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Self Vacuum Robot Cleaners, 3 in 1 Rechargeable Automatic Smart Cleaner Sweeper Suction Dust Remover for Cleaning Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet


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Self Vacuum Robot Cleaners, 3 in 1 Rechargeable Automatic Smart Cleaner Sweeper Suction Dust Remover for Cleaning Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet


Our robot vacuum operate on its very own to assist maintain your floorings free of dirt, allowing you to have added time that you can make use of to deal with other duties or loosen up with your family members.

Our robotic vacuum cleaner is an ideal housekeeper to help you keep a clean home with less initiative as well as help you to conserve more precious time.


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  • 1700Pa Super Solid Suction - Our robotic vacuum cleaner can grab mostly all type of waste like great dust, animal hair and also daily crumbs, etc.

  • Cleans Longer and Further - 2600mAh high capacity battery as well as 550 ML dirt container permit to get a lot more dust of constant cleansing.

  • Keep in mind: Evaluated in our Technology Lab on hard floors, the run-time might vary.

  • Upgraded Washable HEPA Filter - R3500 has actually an upgraded the cleanable HEPA filter, which may be cleansed as well as made use of numerous times.

  • 550 ML Dust Bin - R3500 can instantly return to charging dock when job is complete or the battery power drops listed below 15%.

  • Anti-Collision Sensors - The robotic cleaner slows down in advance to shield your furniture, when twin prevent-collision sensors identify challenges.

  • Anti-Drop Sensors - Embracing the most recent anti-drop sensors, our robot vacuum cleaner can protect itself from going down and also crash when meeting big voids or staircase steps.

  • Ideal Layout - Instantly change suction power which enables your robotic to easily adapt to various kinds of floor.

  • Set Up Cleaning - Set schedule cleansing time using remote control in advance, also if you are not at home or also active, the robotic vacuum can cleanse the house on its own.

3 Cleaning Up Settings

Select the best cleansing setting according to various celebrations

1. Switch mode: Hit the host switch, as well as the sweeper gets in the working mode working light to illuminate. Hit the host switch once again and also turn off the sweeper.

2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro- USB head of the USB wire to the charging port of the sweeper and also attach the USB head to the converter to charge it back up.

3. Charge Condition: The billing sign light gets on. Suggesting that the vacuum is being charged as well as the OFF shows that the charging is full and also the general charging time has to do with 2-3 hours.

Features: One-button begin, sweeping, wiping, vacuum cleaner, USB charging, global driving, automated avoidance challenges, anti-drop, low noise, intimate, low repeating, high coverage

Change setting: Press the host button, and also the sweeper gets in the working setting functioning light to light up. Fee Standing: The charging sign light is on. 

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How to Utilize

Cleansing of the Dirt Box: Dirt might be thrown out of the inlet, so just make sure to empty the dirt box after each use.

1. The dirt box lies at the bottom of the device, disengage to turn external.

2. Open up the dust box, tidy up the dust inside, erase residuals using a dried out wet towel.

3. Put the dust box right back into the device.

Several Cleaning Setting. OBS Terrain Discovery System.

.65 mm Slim Layout.
.65 db Low Noise Mute.
.65 DB low noise mute offers you a peaceful environment.
.500 pa Strong.

Suction: It quickly absorbs hair, dust, paper, and also decrease contamination.

Climbing: It also possesses a 10mm climbing feature, 15 levels climbing up height.

.1800 PA Super Strong Suction.


Multiple Cleaning: OBS Terrain Detection System
Battery: 3.7V 1200MAH
Charging time: About 150 minutes
Working time: About 100 minutes
Weight: 1.02kg(with package)
Material: ABS

Package includes

1x intelligent sweeping robot
1x charging cable
2x brush
1x blanket





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