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Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

1. High level of sensitivity, conscious collision avoidance.

2. No sweeping, global swivel sweeping.

3. Low rep, reducing cleaning repeating price.

4. High insurance coverage, improve full-layer protection.
robot vacuum cleaners for sale


The two-way brushes which are double-gathered to properly enhance the cleaning effectiveness.


Color: white, black

Product: ABS + electronic elements

Dimension: 23 * 23 * 5CM.

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh.

Bundle Included:.

1 * brushing up equipment.

2 * Brush.

1 * Billing cable television.

2 * Magic Stickers.

1 * Damp mop.
smart robot vacuum cleaner
  • Powerful suction 


  • Efficient and smart  


  • Thorough cleaning 


  • Worry-free cleaning 






  • Name: Smart robotic vacuum cleaner


  • Function: Sweeping/Mopping/Cleaning


  • Charging way: USB


  • Working noise: 55db


  • Charging time: 3h


  • Working time: 2h


  • Voltage: 3.7V


  • Size: 25*25*5.5cm


  • Weight: 610g




Package includes: 



  • 1 x Robotic vacuum cleaner


  • 1 x Cleaning brush


  • 2 x Durable brush


  • 1 x USB cable


  • 1 x User manual






A Brief Guide on the Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



All intelligent products in the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner category can now be ordered online, at very fast shipping across the world. At Joomla online shop, you'll always find very affordable and cost-effective Robotic Vacuum Cleaner products. The company has been around since 1995 providing the best and latest in home-cleaning appliances.


There are many advantages of using an intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in your home. Apart, from the cleanliness and health benefits it brings to your household, the convenience it provides is hard to beat. As an instrument of the house, it does the chores you used to do, without your intervention or supervision. It will even pick up after your pet and take care of the flooring.


In other words, it is not a human that does all the dirty work; it is also not a machine that does the chores. You may have problems with getting your carpet clean on your own, but you'll have an easier time doing it with a robot vacuum cleaner. A traditional vacuum cleaner only cleans the surface of your carpet. With a robotic vacuum cleaner, you'll be able to maintain a clean carpet for a longer period.


For a long time, the conventional cleaners have been regarded as better than the robots, especially for people who live in dusty surroundings or where dirt gets tracked into the house from outside. However, the new robotic vacuum cleaners from Joomla make things all change. The Joomla robot vacuum cleaner cleans the full carpet, under all surfaces and in all possible places. This makes the cleaning of your house much easier than before.


While buying a Joomla robot vacuum cleaner, look out for several features. Make sure that it has a warranty of at least one year. Also, check if it can pick up any particles that are smaller than 0.3 micrometers. If you find any problem with your robot vacuum cleaner, you can take it back to the manufacturer and they'll replace it with a new one.


One of the most important things that you should check when you buy a new  robot vacuum cleaner is whether it comes with a sensor. It will pick up any dirt that gets tracked into the house and it can keep track of your carpet's location. This means that you won't have to call your cleaning service provider or your maid service to come collect your carpet. All you have to do is open the device. Your robot vacuum cleaner will do this automatically and that's why it's considered the best cleaner. You'll never have to waste your time and energy calling someone to come collect your dirty carpet ever again.


Some people think that robots can only perform certain tasks. While there are some that can clean hard to reach areas and some that can clean wet rooms, most of the best robot vacuum cleaners can vacuum, wash dishes, and clean all your rooms. There are also some models that can be hooked up to air conditioners or furnaces. These models usually cost more but are definitely worth every penny.


When you first get your Joomla robot vacuum cleaner, you might start it in the center and work it around the room. But you'll also want to move it to another part of the house, and then move it to another part of the house until you finish cleaning the entire house. It might seem like a huge chore at first but you'll notice that after using your robot vacuum cleaner for a while, it really does get the job done. Just make sure you always turn it on before you leave the house. And make sure that it has enough power for your needs.







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