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Smart Selfie Stick Auto Tracking 360 Degree Rotation Mount


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Smart Selfie Stick Auto Tracking 360 Degree Rotation Mount

      Robert Cornelius is credited with taking the first selfie ever, way back in 1839 using daguerreotype technology. Furthermore, a woman in France is credited with using the Kodak Brownie box camera to take a selfie in 1900. These were referred to as photographic self-portraiture. In fact, even the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, who was the youngest daughter of the last Russian czar, was credited with taking a selfie before term "selfie" was coined. 


      However, there is no way that they could have envisioned what this smart selfie stick with auto tracking and 360 degree rotation. 


      If you find that you are having issues taking action selfie videos and pictures, this smart selfie stick auto tracking 360 degree rotation mount is what you need.


      Watch it in action below:



      1 item tracking owner +1 mobile phone = Your private photographer. This 360-degree rotation vehicle face tracking cam phone owner will help you totally free your hands, let your phone follows you, take selfies and no longer ask for assistance. Take top quality digital camera photographs and videos without restrictions. 

      Face Tracking and Intelligent Shooting

      Introduce the AI modern technology of human image structure and range estimate into intelligent capturing, it automatically recognizes the person/pet. When you go, it will count on where you want to go, set the pose, and take images automatically with a built in self-timer at a fixed time of 3 secs.

      Intelligent Item Tracking

      The smart selfie stick for your smartphone can track and shoot real-time things, comply with the displacement of items, for example, when the pet is relocating, it complies with the canine, and then instantly shoot. What a fantastic shock, everyone can use it and also will like it either for a self-portrait or a group photo.

      Simple Operations Quick Wireless Connects

      Suitable with apple iPhone or Android system. It complies with the variation of things, motorized 360-degree turning mount, Application managed. You can start easily without challenging tutorials. 

      Vlogging and Sporting

      Take selfies as well as not require seeking a person to take the photo or worry that somebody will be missing on the picture. Great for Lectures, Sporting Events, Presentations, Team Photos, Journey Shots, Instagram, Facebook Live, Vlogging.

      Social Networking Services

      Post your videos and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social networking service. To your followers, it will appear as though you have your own personal photographer following you around.


      Product Weight
      • 265G
      Product Size
      • 93 × 93 × 165MM
      Package Contents
      • Intelligent Shooting Holder × 1
      Support cell phone size 56-100mm


      As a result of hand-operated measurements, please permit minor dimension deviations.

      Because of the different display as well as lighting impacts, the actual shade of the thing may be somewhat various from the color presented on the picture.


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