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Trail Hunting Cameras Wildlife Scouting Surveillance Night Vision 12MP


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Trail Hunting Cameras Wildlife Scouting Surveillance Night Vision 12MP


PR-600 Hunting Trail Camera

- Mini Waterproof Electronic Camera: IP54 water resistant to protect from humidity, as well as tiny design, ultra low power usage Operating system (in standby setting, in the field approximately 8 months life-span with 24pcs AA batteries), very easy to carry, excellent hunting electronic camera for exterior applications.

- 12MP/1080P Full HD Resolution: These HD cams catch tracking along with Night Vision Full HD 1080P features clear and audio as well as pictures, ideal camera for outdoor wild animals monitoring.


cameras for hunting

- Outstanding shooting time and low illumination infrared technology: With 0.8 S super quick triggering time, highly delicate PIR sensing unit, 15m of PIR range, 15m of IR flash range, auto-distinguish images, cams never ever miss any discovered activity, no matter day and night!

- Easy to establish and usage: Store images as well as video clips with Micro SD card (is not provided); Supports approximately 32GB. Numerous easy to configure shooting modes enables you to catch every breathtaking moment you require.

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- Compact and also portable: This track as well as play camera comes with extremely delicate PIR sensor. It can also be triggered in a particular region of rate of interest identifying any type of motion of animals or objects. This Camera is small in dimension as well as lightweight, it is not just commonly used for outside expedition trail cameras and also wildlife viewing, yet likewise popular in house as well as workplace protection.

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video cameras for hunting


Item name: Night Vision Camera
Image Sensor: 3MP Color CMOS
Photo resolution: 12MP 4032*3024
Video resolution: FHD 1920*1080P 25FPS
Trigger time: 0.8S
Work mode: Photo, Video, Photo+video
PIR angle: 60 degree
Lens: wide 52 degree
IR LED: 38pcs 940nm black Lights, 15M
PIR Distance: 15M
Memory: Max Micro SD 32GB
USB Slot: 5pins USB 2.0
Power Supply: 4pcs AA Batteries or DC 5V(Not included)
Waterproof: IP54
Stand-by Time: 8Months
Stand-by current: 0.01mA
Size: 110*92*55MM
Temperature: -10~+70‚ĄÉ/-14~+158‚ĄČ
Certification: CE FCC ROHS

Package includes:
1 x Night Vision Camera

video camera for hunting

hunting video camera

best video cameras for hunting

S300 PIR Hunting Camera with Night Vision, IP65 Waterproof 1080P 20MP HD Camera for Home, Garden, Wildlife, Surveillance

‚ĚČ 1. It can be activated at once by any activity of humans (or animals) in a specific region of interested (ROI) kept track of by a high-sensitive Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor unit, and then automatically catches top quality images (as much as 20 pixels) or documents HD video clip.

‚ĚČ 2. Quick Trigger Speed: With an excellent 0.5 second trigger rate (pre boot 0.2 Second), an absolutely no 2nd hold-up between triggers (stills only) as well as up to 3 images Multi-Shot feature, you never ever miss out on any of the action.

‚ĚČ 3. Perfect Discovery & Flash Variety: Utilizing a modern numerous area discovery sensor, the Trail Hunting Camera is furnished with a 90¬į discovery angle and also a 65 foot¬†detection range, which matches up with¬†the 120¬į field of view¬†in perfect synchronization.¬†


S300 Hunting Trail Camera Specification

Image Sensor

5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS


SD Card to 32GB (not included)


F=3.1; FOV=120 ¬į


135mm * 90mm * 76 mm


2.0 inch TFT



PIR Detect Range

90 Degree

Night Vision Distance



36 Infrared LEDs

PIR Distance

65ft/20 meters

Trigger Speed


PIR Interval

1/5/10/30sec/min (default 1 sec)

Image Resolution


Multiple Photo on one detection


Video Resolution


File Format


Date Time Imprint


Moon Phase Imprint


ISO Exposure:


Stand-by current


Stand-by time



TV-out ; USB2.0 ; Micro SD Card ; 6V/1A External

Fix Method

Belt, Tripod mount

Motion Detection


Operation Temperature

-20 ~70‚ĄÉ(-4~158‚ĄČ)


6X AA batteries (not included)







Package includes:

1 x Night Vision Camera

best video camera for hunting
best hunting video camera

best camera for hunting videos


trail hunting camera


Model Number: Hunting Camera

Model: PR300C/PR-600/DL001/S300


Product Category: Trail Camera


Image Sensor: 1MP Color CMOS
Photo resolution: 5MP2560*1440
Video resolution:1280*720P , 640*48030FPS
Trigger time: 0.8S
Work mode: 3Photos + 10sVideo
PIR angle: 110 degree
Lens: wide120 degree
IR LED:46pcs 940nm black Lights, 15M
PIR Distance: 15M
Memory: Max Micro memory Card 32GB (Not included)
USB Slot: 5pins USB 2.0
Power Supply: 2pcs 18650batteryorDC 5V
Waterproof: IP54
Stand-by Time: 12Months
Stand-by current: 0.01mA
Size: 135*90*55MM
Weight: 160g
Temperature: -10~+70‚ĄÉ/-14~+158‚ĄČ
Certification: CE FCC ROH

Packing list:

1 * Trail Camera (not including battery, memory card)

Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

 Trail Hunting Cameras Wildlife Scouting Surveillance Night Vision 12MP


The searching electronic camera has actually been evolving during the last 25 years from a rudimentary and also relatively expensive tool to the sophisticated, passive infrared (PIR) sensor, remote camera systems (BeetleCam) in operation today. Regardless of their more extensive use, it is usually thought that they likely are not being made use of to their complete degree as well as capacity. Equally as GPS systems can accomplish more than aid you get from factor A to factor B, a camera can accomplish more than show you the quantity of dollars on a property. My boy was able to experience this when he was able to reveal ""in the past" as well as "after" pictures of the deer he collected in 2020.

