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V Face Machine, V‑Line Up Lift Belt Machine, Face Lifting Device for Reduce Double Chin, Red Blue LED Photon Therapy Machine


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V Face Machine, V‑Line Up Lift Belt Machine, Face Lifting Device for Reduce Double Chin, Red Blue LED Photon Therapy Machine

LED Photon Treatment - Flexible V-Line face uplift belt machine, wireless remote operation. Boost face muscular tissue fiber elasticity, activate collagen task, and tighten up skin. Make face skin appreciate a different MEDICAL SPA massage. Appropriate for masseter muscle mass hypertrophy, fat accumulation, frontal muscular tissue augmentation, muscle relaxation, spot skin.

Multiple lights Split infiltration, tender skin as well as activate muscular tissue base, traffic signal at 625nm, promote blood flow; 470nm blue light boosts collagen; Red as well as blue light combine to tighten up the skin as well as raise.
Blue light irradiation Cleaning as well as tender skin, secure skin, reinforce skin absorption, fixing, balances skin oil, whiten as well as lighten places, tender skin, get rid of creases, as well as diminish pores.

Traffic signal irradiation Skin repair service, enhance the task of skin cells, promote metabolic rate, advertise blood flow, boost skin elasticity, anti‑aging, anti‑oxidation.

Light body + fitting layouts Remarkable and comfortable utilizing experience. Wireless operation is hassle-free and cost-free, as well as the skin caring can be brought along anytime and anywhere.


Why should you buy this V-Line Device?

  • High Frequency Resonance Massager is the ideal device to best the V-chin for a balanced Face, hence improve convenience, appeal and also confidence.

  • Completely 44 items LED lights in different wavelengths can provide reliable LED photon treatment to emit advantageous energy for healthier, firmer as well as brighter skin.

  • High frequency vibration massage can effectively turn on skin cells metabolic process to increase the skin fixing and enhance the skin flexibility for face training as well as firm impact.

  • Takes on EMS micro existing to trigger the deep muscle cells, plus enhances the production of collagen, successfully helping reduce creases, shrinks pores, tightens the skin as well as improve the absorption performance.


  • Soothing 42℃ (107.6 Fahrenheit) heating can stimulate the tissue regeneration process which opens up the pores and improves the absorption of cream, lotion and other skin care products to leave your skin healthy.


  • Infrared physiotherapy promotes blood circulation, restores enzyme activity, and slows melanin to fight acne and other skin conditions.



  • Delicate touch button control for simple strength levels modification as well as working settings switch over, immediate power on and off, hassle-free to run with one hand also after you wear the belt.

  • Support timer function, it will instantly shut off after 15 minutes of functioning in order to avoid overuse and conserve energy.

  • Folding layout V-shape lift belt with high flexible strap and clasp can be readjusted freely to extensively match various head sizes for ideal fit.

  • Lightweight and also portable, can be straight powered by USB charging, you will appreciate a cordless use anytime and also anywhere, suitable for both residence and also traveling usage.




    Package List:
    1 * Main Unit with Fixing Belt
    1 * USB Data Cable
    1 * English Product Manual

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