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Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machine Rhinitis Therapy Laser Stuffy Nose


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Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machine Rhinitis Therapy Laser Stuffy Nose

2 in 1 Tool:

(1) Laser therapy - use red light treatment for relief of rhinitis.

(2) Pulse treatment - Utilizes pulse massage to promote the nose, simplicity snore.
Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machine

Health & Effective: non-drug treatment, no discomfort, non-invasive, no negative effects. Adopts a low-level laser irradiation and also pulse massage which can obtain excellent & fast results.
allergic rhinitis laser treatment

Intelligent Control: Three setting time and also threeĀ intensities level can be adjusted, picking ideal treatment time and strength according to the condition of your body.

Application Range: rhinitis, snore, nasal blockage, nasal irritation, sneezing, dripping nose, nasal polyps, plus other nasal problems such asĀ allergic conjunctivitis caused by environmental factors, such as pollen.Ā Histamine plays a major function in hay fever. In susceptible individuals, irritant causes nasal pole cell degranulation as well as the launch of histamine right into the nasal mucosa.

Portable & Convenient: With portable as well as trendy layout, it is portable for day-to-day usage. One to three treatments every day, and also keep it on for 4 minutes every time.

Multifunctional 2 in 1 Tool:Ā 

(1) Low-frequency photo-therapy - make use of traffic signal treatment Two-pronged for alleviation of rhinitis and allergic signsĀ 

(2) Pulse treatment - utilize pulse massage to stimulate your nose and stop snoring.
Rhinitis Therapy Laser Stuffy Nose

Portable electric rhinitis tool, Red light Stopper Blocker.

Safe & Efficient: Takes on low-level laser irradiation as well as pulse massage therapy which are painless. Non-invasive, non-drug therapy with no side effects. Get fast & great effects and lowerĀ inflammation in the nose caused byĀ allergens without antihistamines such asĀ diphenhydramine, which can cause drowsiness.
Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machines

Intelligent Control: 3 setting time and also 3 strengths degree can be adjusted, selecting proper therapy time as well as strength according to the condition of your body.
best Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machines

Application Array: nasal itchiness, nasal congestion, snoring, allergy symptoms, allergic rhinitis mast cells,Ā sneezing, nasal polyps, dripping nose, and other nasal issues.Ā 
allergic rhinitis laser treatment machine
It can accelerate and boost your nasal mucosa cilia. Normal swing cleansing function to enhance power and strengthen the nasal cells detoxing capability.
Rhinitis Allergy Reliever Anti Snoring

Portable & Convenient: With a trendy as well as compact layout, it can be brought for day-to-day usage - prepared for allergic reactions at anytime! Bring a healthy present to your household!

Rhinitis Therapy Machine

top Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machine

Top Rhinitis Allergy Treatment Machines

allergy relief



Usage: Nasal Allergy Care

item: ir rhinitis therapy device

usage: allergic rhinitis therapy laser

function: nose rhinitis therapy

feature 1: laser massager nose treatment

feature 2: relief Stuffy Nose

feature 3: Nasal Allergy Care

feature 4: nasal rhinitis treatment device

Allergy Reliever Low frequency Nose Care Rhinitis Therapy Machine



1 laser output channel
The laser light value (650 nano)
Pulse waveform (square-wave current)
Pulse radii degrees (strength)
The load output, the peak of the pulse voltage range of convergence 0V - for: 42V
RMS maximum pulse output : 42V
Maximum output pulse power: more than 7uC
Pulse frequency of 1H
Dimensions: 106mm x 20mm x 66mm
Net Weight: 200g
Power Supply: DC 4.5V, 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
1 pulse output channel

1. Simple and easy to use
2. Use light therapy for relief of allergy symptoms
3. Use pulse massage to stimulate the nose to ease nasal problems.
4. Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis
5. Require AAA batteries x 3pcs (not included)?
6. Include one nose probe, one nose clip which will effect pulse massager to nose.
7. With one clip on unit for putting the main device to your belt,
8. Portable and convenient to carry

5-10-15min three kinds of time setting
It is a safe and effective way to treat rhinitis, non medicine, no side effect and totally green therapy treatment
Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis.
Stylish and compact design, Convenient and flexible operation
Dual channel one is for laser treatment to nasal cavity with two probes and another one is for low-frequency stimulation to nasal outer part
6 intensity setting available


Package includes:
1 x Allergic Rhinitis Laser Treatment Machine
1 x Laser Probe
1 x Low-frequency Clip

Rhinitis Allergy Treatment

Rhinitis is swelling caused by an allergic reaction to anything that normally wouldn't irritate the linings of the nose. There are a variety of reasons for allergic reactions, from pollen to dust mites. The most common cause of rhinitis allergy treatment is decongestants which are usually used for allergy relief. These can be purchased over-the-counter and come in two different varieties, i.e. quick-relief or long-term.


Quick-relief nasal sprays contain a synthetic version of vasoconstrictors such as epinephrine, which dilate blood vessels in the nasal cavity so that mucus can be drained. This treatment can be effective for mild rhinitis, but not for more severe cases. They can also lead to nosebleeds if you're not careful. Long-term treatments are recommended by doctors and consist of a steroid nasal spray and antihistamines.


Steroid nasal sprays contain a synthetic form of the hormone corticosteriod. It has been shown to help reduce inflammation in allergy-prone areas, and to reduce swelling and pain associated with allergic reactions. However, they can be addictive. They can also interfere with the functioning of other medications such as antibiotics and antihistamines. It's important to take them as directed, or talk to your doctor to get advice on using them in high quantities or long periods.


Antihistamines are the type of nasal allergy treatment commonly prescribed for hay fever and other seasonal allergies. They work by slowing down the release of histamine in the blood, which can lead to sneezing and watering of the eyes. They also slow down the production of fluids in the lungs which can lead to shortness of breath, which can cause difficulty breathing. Long-term use of antihistamines may cause side effects such as lightheadedness and nosebleeds.


An alternative rhinitis allergy treatment is steam inhalation, which is performed with a low level jet of hot water containing various herbs such as eucalyptus, catnip, and ginger. It relieves congestion and offers relief from the itching, burning, and redness associated with rhinitis. It is not, however, suitable for people with severe allergies.


Alternative treatment for rhinitis includes drinking green tea, as well as taking vitamin B supplements, which can improve circulation and thereby reduce swelling. Maintaining a regular bedtime regime can also help in reducing symptoms. Avoiding triggers such as viral respiratory allergies and pollen can also help in avoiding outbreaks. If you suffer from an acute attack of rhinitis, seek medical advice at the earliest.

Ā Of course, we prefer theĀ Rhinitis Therapy Laser that you see here because it works, is both drugĀ and hormone-free, and is extremely convenient.Ā 





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