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Original Pocket Pen Recorder Record Undetected Photos and Videos Pocket Pen Camera Recorder


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Feel safe and also record essential events to re-live in the future!

  • Due to the Pocket Pen Camera Recorder, you can record pictures as well as video clips unnoticed. This makes you feel secure.
  • Whenever unpleasant scenarios happen, you constantly have evidence of what actually occurred and what was said.
  • Because of this, you are always able to safeguard yourself. If you order 1, there will be 3 in the package.

The Pocket Pen Video camera Recorder documents premium photos as well as video clips. With an image recording of 130 levels wide, you can movie and also photo situations extremely well.

With its integrated microphone, the noise is also videotaped plainly.

View pictures as well as videos directly on your TV or computer system by simply connecting the recorder using the USB wire.

A green light show up when recording is taking place. 

Why so many people are delighted when it comes to the Pocket Pen Recorder:

Unnoticeable - You can carry the camera with you obscurely like a pen in your pocket. The recorder doesn't show any light when it's recording. Therefore, nobody will ever see you take photos or fire videos.

Huge memory - The recorder can hold a Micro SD card as much as 32GB. This provides you very large storage space so you can tape videos for a long time and also take lots of photos.

Long recording time - You can record up to 5.5 hours simultaneously. This guarantees that the recorder can fully tape crucial situations and that you will certainly not miss out on any kind of crucial events.

Night vision - The recorder can also record very clear videos and also take photos in the evening. This makes it possible for you to videotape circumstances that happen throughout the night.

Rechargeable - You can quickly charge the recorder making use of the USB wire.

Lens cover - The recorder has a lens cover. This guarantees that no dirt or dust can get on to the lens so you can constantly store it securely.



Video Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080P
Pixel: 12M
Memory: Micro SD card up to 32GB
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
Charging time: 1 hour

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