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Toilet Plunger Toilet Dredge Long Handled Device for Household Toilet


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Toilet Plunger Toilet Dredge Long Handled Device for Household Toilet 

The waved brush head cleans up more thoroughly. Long handle layout, comfortable to hold, practical, as well as labor-saving. High-quality products are durable and also can be hung for storage space, dry, and hygienic.

    Main Features


      The spiral style helps to clean the toilet wall when digging up the bathroom, saving time, as well as enhancing cleaning performance. All-round cleaning is a lot more in position.


      The commode dredge is made of high-quality ABS plastic, stainless-steel tube, spring as well as TPR flexible plastic, non-slip, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.


      In order to better protect your bathroom and also save your expenses, the materials we make use of will not harm the surface area of the bathroom while completing the cleansing work well.


      This bathroom dredger is created for siphonic bathrooms. The toilet pipeline is inverted (not onward, but towards the direction where individuals are sitting). Straight toilets are not suitable for squatting commodes.

    Using Methods


    Product Weight
    • 352G
    Product Size
    (L x W x H)
    • Black/Gray: 67.5 × 9 cm / 26.6 × 3.5 inches
    • Blue: 74 × 7.5 cm / 29.1 × 3 inches
    Package Contents
    • Piston Type Toilet Dredge × 1
    Material ABS+Stainless Steel+TPR
    Color Black/Blue/Gray

    Toilet Plunger Toilet Dredge Long Handled Device for Household Toilet


    You've just purchased a long handle toilet plunger, and you're already excited. Soon you'll be cleaning the bathrooms, and you can't wait to get started. Unfortunately, you forget to think about how to use it, and you make mistakes that make your bathroom unhygienic. What's worse is when you have company over and they don't feel comfortable using the facilities. It's embarrassing, and that's not what you want. Don't worry, there are simple ways to avoid these pitfalls.


    One of the first things you need to do when you're shopping for a long handle toilet plunger is to know exactly what size you need. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to buy the biggest, brightest, and most powerful tool that they can get their hands on. However, this is completely wrong, and you'd be much better off with a small plastic cylinder or even a small flexible spring style plunger.


    The next step is to consider where in the bathroom the long handle will be used. If it will be placed in an area where water frequently drips, then you'll need something with a longer cord. A long flexible cord is a lot more durable than a long metal tube. For example, a long flexible cord can be covered with a vinyl sleeve so it doesn't rust or deteriorate, making it last a long time.


    Also, if you are going to use a long handle toilet plunger in a bathroom that has a shower, then you need to think about buying a unit with a wider opening. This will allow you to reach the shower head without bumping into the side of the toilet. If the shower already has a drain plug, then you could just place the long cylinder in the drain plug, and turn it, but it is more secure to just turn it on its side and aim the plunger up into the drain. If your toilet will not be in use when you are working, then just turn the long cylinder upside down. This can also help prevent the toilet plunger from becoming stuck in the pipe.


    If you are going to use a long handle toilet plunger for the first time, then you might want to give yourself a couple of practice plunges before you try it out with your own toilet. This will prevent you from accidentally ramming the plunger into the side. There is always the possibility that you could hit your hand on the plunger while trying to plunge, especially if you have long fingers! However, there is no chance of this happening if you position yourself to minimize contact with the plunger. Simply line the top of the long handle plunger up with the tip of the plunger, and gently strike the plunger towards the drain.


    You can then make a judgment as to whether or not the long handle plunger will work properly for your toilet. If you find that the water drains slowly, then you can go ahead and keep using the long handle. If, however, the water drains quickly, then you will need to remove the long handle and try again.


    A long handle toilet plunger can help you clean up your bathroom. However, if you decide to install one of these units, then it is imperative that you follow all the instructions carefully. Instructions will vary from model to model, but these basic tips should help you to ensure that your long handle toilet plungers are safe.


    For more information on these products, as well as other toilet cleaning products, you can visit The Expert's Guide to Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance. This comprehensive guide has been developed by a plumbing expert and is the go-to resource for any homeowner who is interested in improving his or her toilet's efficiency. It is available at a nominal fee. (You may also access an entire library of over 1500 articles, videos, and pictures.)

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