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Rotating Selfie Stick 360 Rotation Selfie Stick with Auto Tracking


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Rotating Selfie Stick 360 Rotation Selfie Stick with Auto Tracking

      Robert Cornelius is credited with taking the first selfie ever, way back in 1839 using daguerreotype technology. Furthermore, a woman in France is credited with using the Kodak Brownie box camera to take a selfie in 1900. These were referred to as photographic self-portraiture. In fact, even the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, who was the youngest daughter of the last Russian czar, was credited with taking a selfie before term "selfie" was coined. 


      However, there is no way that they could have envisioned what this smart selfie stick with auto tracking and 360 degree rotation. 


      If you find that you are having issues taking action selfie videos and pictures, this smart selfie stick auto tracking 360 degree rotation mount is what you need.


      Watch it in action below:



      1 item tracking owner +1 mobile phone = Your private photographer. This 360-degree rotation vehicle face tracking cam phone owner will help you totally free your hands, let your phone follows you, take selfies and no longer ask for assistance. Take top quality digital camera photographs and videos without restrictions. 

      Face Tracking and Intelligent Shooting

      Introduce the AI modern technology of human image structure and range estimate into intelligent capturing, it automatically recognizes the person/pet. When you go, it will count on where you want to go, set the pose, and take images automatically with a built in self-timer at a fixed time of 3 secs.

      Intelligent Item Tracking

      The smart selfie stick for your smartphone can track and shoot real-time things, comply with the displacement of items, for example, when the pet is relocating, it complies with the canine, and then instantly shoot. What a fantastic shock, everyone can use it and also will like it either for a self-portrait or a group photo.

      Simple Operations Quick Wireless Connects

      Suitable with apple iPhone or Android system. It complies with the variation of things, motorized 360-degree turning mount, Application managed. You can start easily without challenging tutorials. 

      Vlogging and Sporting

      Take selfies as well as not require seeking a person to take the photo or worry that somebody will be missing on the picture. Great for Lectures, Sporting Events, Presentations, Team Photos, Journey Shots, Instagram, Facebook Live, Vlogging.

      Social Networking Services

      Post your videos and photos to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social networking service. To your followers, it will appear as though you have your own personal photographer following you around.


      Product Weight
      • 265G
      Product Size
      • 93 √ó 93 √ó 165MM
      Package Contents
      • Intelligent Shooting Holder √ó 1
      Support cell phone size 56-100mm



      The Versatility of The Rotating Selfies Stick


      Although they were not officially called "Selfies", this mode of photography has been around for nearly a century due to the advent of the remote shutter. When it comes to the silver screen, the film, "I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen" actually featured an individual taking a self-image with something that resembles the modern-day selfie-stick. 


      Nevertheless, the latest craze sweeping across the world is the selfie stick and its rotating abilities. It is a must-have gadget for those who love taking pictures of themselves. These sticks have two blades attached to it that, when flipped side-to-side will allow the person to take a picture of himself or herself from all angles. The only problem with this latest innovation is that it requires the person holding it to wear an iPhone on a tripod to get the desired effect. This could pose a problem for those who would want to capture their daily lives in the most memorable way possible. Additionally, there is no need to connect using a headphones jack plug since connection is established via Bluetooth. 


      An auto-tracking smartphone holder for videos may solve this problem. What is more, the person using the device does not need to worry about the situation because his or her phone will always be there to guide him or her in shooting the perfect shot. The best thing about this gadget is the fact that it can be used not only to record videos but also to share them online. That means any smartphone user who wishes to show off his or her daily life experiences can do so via the Internet. This new gadget for smartphone users has already become a craze in social networking circles.


      But it would be misleading to assume that this latest product is simply another Selfie Stick knockoff. It is actually a much improved model and is packed with features that make it a better option than the average Selfie Stick. One of these gadgets is the 360 Rotation Selfie Stick. Here are its main advantages:


      A Selfie Stick could easily be mistaken as a toy or a simple camera. It is bulky, bulkier than the typical smartphone, and its body is definitely not for a dab hand. But this is not the best thing about this smartphone and that is its auto-tracking capabilities. Unlike the usual camera phones that need the user to manually set the mode and the lighting, this gadget knows the best angle to record a video. This is probably one of the reasons why most people prefer it instead of the usual one.


      This Selfie Stick is capable of receiving signals from up to multiple wireless devices. This means that you can easily connect it to your laptop, tablet computer, and gaming consoles to enjoy your videos. This device does not require an external recording device. Therefore, it makes your video's easy to share even on your smartphone. It is indeed one of the most convenient gadgets out there.


      But the greatest thing about the newest Selfie Stick is its improved auto-orientation system. In the past, users may experience difficulty in recording their videos because they have to manually turn the camera upside down. Now, this problem has been solved. The new version of the gadget has an auto-orientation system that allows you to shoot the videos while leaning your wrist or arm to the direction that you want to get the most shots. This is certainly one of the best things about the device.


      For a more creative option, you can also try to use your webcam to take photos while using the Selfie Stick. This can make you experience the best hands-free solution for the time when you do not have a cell phone to use. You can simply use your webcam to take photos and videos of yourself, your friends, or your family. This gadget will allow you to capture those special moments with absolute ease.