A number of writers have actually blogged about pattern whitetails. They have specified it as "learning what deer in your hunting area are doing and also what they are most likely to do in different circumstances in the future." The cam is the perfect device for this study. A lot can be learnt more about what deer in are typically doing on your land and likewise what a particular dollar normally does. As well as because the cost of these cameras has fallen substantially, you can buy and put multiple cams, making patterning easier.


Video Camera for Hunting

When you use route cams year-round as well as position them along tracks, at food stops, at rubs as well as scuffs, and other natural environment websites, you are able to find out when details dollars start growing antlers, the strip velvet and the cast antlers. Likewise, you can find bucks that you have been unable to harvest throughout the period. As you plot information on an aerial map of the location showing where social teams and also their specific participants have actually been photographed, an unique picture will certainly show up. This information is very helpful in pattern deer.

An additional device to aid you figure out any herd's social structure is an infrared-triggered video camera. Video clip actually permits you to see communications in between deer and also see who is in control. Because the video utilizes infrared lights to light up the security area, it decreases the threat of scaring the animals from their olfactory.


Best Trail Hunting Cameras 

Year-round use of electronic cameras can additionally be a beneficial tool in deer management. Along with offering a quote of the volume of the deer populace, they can likewise provide an estimated of the age framework of the herd, as well as their antler development and ecology. 

In order to establish age framework, merely split photos right into yearlings, center aged dollars, as well as mature bucks-those 4 1/2 years or older. Base harvesting on goals for great administration techniques.

With any luck, these concepts on year-round route cam use will certainly improve both your satisfaction of the sporting activity and also the high quality of herds.

As many deer seekers have discovered out over the years, one of the most effective techniques for being successful is being in the woods prior to the period begins to aid them in discovering out where they are. The only way to obtain a manage on their movements is by looking at the deer as a lot as possible so that you possess a suggestion of how such points as the lunar cycles, the weather, the combine in a corn field, impact them.

The ideal option to this problem naturally is a trail video camera. With your trail hunting cam established you have the ability to view these animals 1 time a day, seven days a week, without bypassing your work or your house life. With every one of the attributes currently available on trail electronic cameras, such as night and day photos and video, or time set photos, and so on, there have to do with a dozen means you can watch the animal behavior of your quarry, along with their  mineral licks and diet consumption, otherwise known as ethology.

Preferably most seekers will certainly set up a trail video camera close to where the tree stands or a ground blind is located over a well made use of route. While this appears the best means to do it, remember that you will have to actually go out and your images and rejuvenate the batteries in your route cam regularly as well as the more human aroma you leave in the location the much less deer you will certainly see.

What works well is to route the electronic camera, or perhaps 2, at different locations around the food source, and then simply set it to take a photo every one to two hours. The factor for setting it up this means is that I actually do not have to depend on simply one route coming in as well as it allows me recognize the total amount of deer making use of the source. It is time stamp my path camera supplies assists me to time them.

This is only one means that works when utilizing my route trail hunting electronic camera yet there are still lots of others. Given that scouting is an extremely crucial technique to your searching success having a trail hunting camera to your arsenal can simply help you in your searching adventures. The trail hunting camera will likewise keep you from entering trouble at the workplace as well as at home in addition to maintain you in the woods sufficient to boost your hunting chances.

Best Camera to Video Hunts

A trail  cameras can provide you a massive advantage over others in the understanding of these excellent pets and also can definitely aid you in a successful hunt. Its expectancy as well as excitement of what you could discover by utilizing your new device is by much a beneficial investment. You may find terrestrial animal that you did not recognize are  living in your searching location. This could even apply to a unique species of bird or a mammal that you did not know of. 

A route trail video camera is a fantastic method to search for elk, deer or whatever your satisfaction. With the best video cameras for hunting you can find out much concerning a deer's character.

The modern technology of the route trail electronic camera is brand-new and altering daily. There are 3 standard types presently readily available: fundamental film featuring flash, plus digital photography technology with a infrared and LED flash, as well as a conventional electronic with a flash. They differ from a basic movie or flash memory card electronic camera to a very sophisticated electronic cam with a cordless transmitter permitting you to publish pictures with your computer to be checked out at anytime, anywhere.

The  best video cameras for hunting are a great enhancement to your searching devices that is pleasurable in addition to informational. The trail hunting electronic cameras are the next wave of the future which will provide you the advantage of pattern and targeting the bigger game. A motion sensor trail hunting camera will provide you pleasure for several years ahead.

Additionally, considering that the price of these cams has actually gone down substantially, you can buy and also position multiple electronic cameras, making human bycatch easier. Choose one below. They are all great!

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