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Portable Hydrogen Water Infusion Detoxifier Titanium Quality Hydrogen-Rich Water
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  • Detoxify Daily With Hydrogen-Rich Water


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Product Details

Portable Hydrogen Water Infusion Water Bottle Detoxifier Titanium Quality Hydrogen-Rich Water



Product parameters:

Cup body material: PC material
Product size: 7*21cm
Product weight: 0.9kg
Capacity: 14.2 fl oz (420ML)
Hydrogen concentration: 700-900ppb
Negative potential: -450mv-300mv
Electrolysis time: 3 minutes
Operating temperature: 50 below


Packing list:

1 x Hydrogen Water Generator
1 x USB line
1 x Box
1 x User Manual




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Health Benefits of Hydrogen Electrolysis

  • Enhances cellular wellness and also boosts better nutrient absorption in the body.  

  • Improvement of blood sugar & HbA1c levels in diabetic issues mellitus.  

  • Better hydration for your body plus increased blood circulation.  

  • Assists in reducing hydrogenated fat levels.  

  • Slows aging to give healthy and balanced looking skin.  

  • Boosts memory in older folks while reducing bowel irregularity issues.  

  • Helps in decreasing cholesterol levels.  

How can hydrogen-rich water improve health?

As we all know, the body is composed of cells, human disease can eventually be attributed to cell damage, human aging is also due to cell aging or necrosis caused. The main culprit in causing cell disease aging is excess oxygen free radicals. The main effect of oxygen is antioxidant, hydrogen atoms combined with reactive oxygen species reduced to water excreted. 


Platinum and titanium alloy electrolytic tablets

New technology to water evenly wrapped in hydrogen molecules, to promote hydrogen and water into a stable combination, with high hydrogen concentration, good stability characteristics.  

Watch How the Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator Works

This compact design canteen produces hydrogen abundant water. 

Made from high borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, this top quality bottle is durable as well as secure to use. 

The portable hydrogen rich water ionizer supplies more healthy water for you instantaneously. 

This container enables you to take pleasure in hydrogen abundant water in simply 3 minutes. The bottle is accompanied with a water glass, USB cord and also guide


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