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Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell WiFi Smart Wireless Recording


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Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell WiFi Smart Wireless Recording


Ā āœæ Versatile & Small Dimension ļ¼š This smart video doorbell is among the tiniest dimensions in the industry, and its designer has particularly madeĀ it according to the size ofĀ theĀ North American home door structure. has video intercom, taking pictures, videos, PIR, night vision and various other features to make your life much more convenient.

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āœæ HD & 166 Ā° WIDE WATCHING ANGLE ļ¼š HD real-time sight with wide seeing angle lets you never ever miss any type of site visitor. Sends message as quickly as activity is discovered at day or night. Its night vision mode will be automatically switched on after dark.

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āœæ Smart PIR Movement Discovery & Night Vision ļ¼š Wireless Buzzer Indoor is the wise PIR Activity Discovery: Sends out informs as quickly as activity is identified or when visitors push the Doorbell. Reduced, tool as well as high level of sensitivity within 11.48 ft for you to choose from. Distinct ringtones so you do not miss out on any kind of visitors. Day or rainfall, evening or sparkle, it permits you to take digital photography as well as record videos at any moment.

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āœæ IP5 WATERPROOF & ENERGY CONSERVING IP5 dustproof and also water-proof ranking;Ā You do not have toĀ stress over battery life is as well brief due to the fact that 18650 * 3 battery (charge lasts for 60 days), more safer. Please completely charge the device before use.

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Home WiFi Smart Wireless Security Doorbell Visual Intercom Recording Video Kits

Monitor your house as well as speak to visitors from a far or from within your home.Ā 

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Video record wide-angle high-def video: Preserve a view of your residence's entryway for optimal security.

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You additionally can watch all the history documents of the device at the application's repeat feature.

best wireless video doorbell

Immediately document footage and get alerts when motion is spotted: Activity sensing units let you understand when somebody is at your door.

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Infrared LED's allow you to videotape footage, even in dark illumination, see as well as talk with visitors.

smart home wireless video doorbell

Its motion sensors awaken a motion-activated camera, two-way talk.

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silver wireless video doorbell camera

Connection Method: Wireless

Answering Mode:Ā Smartphone

Camera Sensor type: CMOS

Display Size: 3.5

Display Screen Type: Color Touch Screen

Material: ABS

Viewing Angle (Ā°): 166 degrees

Size: 130 x 60 x 21 mm

Power: Video doorbell

Model Number: Video doorbell

IP Camera Interface: No

Zone Input: 2

Smart Home Interface: Yes

Kit Configuration: One to One video door phone

Installation: Wall Mounting

Resolution: > 420 TV Line

Doorbell: Yes

Sensor Size(Inch): 1/3

Technology: Digital

Camera: Color

Type: Entrance Machine

Power: 5

Connection Type: Wireless

Waterproof: Yes




Pixel: 2 million (dpi)

Horizontal resolution: 480 (TVL)

Minimum illumination: 0.005 (Lux)

Resolution: 720P

Lens: 3.6 (mm)

Working temperature: -30Ā°ļ½ž60Ā° (ā„ƒ)

Power supply voltage: 5 (V)

Material: ABS

Viewing Angle: 166Ā°.

PIR: Support

Night-vision: Support

Size: 130 x 60 x 21 mm / 51.18 x 23.62 x 8.27inch


Package Contents:

1 x Wireless Visual Doorbell




Why Invest in a Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbell?


A smart home is a smart home that provides the basic comforts of home to the occupant. That means it should be an efficient home. Smart means efficient and here is how it can be achieved. In an automated smart home, the most basic elements such as air conditioning and heating are provided by appliances. There should also be proper insulation for walls and windows to reduce energy consumption. The wiring of all electrical appliances such as wiring a computer or a television set up to run on electricity is also part of automation in this type of home.


The automation of the home is achieved using sensors that allow movement detection. This motion-sensory technology helps to identify whether someone is at the door before opening it. It also helps to determine if there is someone inside before turning on the lights. With automation, the home security of the home gets enhanced with several features like automated control of lights, thermostat setting, and many others.


The home automation system is connected to the Internet which enables it to send alerts or commands to the relay station. The relay station will then call the homeowner and alert them that a visitor has been detected. When the alarm is set off, the wireless video doorbell will ring out announcing the arrival of a visitor. The presence of a stranger may trigger an urge to go and investigate. When the visitor leaves, the alarm will be deactivated and the system will return to normal operations.


With automation, the home gets smarter than before. But there are more benefits of having a wireless video doorbell installed. First of all, it does not depend on any battery source that is definitely a great advantage. Therefore, maintenance of the system can be done easily with a change in batteries. Since there is no wire connected, wires are not required and this makes for easy installation. Of course, the installation cannot be completed without a power source, which means that this smart home product will be of great value to homeowners.


A wireless video doorbell also acts as an alarm since it sounds each time any doorbell or noise is activated within the house. It is very clear that this home-security product does not fool around. It has a distinctive sound that only knowledgeable people will understand. As a result, even if people do not realize that they have been detected, the wireless video doorbell is going to sound off and alert the monitoring station.


The other great feature of the wireless video doorbell system is that it can be operated from a laptop computer as well. This means that not only will be visiting family members get notified of any movement in the home but it is possible for parents to keep track of minor children as well. The installation is very simple and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes without professional help. In fact, many of these units are so small that they can easily be fitted under the kitchen sink or in a child's bedroom.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits of installing a wireless video doorbell. For one thing, it provides for greater safety in the home and neighborhood. When people enter the house, they know that the house is protected with a wireless video doorbell system. Since most burglars look for entryways that are not protected, having a product like this will likely discourage them from entering. In addition, since the wireless video doorbell works off a PIR motion detector, it will also be very effective in deterring break-ins.


The system itself does not have to be installed by a professional and it can be completed in a matter of minutes. This is good news for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on such a useful home security product. Another positive aspect of using this type of product is the ease of installation. It will only take a few minutes before it is fully integrated into the house. So if you want to give your home added security, consider investing in this wireless product.





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