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Porch Light With Security Camera WiFi Camera Light Bulb


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Porch Light With Security Camera WiFi Camera Light Bulb


This security camera light bulb is An Easy As Well As Easy Remedy To Installing An Advanced Wi-fi Enabled Protection System. It is Really As Simple As Screwing A Lightbulb in a Socket!

WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera


360 DEGREE SUPER WIDE-ANGLE VIEW - Setup Easy and also Calls For No Installer -Applicable to various surveillance situations to look after your house, Live watching, Night vision depends on 16-feet. Not just for lighting, but additionally display by wireless camera bulb clear.

MOTION DETECTION - you can not always view your house when you outside. Receive alerts from video camera on your phone, anytime any type of motion is detected. baby-sitter camera, organization tracking, protection, villa tracking, remote real-time video streaming, You can additionally inspect expired video clip files that are saved money on the TF card( as much as 128G). 

Allow it to be your eyes - The Security System is a reliable safeguard, a great helper to Display wireless Wi-fi lens cam for home.

Takes 3-5 Minutes to Connect- WI-FI setup with guidance symphonious from our 360 Eyes application. Enable users to access the video camera with iOS and also android smart device, (After the power is activated, await approximately 3 minutes. Once the network signal is matching, as well as updating of the tool, run according to the directions).

EASY TO USE - initially, plug the video camera's light bulb right into power, download and install the complimentary application by checking the QR code, click the phone's "Settings", attach hotspot WIFI. Then open up the app. Please Run according to the directions.

NOTE: Our 360 Electronic camera need attach 2.4 G WIFI, can not link 5G WIFI, wifi can not be concealed, do not ever bind the "MAC address" of the camera.

Install this light bulb electronic camera in your home for additional protection. It fits common light bulb outlets so it's concealed in simple sight. It records as well as transfers data to your smart phone via Wi-Fi and also includes a built-in microphone and also audio speaker so you can interact with your visitors.


light bulb camera wifi

Light Bulb WiFi Camera Main Features

SUPERIOR STYLE: 360 ¬į Rotatable + 180 ¬į Twistable + String interface scalable. This enables you to angle the electronic camera whenever you need it.

360 FISHEYE PANORAMA SIGHT: With a large fisheye sight, this electronic camera can allow you to view a larger area, preventing unseen areas.

COMPLETE HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA FULL-COLOR NIGHT VISION: See more clear even in the evening. With 1080p HD and also full-color night vision, each information can be seen and taped.

MOVEMENT DISCOVERY As Well As PTZ CONTROL: Zoom in, pan out, tilt or track moving things with this camera. The camera has a PTZ controller which is controlled from the mobile application where you can likewise activate motion discovery.

TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION FUNCTION: With a built-in microphone as well as speaker. Here, you are able to greet people who come to your door as they ring the buzzer. This safety camera has a two-way interaction system that's best to utilize anywhere in the house.

VIDEOS AND STORE SURVEILLANCE: This camera has a micro SD port that enables you to conserve video or you can synchronize it with its cloud storage space. When the memory card is complete, the old video documents will be covered by the brand-new documents.

WORKS AND HAS THE APPEARANCE OF A LIGHT BULB: Specifically, the hidden in plain view security video camera looks, as well as works like a light bulb. As such, you do not need to compromise your light for the installation of this security camera.


light bulb wifi camera

outdoor security light with wifi camera


security light camera wifi
wireless light bulb security camera

360 Degree WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera

WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera

How Many Should I Have?

We suggest acquiring 2 or more, a system for each and every room, particularly the living room, youngster's area, and also porch to make the most of the location of security for a normal house.

security camera light bulb


  • Video Storage Method:¬†Micro SD¬†
  • Operating Network:¬†Built-in AP hotspot, wireless network
  • Free Supported Mobile Systems:¬†Android, iOS
  • Dimensions:¬†7.5x18cm (2.95"x7.08")
  • Display resolution:¬†1080*1080 pixels (2.0MP)
  • Installation:¬†Bulb E27 Screw
  • Packaged includes:
    • 1 x Security Camera
    • 1 x Camera Base
    • 3 x Screws
    • 3 x Screw base
    • 1 x User Manual¬†
light bulb security cameras
light bulb wifi cameras




Why Buy A WiFi Camera Light Bulb?


A WiFi camera light bulb is a small form of LED light that you place inside your camera to provide you with a little security as well as visibility to your home. But why? Isn't that exactly what LED light is used for in other devices? Not necessarily. LED light bulbs are also used in security-camera lighting to give you a little security during your night-time outings. So why is this a good choice when it comes to putting a security camera outside your home?


The main reason why a WiFi camera light bulb is a great option for you is because of its ability to provide a clear line of sight to the device that is operating the security camera. You see, the light bulb is able to emit light at a very long distance. This is similar to what the security camera uses. In fact, many people use LED lights for security camera light because of the long range they can provide. As a matter of fact, you can have a security camera light bulb that covers about 35 feet if you use the one provided by the company.


LED lights are more energy efficient compared to the other types of lighting available. This is because LED lights have a much longer life span when it comes to energy consumption. For instance, a single LED light will last about 400 hours once it is fully charged and is not exposed to any kind of stress. Compare this to the other type of lights like incandescent bulbs that only last for just a few hours. This means that you will have to replace the security camera often which costs you more money. You will also need extra batteries for the security camera that is often too expensive.


Another advantage that you can get from using a security-camera light bulb is that it allows you to monitor multiple areas without any kind of problem. If you have a wired system then you cannot connect to more than two cameras at one time. However, with the help of the WiFi system you can connect up to ten cameras to one device. If you monitor all areas simultaneously then you can save a lot of money as well.


Another reason why using these bulbs is better than the others is because they do not emit infrared radiation that can actually cause interference to the wireless network you are trying to access through your security camera. Infrared light can actually destroy the signal from the wireless network. With the help of an LED bulb you will be able to view your camera in a clear and color image without any problem. You do not have to worry about interference any more.


LED bulbs are also known to last a long time compared to other kinds of bulbs. They can even last for five years if you take good care of them. With this you are not likely to replace the security camera system anytime soon.


The price of the WiFi camera light bulb is another factor that makes it a popular option among many consumers. It is quite reasonable. This means that it is great for those who cannot afford to buy a complete security camera system. These lights do not cost much and can easily be replaced once they are worn out. If you have the budget then you can choose to buy a whole security camera system rather than this single-camera light.


There are a lot more advantages that can be had by using the light bulb. If you want to know more about this product then you can get online and look for reviews. There are a lot of forums online where you can get all the information you need to know. Be sure that you buy one that is of good quality. It should also last for long. There is no need to buy a cheap one that will only give you hassle in the long run.





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