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UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Wall Mounted Holder Toothbrush Organizer


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UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Wall Mounted Holder Toothbrush Organizer


This 3 In 1 UV Toothbrush Coordinator is a multifunctional toothbrush UV sterilizer that is an essential individual hygiene tidy device by way of electromagnetic radiation.

The wavelength of the Ultraviolet rays can kill germs of the toothbrush effectively, maintain your toothbrushes in a bacterium free state, and keep dental healthcare by way of photons. The fluoresce visible light keeps your toothbrushes healthy and clean. 


UV Toothbrush Sanitizers

UV Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted Toothbrush Organizer

The infrared smart induction system makes it active when individuals come close to and also decontaminates when people leave, making it the safest high-tech intelligent tooth brush owner.

This owner has an electric arcs UV system, which does not call for direct sunshine. Lithium battery power storage space, energy-saving, and environmental protection that entirely remove the shackles of the socket.

UV Toothbrush Sanitizers


  • 3-In-1 Feature - Including toothbrush holder, tooth paste dispenser, toothbrush UV sterilizer.

  • Toothbrush Owner - Can accumulate to 5 pcs toothbrushes consisted of electric toothbrush head, each tooth brush head is safeguarded Interval plate, much safer and also healthier, keep washbasin neat.

  • Tooth Paste Dispenser - Measurable design saves tooth paste, secures the toothbrush from cross-infection.

  • Ultraviolet-Ray Sterilization - Plug in the power, the switch to activate the automatic sanitation state immediately stops the sterilization price of 99.9% in 4-6 minutes. This ultraviolet light is similar to what is seen in tanning lamps, and its ionizing radiation effect kills bacteria. 

  • Superior High quality - Top quality advanced ABS product, no poisonous, environment-friendly, long lasting and also broken-resistant, easy to tidy.

  • Sticker Label Design - Built-in sticker, ideal for smooth surface areas such as glass, ceramic, marble, have to clean the surface prior to you stick. You must hang toothbrush sanitation after squeeze air as well as glue dry.


Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Ultraviolet Intensity: 1000 uW/cm
  • Sterilization Rate: 99.9%
  • Working Current: 180 mA
  • Power: 2W 0.01 PPM lt; Ozone Concentration lt; 0.05 PPM
  • Output: DC 5V 500mA
  • Working Environment: 5-50 Celsius
  • Size: 8.7*5.1*2.6 inch (L*W*H)

Your Package Includes: 1x 3 In 1 UV Toothbrush Organizer




What Are Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitizers?


What are UV toothbrush sanitizers? A UV toothbrush cleaner is a chemical that is used to kill any bacteria or germ cells that might be left behind after brushing your teeth. The UV sanitizer acts like a bleach when it comes in contact with an open wound or sore, and it will help to kill the bacteria or germ cells within a few hours of use. There are several different types of UV toothbrush sanitizers available. Some work better than others. Here's how to find out if a UV sanitizer for toothbrush is right for you.


Some of the best UV sanitizers work very quickly and work well to help kill germs and bacteria in your mouth. This is the kind of technology that will get you through your professional grooming day. It is also the kind of technology that can be easily incorporated into the design of a new toothbrush, and it works well at that. You might not even have to pay more for the UV sanitizer for toothbrush. Your dental care provider may actually provide a supply of UV sterilizers, so ask them about the availability of UV sterilizers.


The ingredients of a UV sterilizer sanitizer include light, titanium dioxide, and phenol carbonate. The UV light kills bacteria and germ cells, and the titanium dioxide and phenol carbonate kill viruses and bacteria that might be in the plaque or gums of your teeth. Each ingredient has its own purpose.


A good UV toothbrush cleaner should come with directions for regular and prolonged use. It should also come with a storage container. Before using the sanitizer, read the instructions carefully and follow them closely. If you do the right thing, you should be able to enjoy the fresh, whitish-tasting taste for up to three months. If you continue to use it after three months, you might have to purchase a new UV toothbrush.


If you choose to purchase a UV toothbrush for cleaning, you should know that they usually cost more than other types of toothbrushes. They tend to be more expensive because they contain UV sterilizing properties. Since ultraviolet light is harmful to germs and viruses, manufacturers of these devices to make sure that their products kill the bad guys, while keeping the good guys, which are healthy living cells, healthy. However, you might still find a good deal on a UV toothbrush at a discount store or from an online vendor.


Another great thing about the UV sanitizing toothbrush product is that it does not have to replace your toothbrush. It works just as well, if not better, than your old toothbrush. You can even get multiple units with the cost of just one regular brush. Your mouth will look and feel better for having used this type of toothbrush. It is definitely worth the cost of the product.


The best thing about this new sanitizer is that it works extremely fast. The product works to kill germs and viruses, while leaving the healthy living cells in your mouth untouched. You will have refreshed breath and no reason to doubt the capabilities of your mouthwash! Just keep it away from those germs, and you're set. What are ultraviolet light sanitizers?


If you are like most people, you use mouthwashes to keep your mouth fresh and germ free. However, many people do not realize that the sanitizer in these mouthwashes can become contaminated with viruses and bacteria. With ultraviolet light sterilizer, you can eliminate all germs from your mouth forever. It is much more affordable than regular mouthwash, and it is healthier for you too.





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