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Single Trumpet Air Horn Super Loud 150db for Truck, Lorry, Boat and SUV


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Single Trumpet Air Horn Super Loud 150db for Truck, Lorry, Boat and SUV - 12V



 ► POWERFUL and Loud - This single trumpet air horn shrieks out a loud and effective caution. The wonderful bellowing sound catches everybody's attention and is listened to throughout. The compressed air can create noise as loud as 150DB when the reed vibrates.

► AFFORDABLE - The solitary trumpet air horn is made for customers who seek a loud and budget friendly air horn. The develop top quality is wonderful and completely worth it for an extremely inexpensive price.

► UNIQUE - These vehicle horns are typically used by buses, semi-trailer trucks, fire trucks, trains and ambulances. Now you have the unique opportunity to alter the pitch of the standing waves with the fundamental frequency the soundwaves created by your own single trumpet air horn by way of its resonator. Obtain the whistle wavelength typically reserved for foghorns with these vehicle horns. 



Single Trumpet Air Horn Super Loud 150db

► VERSATILITY - The single horn can be installed on any application which has a 12V DC power source available. The horns are typically mounted on automobiles, trucks, vans, tractors and so on. It is additionally exceptionally appropriate for bikes or boats.

► COSTS QUALITY - This single horn is built out of superior quality product to ensure optimal toughness and longevity for durable use; and also is developed to be weather condition immune. With a refined shiny chrome horn, they cast a striking look on any car or truck that they are installed on.

► SIMPLE TO SET UP - This single horn is simple to set up. The horn package includes standard installing hardware, hose pipe.



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