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Talking Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors Upper Arm Backlit Display


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Talking Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors Upper Arm Backlit Display


Safe and dependable - Boasting specific formulas & chip, each individually-tested blood pressure display will give you with one of the most credible analyses, helping you to keep track of your health easily in your home. A secure as well as dependable BP-machine to our households. Much more convenient than an aneroid manometer which requires a separate stethoscope.

electronic blood pressure monitors

Huge LED Screen - The huge LED screen with oversized and clear numbers, makes it very easy to review your real-time high blood pressure as well as pulse rate. High accuracy chip of the large LED touch screen gives medically precise analyses, providing the most specific systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse rate data, by one touchable switch and effortless to read the backlist display with multi-colored LED sign lights after utilizing the auscultatory technique to record your blood pressure.

large arm blood pressure monitor

Store 90 Readings for Two Users - This BP device can keep track of 2 users concurrently, while storing 90 readings with day & time stamps for each. Displays the average of the last 3 readings, consists of irregular heartbeat detection. Assists customers to conveniently track their health and wellness, blood pressure as well as heart price according to the specific time as well as date.

Make sure that arterial stiffness is not leading to high blood pressure (hypertension) by visiting your doctor for regular checkups. Your doctor will be able to detect issues such as palpation, arrhythmia, preeclampsia, pulsus alternans and pulsus paradoxus.

talking blood pressure monitor

Blood Pressure & Heart Beat Indicator - A coded sign for high blood pressure. When an uneven heart beat is spotted, the irregular heartbeat sign will certainly show up. When a details mistake occurs in the item, the cause of the mistake can be established by comparing the error symbol with the handbook.

Ergonomic Style - Features an adjustable cuff and Switchable Unit which is  Powered by 4x AA batteries, well as a featured flexible larger cuff (8.66" - 16.54"). This ultra compact blood pressure monitor is perfect for both your home and for use while traveling.

blood pressure monitor with large cuff

Blood pressure can be measured in mmHg or kPa units that can easily be switched back and forth as needed. 



Reasons of monitoring blood pressure everyday:


1. Keep up with your own physical health and prevent unnecessary threats.

2. Monitor your body's high blood pressure modifications, assisting medical professionals being familiar with your case history much more accurately and also rapidly.


best electronic blood pressure monitors

How to use it:

Start by putting on the arm cuff. Next, put the nozzle of your arm cuff indicate your forearm and arm cuff is 1-2 cm higher than the joint of your elbow. 


Posture of measurement

Position your lower arm on the table, maintain your palm up, Stay up right, maintain central location of the arm cuff at the same level as your heart. 

Ideal Measuring Conditions

1. Keep your back straight and relax

2. Expose your bare upper arm or wear thin clothing

3. Relax and rest your arm on a table

4. Breathe deeply and make sure that the arm cuff is at the same level as your heart.


Material: Medical PVC

Item Type: Blood Pressure

Model Number: UZO

Application: ARM

Material: ABS+Sensing device

Power supply: DC6v 1.5v 4 AAA batteries

Cuff Length: 22-40cm 32-48cm

Display: LCD digital display

Measurement mode: Oscillometric method

Resolution: 1mmHg

Blood Pressure Measurement: 40-199times/min

Use for: Blood & Pulse



1. HD screen display; High quality acrylic lenses

2. Irregular heartbeat detection (IHB function)

3. Blood pressure classification (WHO) indicator

4. 2*90 groups memory function

5. Cuff tightness detection (22-42cm cuff)

6. Smart pressure; Overvoltage protection

7. Voice reporting(With English talking voice)

8. Low power prompt

9. Average of last 3 Memories

10. AC/DC Power supply with Type-C port

11. Automatic power-off function




Name: LED Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Model: AES-U181

Dimensions: 137mm*109.2mm*82mm

Weight: Approx. 255g±26g

Display: LED display

Display Size: 89mm*97mm

Power: DC 6V, 4*AAA batteries included

Measuring Method: Oscillometric

Measurement Cuff Size: 22~42cm

Measurement Range Pressure: 0-290mmHg(0-39kPa)

Pulse: 40-199/min

Accuracy Pressure: ±3mmHg/±0.4kPa Pulse: ±5%

Packing: 1 pc in a color box Color Box Size: 120mm*95mm*155mm



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