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Raised Food Bowls for Cats 15 Degree Tilted Cat Food Bowls


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Raised Food Bowls for Cats 15 Degree Tilted Cat Food Bowls


  • Dual Bowls Layout- Our item have 2 dish for food as well as water in the exact same time, we likewise make it clear for you to control the quantity of food less complicated. These measurements of the bowls are developed for pet cat and also small dog. Large oblique edge lowers feline food going down as well as appropriates for flat-faced felines.

  • Care defense- Tilted 15 level design is a thoughtful security for your cat's cervical spinal column, launching the tension of your pet cat's neck during eating and also licking.

  • Easy to Clean- Our cat food recipe is detachable, that make it easy to take it out as well as straightforward rinse it to tidy, so you can alter your food as well as water as your desire, as well as make it neater interior.

  • Steady Stand- Our stand raised a best height for your cats as well as little pet dogs to eat for maximum comfort.

  • Moreover, we provide 4 non-slip rubbers for you to establish the stand, protecting against the bowls from sliding.

  • Safe Product- The feeder are constructed from secure, non-toxic, food-grade high quality and also high temperature resistance PC product, and also the stand is made of top quality and also sturdy ABS material. It is





EASY-TO-USE and Basic: Dual bowl designs can feed felines separately to safeguard the pet cat's spinal column. Easy to cleanse, just wash it to tidy. Tilted Increased Stand Lowers tension and also stress on your pet's joints as well as tummy.

RESOURCEFUL DESIGN FOR CALCULATED FEEDING: Tilted 15 level layout to secure the cat's cervical spine.

COMFORT WITH SIMPLE USE: Made with risk-free and safe top quality Environmentally-friendly COMPUTER, long lasting and also very easy to clean Non-slip lower design, not easily warped.

NON-SLIP BASE: The secure base is flip-resistant, with a non-slip sticker label near the bottom. Pet cat Bowl (13 centimeters), base(26.5 × 13.5 × 4 cm).

MAKE YOUR CAT ENJOY EVERY MEAL: Huge oblique rim lowers cat food dropping and appropriates for flat-faced cats Bent base makes it simple for felines to clear the dish.

Specification: .
Product: COMPUTER.
Shade: Transparent.
Size: As shown in the figure.
Ability: 180 grams of food or 120 ml of  water.

Bundle Consisted of: .
1 x Feline Single/Double Bowl.

Kindly Tips: .
1. Please permit 1-3 centimeters mistakes due to hand-operated measurement.
2. Please understand that shades may exist colorful aberration.







Raised Food Bowl For Cats - Is It a Good Idea?


Cats are known to have a taste for their food, but elevated food bowl for cats may be able to change that habit. In the wild, cats eat from tree branches and leaves. The unique angle that elevated food bowl for cats can provide is the eye level. As a result, you can see your cat eating and enjoying her food at an angle that's impossible for most humans to see. Raised bowls can provide similar benefits for your cat, providing an elevated area for her to look directly into.


You may be wondering why you should buy a cat food bowl that's elevated. After all, you already have the same bowl that your pet uses. There are several reasons, though. Some people don't like the idea of their pets accessing the foods that they eat. If your cat likes to eat from your table, choosing a food bowl that's elevated could be a better option for you.


When you introduce a food bowl that's elevated into your cat's environment, she'll have a better view of it. This means that she'll be less likely to grab and eat on anything that's in front of her. Sometimes this could lead to issues with her teeth, as well as other concerns about her health. It also provides her with something new to look at when she eats, something that could lead to hunger pangs and other behavior problems.


Raised bowls for cats also provide convenience. They're not something that you have to buy one from a pet store or make for yourself. Even if you do have them, there's no guarantee that they'll work. That's because no food bowl for cats is going to be the same. Some are more comfortable than others.


One thing to look for in an elevated food bowl for cats is easy cleaning. If you've bought one that doesn't easily fit into a trash can, it could end up clogging up your house. If your cat doesn't like to chew on the things that you put in the trash, then this could become a problem. Food that's hard to remove can be very bad for your cat's mouth. Cats will actually chew the things because they want to get to the contents of what they're eating.


You may also have to worry about getting your cat used to the new food bowl. Raising your food bowl a bit is usually going to take a little time. If you only move it about an inch, that might be all it takes. Just give it time and the cat will eventually get use to it. Once they get used to having access to a little bowl on top of the food dish, you should be able to move it without any problems.


One last tip is that you should keep the elevated food bowl for cats with a cover on it. The weather can play havoc with some materials. Some materials are not going to hold up to the sun and rain as well as other types. Your cat will certainly get plenty of exposure to the sun and rain if you don't cover their food bowls. They'll also be getting wet and dirty. A plastic covering is the best way to go.


These are just a few things to consider when buying an elevated food bowl for cats. Remember that it isn't a bad idea to buy several. Just make sure that you're buying the kind that your cat likes. It's not hard to find raised high food bowls for cats.






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