      Lastly, the most interesting thing about the rotating selfies stick is its flexibility. This is one device that will never run out of features that will surely satisfy you. Indeed, this is just like an all in one camera. Its base is lightweight, which means that you can definitely carry it around without having to worry about its weight.

      Rotating Selfie Stick 360 Degree Rotation Smartphone Mount


      Back in 1983, the Minolta Disc-7 camera hit the market with a convex mirror whose function was take selfies. In 1995, the Japanese telescopic extender was featured in the publication, "101 Un-Useless Japanese Inventions". Back in 1995, Wayne Fromm, a Canadian inventor, was able to patent a selfie device called the "Quik Pod". Furthermore, in 2012, Japanese inventor Yeong-Ming Wang was able to patent his "multi-axis omni-directional shooting extender", which actually won a medal the following year at Concours Lepine. 


      Once the year 2015 hit, it was reported in "Wired" magazine back in 2015 that selfie-sticks had become prominent on the market. In fact, the selfie-stick had become so popular, that Time Magazine listed it as one of the top inventions of 2014, which the New York Post deemed it the "most controversial" gift of 2014, while Bloomberg News listed the selfie-stick as the gift that everyone must have.  


      Despite the charges of narcissism and self-absorption, a selfie-store was opened up in Times Square, and Coca-Cola actually created a "selfie-bottle" which would take a selfie each time a person would take a drink. 


      An auto-tracking smartphone holder for videos is a must have for any professional videographer or action junkie out on the road. It allows you to mount your smartphone without having to carry it, thus making it easier to place and take videos while on the move. You can mount it right on the dashboard, or wherever you like, keeping it out of the way but still getting quick access to it. This is great for spontaneous vlogs. For an added touch, there's an auto-tracking selfie stick for taking videos with your phone. Now there is no need for compact cameras since your smartphone does all of the photography. 


      Please keep in mind that the rotating selfie stick should be contrasted with the extended selfie stick that has been banned from theme parks such as Universal Studios Orlando, Disney Parks, Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood, California Screamin', Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tour Down Under, as well as Hollywood tours. Further bans include the Palace of Versailles, which are concerned that selfie-sticks will damage priceless artwork. 


      Additional selfie-stick bans include a ban from South Korea which did not allow the sale of unregistered Bluetooth operated selfie-sticks, as well as Apple, which has banned selfie-sticks from a WWDC Developers Conference. 


      It's probably not the best idea to try and review a video that hasn't been submitted to YouTube first. Yes, YouTube is an awesome source of traffic and a fantastic resource for video subject matter. But there's a chance the video subject will be flagged by the automated search feature. If you don't want to waste time with that, you'll just have to make sure you attach your phone manually instead of using the auto-search option. If you're serious about producing quality video content, then this is a must have addition.


      If you do attach the device to your keychain, then there's no problem. All you have to do is keep it attached to your keychain. However, if you prefer to travel with your phone, then consider getting a mounts for it that you can mount on your windshield, dashboard, or anywhere else you can think of. This way you'll have it when you need it, even when you're on the road. For indoor shooting, you can also use the tripod mount to keep it out of your way.


      Another good option to consider is the smartphone holder for videos that come with an auto-tracking functionality. The video subject will be tracked throughout the duration of the video. For example, if the action begins at ten minutes and the video ends at thirty minutes, the subject will be tracked for every second that passes. This is a great feature if you want to preview what your video subject will look like after the footage has been sped up or slowed down.


      When you're choosing an auto-tracking smartphone holder for a video, make sure that it will work with your device. Some devices don't automatically register their footage when they're put in a car or folded up. Others will require that you activate the device first, before they'll record.


      Check for compatibility as well. There are plenty of devices on the market today that will work with each other. Just make sure that the connection is easy to establish and that it will stay open during a video session.


      Watch out for the battery life. Always use a device that's powerful enough to handle the size of your video. You don't want to rely on your smartphone to keep you in constant contact with your subjects. Find something with a larger battery life just to cut down on your shooting time. You might also want to consider buying a separate charger so that your phone's battery doesn't run down while you're in the field.


      Lastly, you need to consider the equipment that the camera will be attached to. Most smartphones have built-in devices for auto tracking. If yours does not have one, you may have to purchase one separately. There are plenty of camera attachments available for different makes and models, so make sure you do your homework to find the best video auto tracking smartphone holder for your needs.


      Auto positioning isn't always an option. If you're going to be filming in outdoor conditions like on a sunny beach or on a bright street, you'll need a device that can keep the video subject in the exact location you want them to be. This may mean you have to spend some money on a GPS/RFID receiver. You should also look into wireless video positioning systems if you need to place your subject anywhere remotely. They work by broadcasting their location to a satellite or UAV that will pinpoint their position in real time.


      A wireless device is always handy for travel. You can keep the video subject close to you without having to carry heavy bags. Plus, you never know when the sun is going to go down or when there will be sudden winds. Make sure the device you select can handle these conditions and will hold up during travel. Even if you are just running back and forth to the store, you don't want to lose your video subject because of poor weather conditions.


      It's important to note that not all smartphones support video recording. There are a number of video apps that will allow you to film and then edit on the fly using your phone's built-in camera app. However, the majority of phones will not support video recording at all. When searching for the perfect video smartphone holder, make sure it supports this type of editing feature. If you do use a smart phone holder that does allow you to record and edit, then you'll need a device with a touch screen.






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