool vacuum heads can even remove cysts and algae from the deep end of the pool.


If you have a small swimming pool and are looking for a vacuum head to get the job done, you may want to consider a swimming pool vacuum head with suction power that is very efficient. There are even swimming pool vacuum heads that have the ability to filter the atmosphere in swimming pools. These systems can reduce the amount of chlorine used while making sure all bacteria is removed. Some swimming pool vacuums even feature an air blast feature that can knock debris and dirt off your swimming pool walls. This can be a great way to make sure your swimming pool remains clean for as long as possible.


When you are shopping for swimming pool vacuum heads, you will find the options available to you are almost limitless. You can choose between different lengths for the hose as well as various attachments. For example, there are vacuum cleaners with flexible hoses that can be longer or shorter. There are even swimming pool heads that offer the ability to adjust the suction pressure so that they are the perfect fit on just about every swimming pool. There are even swimming pool vacuum heads that have suction power that can clean hard and sturdy floors and walls.


The suction power that these vacuum heads offer can be particularly useful when you have pets. If you have a dog or cat, you know how annoying it can be when they use up so much of the vacuum head just trying to get around in the swimming pool. The vacuum head for the swimming pool has the ability to clean the sides and bottom of the swimming pool so that no suction is wasted. Plus, you can easily change the pressure setting so that your pet can still use the vacuum head without overusing it.


Another benefit to consider is the type of filter for your swimming pool head has. If you want to keep the water moving and healthy, then you need to have a good filtration system. These vacuum head for the swimming pool have various filtration systems built into them. Depending on the amount of swimming pool you have and the amount of bacteria in it, having a good filtration system in place can help keep your swimming pool clean and safe for swimming.


With so many benefits, it is no wonder that swimming pool vacuums have become such popular. They offer so many options to people who want to make swimming fun again. No longer do you have to clean it after every time you take a dip. Vacuums for swimming pool head can clean it automatically so you can enjoy swimming again without any worries. Take a look at your swimming pool today and see if it would be wise to purchase a vacuum head for the swimming pool.





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