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Tie Free Laces Waterproof Silicone Shoelaces No Tie Sport Shoelaces


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Tie Free Laces Waterproof Silicone Shoelaces No Tie Sport Shoelaces



  • All new & boosted band and closure design for raised longevity as well as safety.

  • Every single pack includes 14 straps, enough for 1 pair of shoes.

  • The only shoelaces with a fully adjustable strap-by-strap fit.

  • Attach only when, after that never ever again. Just slip on & go.

  • Created from an adaptable polycarbonate elastomer with bounce-back ability (No Latex).

  • Quickly slip on your athletic footwear, boots or even dress shoes. There are no aglets, jute or rope. Just an elasticized half-hitch silicone t-lace. 


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The Benefits of Tie Free Laces


Upgrade the footwear you love, for less than ever before. After years of rigidly fitting traditional shoelaces which eventually untie and leave you sore, for all the hassle, come lightweight, shatterproof silicone shoelaces. Just snap them in place with the push of a button and you will be ready to lace up with ease every time you get ready. The magic of no-tear silicone technology means you can wear these amazing, flexible, and super-comfortable footwear that molds itself to your foot. These revolutionary, no-fuss, lace-less, quick-drying, and super-comfortable sport laces are made of stretchable, high-grade silicone material. With no hassle of heat loss, they are perfect for any occasion from training to race day.


We made it easy to choose your favorite pair of tie-free laces. Simply browse the extensive selection of silicone laces and pick the ones that best meet your needs. If you have never tried the revolutionary new material, you have nothing to lose. Treat yourself to one pair, try them on for size and comfort and you will not be disappointed. The patented no-tear design makes them ideal for training or intense sports; no more uncomfortable, loose feeling laces that always seem to slip.


Not only are they great for training, they are great for all kinds of outdoor activities. From day-long wear during yoga and Pilates to an overnight trip to the mountains for a weekend of hiking, running, climbing or kayaking, silicone is the best material for a no-tear lace that's as breathable as you want. The fabric is also super strong and waterproof for everyday use. And because they are made from the highest quality silicone, they resist compression and won't fade. This means that they will last a long time and continue to look and feel fresh year after year.


Even if you aren't an avid sports fan, tie free sport laces are still fashionable and comfortable. They are just better when used in the gym or on the golf course. No longer will you need to worry about being able to pull your favorite out in a hurry or sacrificing style for comfort. Your choice in color and patterning is limitless. Choose a hue that compliments your skin and help you stand out in a crowd.


As with anything else, some things are just better worn than others. And tie free lace doesn't get any better than a simple white. While there are so many colors to choose from, white always manages to be both timeless and contemporary. It goes well with everything from denim to paisley. If you don't have a whole bunch of white accessories lying around the house, go for the simpler designs that can be worn with everything from shorts to pants to leggings.


But did you know that tie free lace is not just for ladies? Whether you're a man or woman, you can wear them to create a more stylish look that's both edgy and comfortable. And because they are 100% silicone, the risk of irritation or damage is virtually non-existent. So if you tend to get a little gassy from certain fabrics, these will work wonderfully. You will also find that they help you look and feel more confident and outgoing - exactly what you would expect from such a small and sleek addition to your wardrobe.


Now that you know all of the benefits to wearing these, how do you choose the right pair? One of the easiest ways to choose a flattering pair is to take a look at what sort of clothing you already own that has tie free lace. If there are any in particularly good condition, then it might be worth investing in a few more pairs. If anything is damaged or stained, it's a great way to go out and buy new ones. Just make sure that they match your current outfits!


There are several online sites that offer tie free lace - so start searching around right now. Before long, you'll have a whole array of options to choose from. And remember - it's always wise to have two or three backup pairs on standby just in case your favorite pair decides that it no longer works with your attire. In the meantime, you can wear whatever you want with confidence. Good luck and happy fashion!






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