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Food Plastic Preservation Tray, Stackable Food Tray Reusable Creative Food Preservation Tray for Food Preservation


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Food Plastic Preservation Tray, Stackable Food Tray Reusable Creative Food Preservation Tray for Food Preservation (Set of 5)



  • Do not expose your food to all kinds of bacteria, air or dirt, and aid food stay fresh, healthy as well as consume even more safely.

  • Everyone enjoys fresh food. With this innovative Food Preservation Tray, your leftovers stay fresh for days. The film lid launches air from the tray after it is filled up, keeping its contents fresher, much longer. To make use of the Remain Fresh Food Conservation Tray, just put your leftover food on the tray and cover it up. The tray will keep everything fresh until you are ready to serve.

  • Conserve money and minimize the volume of waste you generate! Stop covering your food with frustrating shrink wrap and harmful light weight aluminum! This one-of-a-kind, food preserving, space-saving tray is secure, resilient, and also Environment-friendly.


  • Appropriate for refrigerating closets, small fridges, as well as various other facilities.

  • Stackable, for optimum pantry or refrigerator organization.

  • Top quality material can be recycled after cleansing.

  • The buckle design makes it very easy to seal food.

  • Keep your food fresh for a very long time.

  • Made from odor-proof, stain-resistant, BPA-free, flexible film.


Dishwashing machine as well as freezer safe

Keep Your Food Fresh with this Creative Stackable Food Preserving Tray!

It uses multiple-use as well as durable elastic film cover maintains food fresh as well as 100% bacteria-free with the innovative fastening created to secure as well as secure your food in to securely preserve it.


  • Conveniently stackable, for maximizing space in your fridge
  •  High quality sturdy elastic film
  • Eco pleasant - removes demand for plastic wrap or aluminum foil to preserve food- BPA totally free as well as food grade
  • Dishwashing machine safe
  • Great for outdoor camping as well as easy traveling


    Food Type: Storage Trays Attribute: Eco-Friendly Product: Plastic Style: Modern Type: Storage Trays Size: 30x20cm Bundle Includes: Creative Stackable Food Preservation Tray (Set of 5 Trays).

    The Creative Stackable Food Preservation Tray fits for protecting fishes, meats, veggies, fruits, cheeses, appetizers, and so on

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