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Perimeter Shock Collars for Dogs 800m Control Pet Dog Training Collar


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Perimeter Shock Collars for Dogs 800m Control Pet Dog Training Collar



1. Flexible degrees: degrees of resonance as well as shock are adjustable from 1 to 99.

2. 3 training modes: shock/ resonance/ audio.

3. With blue backlight display: can be made use of at night.

4. Long range remote: the remote range is 800m or 2624 feet (with no disruption).

5. Three channels: there are three (3) signal channels available on the remote transmitter, and this remote transmitter can manage three receivers of the same version.

6. Adjustable collar size: limit adjustable size depends on 67cm (2.19 feet), suitable for all size dogs, small, medium and large.


Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and Shock, IPX7 Waterproof, Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs (15lbs – 120lbs)

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1. With remote style, you can remote bark quitting, running about adjustment, very easy recalling, combating and biting.

2. Totally waterproof design, your pet dog can walk or swim in the rain with it.

3. Vehicle power save: automatic standby setting and also memory functions.


Package included:
1 x Transmitter
1 x Receiver Collar
1 x Test Light
1 x Adjustable Collar Strap
1 x Charger Cable
1 x Plug
2 x Shock Electrode
1 x English User Manual


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 The perimeter shock collars for dogs provides 3 obedience training settings, shock, resonance, and beep, to train your canine efficiently and also securely. You can select one of the most reliable mode and also strength degree to remedy your pet dog's barking, aggressiveness, as well as various other inappropriate behaviors.

99 Training Levels & modes - This electrical dog training collars are designed with 0-99 customized levels for both vibration and shock settings. The beep mode provides a distinct warning, while the light mode provides a visual prompt. The built-in LED light of its receiver additionally assists you locate your pet dog in the dark atmosphere.

Safe Humanistic Canine Training Collar - Our medical nylon collar is made with 100% security for your pet. The soft rubber get in touch with of our dog collar is significantly  safer than the metal one, the shock head will certainly not call the skin of your pet straight which secures your dog from skin damages. You may choose your suitable shock/ resonance setting that appropriates for your pet dog.

IPX7 Waterproof & Additional Range - Our collar receiver abides by IPX7 water-proof ranking, which means it is completely water-proof. What's even more? The remote for this canine training collar can range up to 2,600ft or 866 yards, enabling you to train your dog in your backyard, at the park, or where ever else, without stressing out if it runs too far.


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best shock collar small dogs


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Item Type: Dog Training Collar

Model Number: Electric Joules Dog Training Collar Pet Remote Control


Input: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Output: 5V, 0.5A

Transmitter battery voltage: 3.7V

Receiver waterproof level: IP67

Battery type: lithium-ion battery (built-in)

Transmitter charging time: 4 hours

Receiver standby time: about a week

Applicable Dog Breed: Large Dog, Medium-sized Dog, Small Dog



Perimeter Shock Collars for Dogs 800m Control Pet Dog Training Collar 


Are you having a challenging time attempting to obtain your pet to follow your orders? Do you have sleep deprived evenings because of your canine's unlimited barking? There are a variety of reliable training methods presently available that can aid you soothe your canine down, but probably the quick and also best-known acting remedy is to make use of a dog shock collar. A dog shock collar is a specifically efficient type of training device can be utilized to swiftly stop a dog's bad habits over a short time period, though lots of folks who are new to the idea may be a bit shocked by the employment of electrical stimulation shocks to gain control of their pet.

The canine shock collar has actually been utilized considering that the 1940's, known as operant conditioning. Though given that it was first placed to make use of the technicians of pet shock collars have actually established from huge bulky gadgets right into tiny light-weight collars that are more comfortable for your canine. A variety of popular pet care firms have actually developed pet dog shock collars consisting of, 'Family pet Safe bark collars' and also 'Pet Sporting activity collars', both popular within the domestic dogs training market. The collars utilize a straightforward, yet reliable mechanism to assist transform your dog's poor habits, they can either automatically provide a shock every time your pet dog over-barks or the proprietor can remotely regulate the shock using a portable device. It is normally recommended that dog shock collars be utilized just once all other kind of positive reinforcement training have been tired and also only utilized for shorter periods of time to stay clear of over tiring your pet.

