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Smart Dash Cam with WiFi Dash Cam 1080P HD DVR Night Vision G-sensor


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Smart Dash Cam with WiFi Dash Cam 1080P HD DVR Night Vision G-sensor

  • 1080P FULL HD & 130 Degree¬†WIDE ANGLE - Powered by a Sony IMX307 high sensitivity picture sensor, Smart Dashboard Webcam supplies exceptional picture high quality at a high resolution of¬†1920x1080 with a 130¬į large FOV (Line of vision) properly reducing unseen areas.

  • STARVIS NIGHT VISION - Smart algorithm generates actively enhanced sensitivity of the backlit CMOS photo sensor and improved sight during low light evening setting.

  • G-SENSOR & EMERGENCY SITUATION ACCIDENT LOCK - Its built-in G-Sensor automatically conserves footage in emergency situation events. Need to any collision/crash take place, Smart Dash Camera auto locks real-time video clip sectors, avoiding them from being removed or overwritten.

  • LOOP RECORDING - Merely mount Smart Dashboard Camera in your car as well as forget it, as it vehicle overwrites unnecessary old video clips with freshly recorded ones. Feel confident that no secured sectors will certainly¬†be touched in case of¬†cops record or insurance coverage claim declaring.

  • MOBILE APP and VOICE CONTROL - Link to the official mobile application using Wi-Fi as well as view online streaming replay, view or download taped video footage on the move. Just provide it with voice commands to complete your photo/video capturing tasks and much more, all hands-free.


Product Includes:
1 X Dashcam
1 X Car Charger
1 X Manual
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Chipset Manufacturer: Other

Frames Per Second: 30

Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder

Certification: CE

Memory Card Required Reading Speed: Class 10

Battery Life: /

View angle: 170¬į

Original Package: Yes

Item Type: Car DVR

Number Of Lenses: 1

Camera Resolution: 1920x1080

GPS logger: Internal

Special Features: Bluetooth

Imaging Sensor: OV7670

Frame rate: 30 fps
Chip manufacturer: 96672
Assembly method: hidden
Battery: No
Interface type: TF card
Track record: No
OSD language: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Fit for app and Reminder)
Screen size: no screen (with WiFi)
Pixel: 16MP
Image sensor: 307
Number of cameras: 1
Expansion capacity: up to 32GB TF card (memory card NOT included)
Video format: MP4
Video encoding: AVI
Resolution: FHD 1920*1080P
Shooting angle: 170 degree wide angle
Supported memory card reading speed: Class 10
Screen ratio: 16:9
Touch screen: No
Original box packaging: Yes
Picture format: JPG

OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)

OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)

OSD Language: German

OSD Language: Russian

OSD Language: French

OSD Language: Korean

OSD Language: Portuguese

OSD Language: Spanish

OSD Language: Italian

OSD Language: English

Video Format: AVI

Pixels: 200Mega

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Touch Screen: No

Display Size: 9.88

Interface: Wi-Fi

Max External Memory: 4G

Smart Dash Cam with WiFi Dash Cam 1080P HD DVR Night Vision G-sensor


Dashboard digital video recorder cameras are quick ending up being a must have in modern day driving setting. Hostile and also reckless driving in addition to an increasing number of usual occurrences of road rage make a financial investment in a truly good vehicle DVR a sensible decision.

One more consideration, is that insurance companies currently tell their customers to never to admit accident fault, so it becomes your word versus theirs. If you are not experienced behind the wheel, or one of your youngsters is involved in a car accident, you will need difficult to obtain proof to back up your variation of what happened.

To put it simply, purchase a control panel camera it may very well save you a lot of money, as well as stress.

Choosing the ideal dash camera is not that very easy because frequently electronic cameras that have the exact same body may have really various working parts. That's due to the fact that there are just a couple of major camera body manufacturers as well as they sell to thousands of suppliers.

Usually when purchasing event data recorder dash cameras you obtain what you pay for so start by neglecting the actually inexpensive cams. 

How do you select a dash camera that will certainly offer excellent quality videos that can be utilized as proof if you are unlucky enough to be entailed in a web traffic event.

* Search for a model with twin broad angle electronic cameras to provide you back as well as front coverage.

* Check to see if the camera has a high end chipset and also sensor combination. My household's electronic cameras all have the Mstar/OV2710 chipset/sensor combinations yet there are 1 or 2 other great mixes around (however none of them are affordable).

* Ideally the onboard camera dash cam unit has an MOV video clip format, not the older AVI.

* Camera must have parking setting which triggers the electronic camera in event of a hit and run while you are not in the automobile.

* Motion discovery.

* Loophole recording.

* ADAS - driver aid will certainly advise you if your automobile gets to near to one more or if you are drifting out of your lane.

* G-Sensor - freezes the framework as well as shops it in case of an accident.

* Guarantee - at the very least year.

* Search for evidence that the vendor has a website with contact details.

* Pick a model with quality support, otherwise it can be extremely difficult to obtain assistance.

Utilized to be the situation that if a control panel video camera had great reviews on one of the significant marketing platforms you might count on it being a good buy. 

