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Phone Monocular Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope, HD 4K 10-300X40mm


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Phone Monocular Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope, HD 4K 

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Made of material of high refractive index, which can successfully avoid dark corner and also make pictures become clearer as well as brighter. FMC multi-layer broadband green film has been layered with high transmission optical path for a much better contrast, image and top quality to magnify images far away.

Telescopes have certainly come a long way since the Schmidt-Pechan prisms and spotting scopes.

Phone Monocular Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope, HD 4K 

52 MM BIG OBJECT LENS: This things lens with objective size 52mm allows you to view the object a lot more plainly and vibrantly. It can also widen your sight, excellent for bird viewing, show and also taking in the sights. Works similar to any refracting telescope. 

22 MM LARGE EYEPIECE: The dimension of the eyepiece is bigger than similar eyepieces at the same level by using you an unobstructed view, a brighter sight and long-term usage without exhaustion. The lenses bring the images into focus. 

EXTENDABLE TRIPOD AND ALSO ADJUSTABLE PHONE CLIP (OPTIONAL): The extendable tripod is composed of aluminum alloy, which stands up to shake as well as allows hand cost-free watching. It additionally includes a flexible phone clip which helps you to place your phone on it to get HD images quickly.

Phone Monocular Features:

[Super telephoto lens monocular]: Its anti-shake system and unique tripod 3D gyroscope enable the telescope's field of view to be extremely secure when multiplied several times. It is lightweight comes with an optional tripod, which is also lightweight. 

The integrated evening vision function enables you to use it typically at nighttime. Turn on the automobile emphasis as well as blur the history function, brake you can concentrate on observing the person or things that needs to be observed through its prisms.

[Portable as well as light-weight]: The shell is made from titanium alloy, which has greater details stamina and evaluates only 118g. When stored away, the length is only 4.62 inches, as well as you can easily place it in a knapsack or pocket when searching, traveling or outdoor camping. 

[Water resistant, dustproof, shockproof style]: Nitrogen-filled waterproof as well as O-ring optical components can stop wetness, debris as well as dust, as well as make sure the water-proof function of life.

[Perfect for exterior sports enthusiasts and wilderness travelers]: Hand-held devices is important tools for watching wildlife, bird watching, hunting, trekking, mountain climbing, camping, outdoor camping, monitoring as well as travel. In other words, it is great for taking in the natural history that surrounds us. 

The integrated evening vision feature permits you to use it typically at evening. Transform on the vehicle focus and also obscure the background function, brake you can concentrate on observing the individual or things that needs to be observed.

Nitrogen-filled water-proof as well as O-ring optical components can protect against debris, dust as well as wetness, and ensure the waterproof feature of life.

Hand-held equipment is essential tools for bird watching, wild animals, hunting, trekking, mountain climbing, outdoor camping, traveling, outdoor camping and surveillance.

Objective lens diameter:25 mm.
Magnifying: 10x300.
Eyepiece diameter: 12mm.
Exit pupil diameter: 4.2-1.7 mm.
Eye alleviation: 14-12mm.
Field of view: 0.5-3000m.
Minimum focusing distance: 2.5 m.
Dimension: 192/117x32mm (stretching and diminishing).
Weight: 118g.
Prism: BAK4 prism.
Finish: FMC.
Color: Black.
Eye mask: revolving eye mask.
Waterproof: yes.
Tripod can be attached: Yes.
Connected phone: yes.
Utilized for: auto racing, coastline, bird watching, boating/yachting, horse auto racing, searching, outdoor tasks, sports, movie theater, travel.
Product: optical glass.
Type: Monocular.
Products include:.

1x 10-300X40mm telescope monocular.
1x Tripod. (Optional)
1 x Phone Clip.

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