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Refrigerator Organizer Drawers Retractable Storage Box Under 0.5''


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Refrigerator Organizer Drawers Retractable Storage Box Under 0.5''



  • Develop and make the most of shelf space with this clever style fridge drawer. It is suitable for organizing your kitchen, garage, cupboard and closet.

  • Space-saving - The storage box drain shelf can be telescopic, useful and convenient to conserve area. Simply place the products above the drawer hanging on glass in basket, you can easily keep as well as conserve room;



– Retractable slider design enables to draw out the storage box and take out things conveniently.
– it can make full use of the refrigerator space, and keep small items ordered with this storage rack.
– It can be attached under the table to house small items. Space-saving.

Main Features

●  Adjustable
●  Easy to clean
● Drawer design, convenient to store food
● Durable


– Material: PP
– Size: 20.5*16.5*7.5cm



Reasons Why You Need A Refrigerator Drawer Organizer


If you are tired and sick of having the same old refrigerator, then it is time that you changed your refrigerator drawer. A refrigerator drawer can be a source of embarrassment for any homeowner. Why do you think people are constantly making a trip to the home section of their hardware store in search for the newest, best-looking refrigerator drawer organizer? Not only does it get your house divided up, and confused with different items but you also risk spreading germs from one place to another. You should get yourself an all-in-one refrigerator drawer organizer if you want to improve the organization of your kitchen. These organizers will help you better organize the contents of your refrigerator and at the same time they are functional at the same time.


The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. You can prepare food, store food, and clean up food in your refrigerator. If you don't have a refrigerator drawer organizer, you would probably have a difficult time in locating some of these important things. With the help of a refrigerator drawer organizer, you would no longer be limited in the number of places where you can store your food and other items in your refrigerator. The drawer can come in handy, especially when you find yourself running out of food during meal preparation or cooking. You can easily find a suitable organizer for your fridge.


You may need some additional storage areas for your non-microwave and microwave ovens. If you have a small kitchen and even if you use these appliances frequently, it is advisable that you get yourself a refrigerator drawer organizer so that you can better organize the cabinet where these appliances are placed. You can keep foods like sauces, snacks, and even your vegetables in order with the help of this. By using a fridge cabinet, you can free up some valuable cabinet space in your kitchen.


You can store more items in your refrigerator with the help of a refrigerator drawer organizer. This means that you would not have to constantly go through the drawer to find what you want to place inside it. The cabinet can also help organize the refrigerator by providing shelves, hooks, drawers, and cabinets for the purpose. There are many kinds of drawer organizers, you can choose from in the market.


Some refrigerator drawer organizers are designed to fit the dimensions of the refrigerator that you have. This would enable you to place the organizer properly. This way, it would not be a problem to find items you want to place inside the refrigerator. You can also opt for glass shelves since they are considered as the most durable.


There are some who prefer plastic organizers since it is made from plastic which is very durable. It would be easy for you to clean up. Other kinds of organizers include ceramic, metal, and wood. Wood and metal organizers are usually preferred by people who want to conserve space in their refrigerators.


A refrigerator drawer organizer should be installed with proper ventilation holes. It is also important to install it properly since it is not advisable to install the organizer if you do not know how to install it or if the holes and the cords are not positioned on the appropriate places. This would result to having the organizer clogged or blocked up. It is also advisable to check and replace the cords frequently to prevent the refrigerator from getting spoiled due to lack of air circulation. Cleaning the refrigerator regularly will also prevent it from getting spoiled.


Installing a refrigerator drawer organizer would be a great idea especially if you have a cluttered refrigerator. However, if you have the financial capability, you can simply buy a new one instead of spending money on an organizer. This would save you from purchasing additional furniture. In this manner, you can get your favorite refrigerator back in shape without exerting too much effort.





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