To get a much better idea of the various types of pet shock collar available on the market, below are 2 instances of popularly used pet dog shock collars that can be discovered right here on StunReal.


Best Shock Collar Small Dogs

* Pet Dog Safe Bark Collar - Animal Safe product are known all over the globe for their high quality as well as safe performance, this new thing can be thoroughly adapted to give different degree of shocks, depending on your pet size. The pet shock collar functions best on pet dogs at or listed below 55 extra pounds and also is made from mini innovation to give a very light weight 2 ounce feeling, to make sure that your pet dog will not even understand it is around your dog's neck. The perimeter shock collars for dogs has a quick release function makes placing it on your dog, and also taking it off very simple, likewise it can be adjusted from 8 inches to 16 inches, making it great for a range of various sizes and shape pet types.

The constructed in automation component has been developed to videotape and identify your canines have barking to ensure that there is less threat of an unintended shock caused by another dog's bark. The battery works on a 6-volt lithium cost, however shock makes use of fixed type power that feels comparable to the little fixed stimulation from a rug, which essentially offers a surprised feeling, yet does not injured. To secure your dog from over shocking the component is programmed on a 15 shocks in 30 secs restriction, after which it will certainly avoid offering shocks for 3 mins.

Consequently a pet shock collar with remote is a great training device. The shock collar is human techniques to help in training along with does not harm the pet by any means.

The shock supplied is all about comparable to an electric shock obtained from a metal doorknob on a dry winter's day. It is just sufficient to get the pet's focus to allow them to regain focus and listen to the canine proprietor. The shock collar is simple to eliminate in several training circumstances for instance finding out to come, quit barking or remain in a backyard.

Shock Collar for Big Dogs

There are some types of training dog collars which are available in accordance with the size of the pet and also how the collar will be made use of. Lots of dog collars will possess a size classification, this truly is to make certain that it fits securely around the canine's neck, and also that the strength of the shock is appropriate.

Numerous collars might have automated shocks if the canine barks or goes across a boundary line. This sort of collar will enhance uniformity of training that will assist the canine learn faster. Look for a method that might handle a number of training collar having a solitary remote if there's even more than one pet dog.

By Using a Shock Training Collar:

The collar must fit comfortably around the pet's neck without needing to be too tight. Trimming the hair at the call points can aid the contacts function successfully if the pet has a whole lot of hair. To educate the pet, the proprietor just requires to make use of a combination of spoken guidelines, great encouragement, as well as cautious electric shocks.

It is necessary that when the pet dog gets a shock, it is throughout or right after the behavior which requires to be dealt with. It is additionally suggested that others or children not familiar with such training techniques, not be allowed to use the remote, as unwanted or additional shocks will greatly puzzle the pet dog.

Numerous designs come furnished with a sharp tone that might be extremely valuable; a beep appears prior to the shock is supplied and quickly numerous canines will react to just the noise without even needing the little jolt.

A pet dog shock collar could be an excellent tool to utilize when training your puppy, but it is incredibly crucial to become constant. Generally start on the very lowest setting offered as well as gradually and also slowly show up the power till the pet responds. This will make sure the pet isn't being needlessly frustrated.

These collars can be found right here or in several pet stores. With some weeks of proper usage, even the most hard pet dog can be changed into a well-behaved and also mindful family pet dog.

There are a number of reliable positive punishment training techniques currently available that can aid you calm your dog down, but probably the best-known as well as quick acting service is to make use of a pet shock collar. The pet shock collar has been used given that the 1940's, though because it was initially put to utilize the mechanics of dog shock collars have actually established from huge bulky gadgets right into tiny light-weight collars that are more comfy for your canine. A number of well known pet dog treatment companies have actually developed pet shock collars consisting of, 'Animal Safe bark collars' and also 'Canine Sport collars', both well understood within the canine negative reinforcement training sector. The collars use a basic, however efficient device to aid change your pet's bad habits, they can either instantly supply a shock each time your dog over barks or the proprietor can from another location manage the shock utilizing a portable tool. The pet shock collar works best on canines at or listed below 55 extra pounds as well as is made from mini technology to offer a light weight 2 ounce feel, so that your canine will not even recognize it is around their neck.




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