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Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kits For Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Lips


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Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kits For Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Lips







 rotary pen tattoo machine

  • 5x Multi-functions such as eyebrow/eyeline/lip micropigmentation and skin management.

  • Plastic cover which makes the machine lighter.

  • Can do eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, small tattoos and MTS. Use our Unique screw cartridge needles.


LW002 pen

1. Strong Swiss Motor-Powerful, No Noise

2. Lock Needle Design-Stable, Fit Patent Thread¬†Needles. No Flying NeedlesÔľĆ

3. Stable Operation- No Ink Splash

4. Adjustable Needles Design-Precise Control the Length of Needle

5. Support Customized LOGO 6. Application: - Lip tattooing (out line and full lip) - Eyebrow tattooing (Can make very thin ) - Eyeliner tattooing - Breast areola beauty

6. Pen SpeedÔľöMax.10000RPM

Pen Input: Max.12V

Pen Body: Aluminum

Needle: BMX Patent Cartridge Needles P300

Power Supply

1. 4 kinds of Mode EyeÔľö100-250 LipÔľö120-250 EyebrowÔľö140-250 MTSÔľö180-250

2. Timing

3. Touch Button, Longer life

4. HD Touch Screens

5. Size:16.8*9.8*5cm; Net Weight: About 600g; Input: 90-240V; Output: 12V,200nps; Material: Plastic


 rotary pen tattoo machine


Package Includes:

1x hand piece

1x speed adapter

Gift: 3pcs BMX Patent Needles

Black Box Package

1x hand piece

1x P300 Power Supply

Gift: 10x BMX Patent Needles


White Box PackageÔľö

1x hand piece

1x P300 Power Supply

Gift: 10x BMX Patent Needles

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Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

Commodity Quality Certification: CE

Commodity Quality Certification: UL

Commodity Quality Certification: GS

Plug Type: US

Material: Plastic

Model Number: P300 permanent makeup machine pen

Type: Tattoo Gun

Gun Type: Electric

Type: Tattoo machine for permanent makeup kit

Needles: permanent makeup needles

Item: Permanent makeup machine pen needles device

Power Supply output: Max.12v,200NPS

PEN Speed: Max.10000 RPM

Motor: Swiss Import Motor rotary tattoo machine

Feature: professional Permanent make up tattoo pen

Handpiece body: Alloy

The most strong pen electric tattoo machine


The Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine - Why Choose It?


One of the most popular rotary style tattoo machines today is the Spirit. Considered an upgrade over the classic Cheyenne Mountain Pink, the Spirit is considered a softer machine. This rotary electric pen style tattoo machine definitely makes it suited for many different types of work, but, not everybody is a fan of the way it colors. Many experts agree that it is one of the top rotary pen tattoo machine for shading, line work, coloring, and even black and gray work. However, many customers report problems with this rotary pen tattoo machine, and they give their opinions on the internet.


The biggest complaints about the Spirit are usually about the quality of the tattoo needles. Some customers complain that the blades of their tattoo pens are not as wide as they should be. Some also say that their tattoo pens do not always stay on the skin as they should. Another common complaint is that the number of needle holes does not correspond with the number of tattoo needles being used in a session. It seems like every customer is dissatisfied with the quality of their tattoo pens, as they are not lasting very long.


Other customers point out that the number of tattooing steps the Spirit takes to complete a tattoo is less compared to other rotary-style tattoo pens. When you add up all of the things that go into tattooing a tattoo, it is easy to see how a few small number of steps can make a huge difference. The problem is that you cannot change the number of steps the tattooing machine takes, so it is impossible to know which machines will best suit your needs. Some customers will purchase the Spirit because of the number of steps, but they later discover that the process took longer than they thought it would. There are other customers that have found out that the tattoo gun they purchased did not have the number of steps that they needed to complete their tattoos.


The needles of most tattoo guns have different names in the United States and United Kingdom. In Japan, there is no distinction made for the needles, so they are referred to as "nippon" or "kani". The Japanese motorized tattoo pens used on the market today use the hypoallergenic needles that cause less irritation when utilizing electromagnets and ink to create the tattoo. Additionally, the hypoallergenic needles are easier to sterilize and clean.


The Spirit tattoo machine has a lightweight design and does not take up much space. The pen-style rotary tool is powered by a rechargeable power supply. The main negative about this type of machine is that the power supply is often bulky and difficult to connect to the machine itself. This can make it difficult to use if you are busy and always on the go. 


There is one pen style rotary machines that I found interesting. It is called the Zebrawood. The Zebrawood tattoo machine comes with a power supply similar to the rechargeable machines. The only difference between these machines and the other pen types is that the blades are not interchangeable with other machines. Instead, they must be cut into pre-determined patterns that will result in a unique tattoo. If you are a beginner to tattooing, then the Zebrawood might not be the rotary machine that are best for your needs, but it is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in permanent cosmetics and permanent makeup to combat the effects of dermapigmentation.



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