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USB Mixer 6 Channel Bluetooth 48V Phantom Power DJ PC Recording


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USB Mixer 6 Channel Bluetooth 48V Phantom Power DJ PC Recording



Basic design mixing console. Hassle-free and light-weight, influence immune powder sprayed steel property, much more immune to drop, reduced sound, even more long lasting.

mixer 6 channels

The capacity of tuning is complete with medium pitch, quantity, bass as well as echo modification function DJ mixer.

USB Mixer 6 Channel

Constructed with a Bluetooth function, this 6 channel mini supports most Bluetooth functions of the electronic devices cordless connection, fast docking mix engineer.

6 channel mixers

Support mobile storage device U disk, you can store tunes in U disk, insert play.

6 channel mixer

Can link wired/wireless/capacitor microphone, suitable to the household radio broadcasting, sound recording, radio broadcast, network host, stage tuning, KTV, mode scrambler, and so on.


6 channel mixer with effects


Type: Mixers

Model Number: M6

Drive-free USB connection to computer: Bluetooth 4.2

MP3 recording function: Treble and bass adjustment

Adjustable gain: Reverb effect, delay effect, repeat effect

48V phantom power: Independent copyright design

MP3 sound card function: Can be powered by power bank

best 6 channel mixer

USB Mixer 6 Channel Bluetooth 48V Phantom Power DJ PC Recording

This is aĀ multi-purpose 6-channel mixer,Ā with a sound card thatĀ canĀ fulfill users of home songĀ recording, small parties, singing, webcasts, webcast as well as other events.

6 channel dj mixer

The mixer is furnished with input gain as well as high bass change,Ā built-in 48V phantom power supply forĀ a condenser microphone straight power supply, FLAC program, WAV, WMA, MP3, HD headset output port,Ā device featuring a sound card which can be directly linked to the PC.

6 channel digital mixer

Frequency mixer is portable, lightweight, can be directly linked to the USB port of the PC's power supply. As such, no additional power, can be linked to the computer system via the USB power supply to run.

6 channel audio mixer

With the difficultyĀ with an external adapter, youĀ will additionally be able to utilize the mobile power or a USB AC/ DC. The adapter is powered by theĀ USB.

6 channel usb audio interface

All you require is a mobile phone data wire to link to your computer and song it up when it is powered.

6 channel powered mixer
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best mixer 6 channel
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best 6 channel mixer
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AUX-bus main channel output.
One AUX output and backtrack.
2 band EQ for each input channel.
Built in professional reverb.
2 bus electronic balanced display.
USB Interface Power Supply:
a) USB power supply
b) Power adapter
c) Power bank
Bluetooth & Sound card function
USB Slot Play: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC
Record Mode: by USB or PCĀ 
Effect :Ā  Delay + Repeat

M-6 Specifications:
Main color: Black & Blue
Power: 50W
Item size: 225 * 190 * 55mm
Package size: 265 * 228 * 60mm
Package weight: 900gĀ 
Package list:
Mixing Audio Console x 1
USB Cable x 1
Charger x 1

6-Channel Mixers For Music


6-Channel Mixers for Music Software available today has a lot to offer for the serious home and professional studio musician. There is a huge selection of different types, brands, and features. The number of processors and sound modules available has increased so much that any budget can be accommodated by one of these units. A mixer can do more than just beat play - it can capture the entire music spectrum and arrange them into your personal, preferred listening experience. Most come with knobs for inputting effects and compressors.


When looking for a new mixer, the first thing you need to do is determine what its main use will be. If you want to process your own material and not worry about compatibility with any computer software then a desktop mixer is your best option. You will probably want to keep your mixer on the floor and out of the way most of the time, but it is still an integral part of your recording and mixing sessions. Floor monitors are nice because they eliminate feedback and other disturbances that can interfere with your mix. In addition, most floor monitors have built in speaker stands allowing you to increase the levels of bass, mids, and highs without the need for additional speakers.


For those who like to have a lot of options then an interface mixer is your best solution. These units allow you to use various types of hardware like USB keyboards, recording monitors, external speakers, and auxiliary input/output devices all through one single device. An interface mixer should include a large LCD or LED display with all the necessary information clearly displayed.


A rack mount mixer is another popular option. These units are designed to sit on your desktop or workstation and come with several different options including 6-channel playback of both incoming and outgoing channels. Some have two or three front-panel controls as well as individual input and output jacks for each input and output channel. They typically are equipped with an audio input connection jack that can be used for connecting speakers and microphones.


A rack-recording mixer comes with several features including mixer knobs for selecting different settings, a compressor for increasing the level of signal that goes into a microphone or mixer, and even an equalizer. A compressor can be a great way to add a unique sound to your mixes. It is recommended for use with a stand mixer or with an external signal input device. An effects section may also be included in some rack mixers.


Monitors with six channels provide a great deal of input and output options. There are also line ins that allow a connection from an external source. These devices are very useful if you want to use more than one source for producing or mixing sounds. Line ins can also be used for monitoring. An audio input and output jacks are necessary for connecting the audio input or output device to the mixer.


An out-of-the-box mixer may not provide many options other than what it is designed to do. Most professional audio equipment manufacturers sell box models designed specifically for specific applications. You can still mix and process the sound with these devices, even if it is just as simple as plugging it into the wall. Out-of-the-box channel mixers for music generally have direct control knobs, faders for controlling the main tone, and a large LCD screen for displaying what the mixer is doing.


When you are looking for a mixer to help you mix and master recordings, you will want to consider all of your options. While professional audio equipment brands can be quite expensive, they usually include several pieces of hardware that will meet your needs. Look at the amount of monitor inputs, outputs, and additional extras you need to make sure you get the best possible mixer. Prices will vary depending on brand and model. Check out the features and specifications of each model so you end up with the mixer that will work for your needs and your budget.




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