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Reflective Vests for Cycling Wireless Turn Signal LED


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Reflective Vests for Cycling Wireless Turn Signal LED


* 1. High-quality water resistant fabric, with excellent water resistance, and successfully prevent rain.


reflective vests for cycling

* 2. The LED remote warning vest is similar to a turn signal; when you wish to transform left or appropriate or stop, the equivalent signal will be sent out through the remote.


reflective vest for cycling

* 3. No matter night or day, the riding caution light will remind people about, so that you are more secure.


reflective cycling vests

* 4. Mobile push-button control design, compact and straightforward, easy to use.


reflective cycle vest with LED turn signal

* 5. There are 4 LED signals: left turn, right turn, straight forward, stop and a hazard signal to remind drivers behind you to maintain their distance.


cycling vest reflective

* 6. Easy to operate, secure, fashionable design as well as special look make you stand out.


reflective cycling vest

* 7. The inner layer has a Web bag, which can hold needed things




cycling reflective vest

Product Specifications:


Communication method: wireless frequency 2.4GHZ

Control distance: 3m

Backpack/Pendant: Waterproof fabric

Working time: 12-15H

Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator)

Remote control battery: 2xCR2032 (built-in)

Receiving battery: 4.2V, 650mAh lithium battery

Instruction type: turn left, turn right, forward, stop standby

Suitable for use: cycling, camping, hiking, climbing, outing, daily leisure

Main functions: cycling, climbing, travel light steering, indicator lights

2.4G wireless led signal riding vest

Product size: 250*250mm

Packing: nylon

Function: Turn indicator and parking warning

Shell material: PC+ABS



Product List:

1x LED indicator pack

1x remote control

1x remote control holder

4x cable ties

1x USB cable

1x  instruction manual





Type: Front Derailleur

Components: Derailleurs

Control distance: 3m

Backpack/Pendant: Waterproof fabric

Working time: 12-15H

Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator)

Remote control battery: 2xCR2032 (built-in)

Receiving battery: 4.2V, 650mAh lithium battery

bike bag: Cycling Reflective Vest

Turn Signal Vest: Riding Turn Signal light

Product size: 250x250mm

Packing: nylon

Shell material: PC+ABS






Selecting the Best Cycling Vest

A popular way to stay warm and dry when cycling is with the use of cycling vests. This is especially important when cycling on bumpy roads or through fields as they provide extra warmth and protection in areas where skin irritation is common. There are many different types of cycling vests available. Here we take a look at just how useful these can be for cycling enthusiasts.


One of the most important things about cycling clothing is that it should offer you excellent comfort. Cycling vests have been designed with this in mind, giving you a fully waterproof and comfortable layer of clothing. These vests for cycling are made from a material which provides breathability for your skin so you can stay dry throughout the ride.


When it comes to the front of the cycling clothing you will find that these vests come with lots of pockets. These are typically located in the back of the vest. This means that you can carry more items such as your bike tools, water bottle, and cell phones without having to take out unnecessary items from your main cycling bag. They can also make great holders for your map and reflective accessories you may need on your rides.


As well as the pockets on the sides of the cycling vest, you will also find reflective patches on the front of the garment. The reflective patches will enable other road users to see you during nighttime cycling. They come in many different sizes to accommodate adults, junior, and children cyclists. This is another way that these vests ensure your safety on the road.


The mesh material which some vests are made from is breathable so air can circulate within it. This is an important factor as you do not want to get overheated while traveling. Cycling clothing is often very hot and this will make you perspire, which can become very hot and uncomfortable. By wearing a vest that allows air circulation you can stay cool and dry without feeling wet and sweaty.


Some vests are made from reflective material. This can help to light up the road ahead and make it easier for you to see where you are going. Many cyclists prefer cycling clothing with reflective patches on them, as this makes their cycling much easier. However, others feel that they are already smart enough by wearing reflective patches. The choice is yours but most people do find that they benefit greatly from the visibility provided by the vests.


One of the most popular cycling vest types is the racing vest. These are very durable and can withstand the rigors of cycling for several hours before they start to tear. Most of these garments come with extra pockets which allow you to carry things such as water and your mobile phone whilst on the bike. Some are fully zipped up, leaving you with just your biking shorts. You will still need a helmet, though if you want to cycle bareback.


A good quality cycling vest should last for years and provide a great level of comfort and protection in all weather conditions. They can be a really effective piece of cycling clothing and many professional cyclists prefer cycling jackets along with the cycling vests. With the right equipment by your side you should have nothing to worry about when cycling.


There are also other types of protective clothing that you may want to consider. Bib shorts cover is perfect for those who cycle during the cooler months of the year. These shorts offer you a stylish alternative to the standard bibs. They work especially well for women who find cycling clothing particularly hard to wear due to the sheer number of cup sizes available.


There is a range of specially designed cycling clothing designed to help you improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. You can opt for padded jerseys to give you that optimum workout. Some even feature fully chamois or woolen Lycra shorts to further improve ventilation. Other top quality clothes to consider including jerseys which have reflective strips printed on them. They make an excellent training garment and you should wear them to keep warm when training in winter.


There are also specialist cycling t-shirts available. These are designed especially for cycling enthusiasts and come in a range of colors. The specialist cycling t-shirt is made from waterproof cotton for maximum strength and breathability. The best quality t-shirts are made using a seamless construction to ensure that no area of the body gets pinched whilst wearing the t-shirt. The specialist cycling shirts are great because they look great, feel comfortable and offer superior protection as compared to ordinary t-shirts.




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