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Survival Chainsaw Portable Handheld Wood Cutting Tool


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Survival Chainsaw Portable Handheld Wood Cutting Tool


✔ Industrial Quality Warm Treated Steel
✔ Razor Sharp Self Cleaning Pearly Whites
✔ Easily Reduce Hard To Reach Branches
✔ Essential In Situation Of Outdoor Emergency

A lightweight survival saw that's essential for exterior experiences, hiking, camping, Do It Yourself landscaping companies & home emergency situation set.


Our saw splits via anything from thin branches to huge tree trunks in seconds and also can reduce above branches easily.

The durable rugged takes care of with metal braces are resilient and also comfortable for also the most difficult jobs.

Made from high carbon heat-treated steel. This leads to extremely rapid cutting time to knifelike blades saw all sides of an arm or leg at once.

BI-DIRECTIONAL TEETH: Cut through timber arm or legs 3 inches in under 10 seconds! Our chain is unique and can be developed in the same manner as a standard power saw when required.

PORTABLE & VERSATILE: This pocket chainsaw folds and fits nicely right into the holster case determines only 5" long by 4" wide. Conveniently shop it in your bug-out-bag or under the child seat. Evaluating in at just 134g!

RUST IMMUNE: Particularly coated for corrosion resistance, the saw will certainly stand the examination of time.


    1. Made from premium material, tough as well as durable being used.
    2. Lightweight and also mobile, simple to use, is a great tool of survival.
    3. Well balance and reduced resonance layout, very easy to use.
    4. Portable chain saw with a fast and reliable cutting ability, convenient to utilize.
    5. Suitable for cutting firewood in survival situations such as campers, backpackers, anglers, walkers.


    Condition: 100% Brand New
    Product: manganese steel + nylon thick handle
    Color: Orange
    Chain Saw Size: 103cm/ 40.6 inch
    Sawtooth Size: 63cm/ 24.8 inch
    Bag Size: Approximate. 12.5 * 10 cm/ 4.9 * 3.9 inch
    Weight: Approximate. 145g/ 5.1 oz



      Finding the Best Survival Chainsaw For Less


      In this piece I will explain to you why it is very important that you take the time to properly inspect any survival chainsaw which you may be interested in buying. I will also examine the various different types of chainsaws which are available on the market today and discuss why using one particular type of survival chainsaw is beneficial during times of adversity. When purchasing a survival chainsaw it is very important that you have a keen eye for what you are looking for, as well as being able to identify whether a particular chainsaw is right for you. If you bear these things in mind then you will be able to make a more informed decision when making your survival chainsaw purchase.


      The first thing to do when reviewing survival chainsaws is to determine what type of work you will be doing with the chainsaw. Are you going to be cutting firewood? Demolition? Demolition with a bit of help from a few friends? These are all things that require the chainsaw to be efficient. A chainsaw, which is designed for cutting firewood easily will likely not be effective if you are intending on demolition or lawn care tasks due to the difficulty in operating such a large machine.


      A survival chainsaw should also be very easy to maintain. It is important to be able to use it in the event of an emergency without any problems. Check the owner's manual to determine how to properly maintain the chain saw and other survival tools. There is no point in having expensive survival chainsaws if they are hard to clean or malfunction regularly.


      You will also want to consider how safe the chain saw is. It is not enough to just go out and buy the cheapest chain saw you can find. There are many chainsaws available which can cause injury if the user is not careful. There are chainsaws which have been known to crush someone's leg, while others have been known to severely injure animals.


      The best place to start searching for a good chainsaw is online. This will allow you to compare models, read reviews, and research specifications. When you make your purchase, make sure that you inspect it closely before you leave the store with it. Make sure that there are no cracks, dents, or dangerous edges present which could easily cut an animal.


      After your purchase is complete, take it back to the store with you. Most stores will perform a visual inspection of the chainsaw to make sure that there are no safety risks. If anything is noticeable, make sure to report it to the manufacturer immediately. Even if the chainsaw is repaired, it is still illegal to carry it around without the proper permit.


      It is also a good idea to research the various types of chainsaws available. While many are designed to do the same basic task, there are many variations on the theme. For example, some chainsaws are made specifically for tree cutting purposes, while others can even shred through asphalt. While the task of trimming trees and destroying asphalt is necessary, it is also important to make sure that you have a chainsaw that is capable of doing this job in order to save your life.


      It is important to remember that a survival chainsaw should never be used on small animal or pet targets as they can cause serious injury or death. It is also a good idea to purchase a training safety blade for this purpose. The blade will prevent the chainsaw from accidentally killing your pet or injuring another person.





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