A control panel webcam is a camera that is put on your windshield or control panel and also is continually taping every little thing that takes place while you are operating the vehicle. Advanced version of the electronic cameras can additionally record rear sights; some are furnished with infra-red sensors to make it possible for recordings in the dark too. The electronic camera instantly activates and also starts videotaping as soon as the vehicle engine starts. It will save all of the video information to an SD card. Some electronic cameras are also capable of recording in HD, and provide wonderful video quality.

This is a specific technology that can be fairly fascinating for many motorists. It is mature and also thoroughly used modern technology in a number of nations where crash and also insurance coverage fraudulence seems a problem (e.g. Russia, China).




Is it a great concept to have such a tool on board of an auto? I assume so! The video camera is your objective witness as well as can "speak" for you need to something happen. It might be a crash as a result of an unanticipated maneuver from the automobile before you or a deceitful crash that is virtually difficult to recognize or just a situation that will need an in-depth examination later on. Whatever it is, a control panel camera will be there to add to discovering the fact.

Is information personal privacy a problem in this situation? I do not believe, as long as the video clip remains with the vehicle and also is not transmitted somewhere else. At the moment most rush web cams utilize a memory card which is continuously being re-written considering that video is recorded in a loop. Such technology  results in just the last several hours or perhaps days of the video readily available, depending on the capacity of the memory.




There are a couple of organizations that would probably profit one of the most from such a tool being used by consumers. They are insurers and also law enforcement. This is due to the fact that a dash web cam can significantly contribute to the resolution of web traffic mishaps and also cases.

I am uncertain how police see the idea of control panel cameras in ordinary cars and trucks but police cars are outfitted with this technology to capture road circumstances. I would visualize they would embrace this modern technology as it would just center their jobs. However, it goes both ways as these devices can also capture police misconduct such as police brutality.

The scenario with insurance companies is a bit various. I am not familiar with any kind of insurance providers rewarding their customers with lower costs for having a dashboard cam in their cars and truck. Actually, when I was talking with one insurance provider asking if they identify the proof by means of a control panel cam in factor to consider in their case assessment procedure, the reply was really general: "We welcome any further information that would certainly add to remedy evaluation of a crash and also to handling of your claim. We do not have any certain point of view on a control panel video camera utilization in the cars and trucks though; it's rather brand-new to us."

When it comes to a motor vehicle collision, my hypothesis is that you need to make use of dash cam data in correspondence with cops or in the court of law, to ensure that you are not deemed to be at fault. Not being deemed at-fault after a mishap can help in keeping your insurance premiums from skyrocketing. Furthermore, a dash cam may also help to maintain a clean driving record.



Exists any kind of future for a control panel camera? Definitely! I believe it can contribute to both the appropriate analysis of website traffic crashes as well as to better driver habits. You will get a "trustworthy witness" who constantly utilizing trusted timestamping and a 24/7 surveillance motion detector "sits" in your cars and truck as well as can prove your version of the facts, but the same onlooker will certainly guarantee that you are not making any blunders considering that these will certainly be tape-recorded as well as well as the information could be made use of against you.

Insurance policy discount rates: Among the situations that I might envision is the appearance of insurance coverage items connected to having a video camera in your cars and truck e.g. rush camera insurance policy price cut for those drivers who determine to mount such a device. Actually, dashboard camera product can substantially lower claim-processing time for insurers given that case adjudicators can discover the reality much faster.

New insurance product for consumers: Tape-as-you-drive insurance policy can be likewise more appealing for consumers if they obtain the feeling that their case will be examined really specifically with aid of a cam as opposed to using a predefined 50-50 guideline for taking care of instances as many insurance providers do today. An instance could be a side collision of 2 automobiles on a roadway when it shows up that both were travelling on or even over the center line, resulting in a  "sideswipe". There is no chance to show it without a video recording.

Integrated vehicle alternative: In addition it's possible that adjusted versions of control panel webcams could discover their means into mass automobile production as a special function. Having such a vehicle with an officially accredited video camera could be acknowledged in insurance policy costs like wintertime tires, alarm device or crossbreed vehicle. Simply think about other means of transport such as ships or airplanes - all of them have a black box recording device which records everything that happens. A motor vehicle should have a similar device. 

Pay-as-you-drive insurance determines costs according to a person's driving practices, gratifying secure driving while monitoring and also raising insurance coverage costs on unsafe driving styles. This may be able to also monitor vandalism.  A dash cam is a rational expansion of this insurance that can match it with even more data and understanding.

Fun, enjoyable, fun: One enjoyable use of a cam in a cars and truck is when doing a journey - you could easily produce a good trip video clip integrating the very best video clip pieces. Control panel web cams can get a great deal of work provided for you!

Usually when acquiring dash webcams you get what you pay for so start by ignoring the truly inexpensive video cameras. A control panel webcam is an electronic camera that is put on your windshield or dashboard and is constantly tape-recording everything that takes place while you are driving the vehicle. The cam immediately changes on and also begins recording as soon as the auto engine starts. We do not have any type of specific viewpoint on a control panel camera usage in the vehicles though; it's fairly new to us"

Having such a cars and truck with an officially accredited camera can be acknowledged in insurance coverage premiums like winter tires, alarm system device or hybrid vehicle.


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