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Peephole Doorbell Combination Night Vision 90 Degree 2.8 inch Screen


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Peephole Doorbell Combination Night Vision 90 Degree 2.8 inch Screen


‚ėÖ 2.8 inch TFT LCD.

‚ėÖ Infrared night vision, buzzer audio, electronic camera function.

‚ėÖ Built-in memory, circular storage space, no demand to place memory card.

‚ėÖ Minimalist design, simple to operate.

‚ėÖ 0.3 MP professional protection HD video camera lens, wide angle.
Peephole doorbell

‚ėÖ 90 levels, lengthy standby.

‚ėÖ When it concerns unknown visitors, you need to be bewildered. With this clever peephole visitor, 135 degree large seeing angle, which provides you with a big line of vision, so that you can prompt and also plainly recognize the site visitor details.
doorbell peephole

‚ėÖ Safeguard you and also your family members all the time and also night. Bring you a brand-new experience. It's truly your safety working as a consultant.

‚ėÖ 2.8 inch extremely brilliant TFT LCD show screen, shows video clips or images plainly as well as smoothly. HD electronic camera for HD image capturing and also video recording, prompt as well as plainly photograph and record visitor details.
doorbell peephole combination
‚ėÖ 90 degree wide angle lens. Offers you a big field of vision to guarantee maximum safety and security residence. 24 hour safety and security monitoring, safeguard you and also your household throughout the day and also evening.
wireless peephole video doorbell
‚ėÖ SAFER AND ALSO MORE CONVENIENT: A protected home protection vision with wired connectivity allows¬†you know the world outside¬†of your residence. Can be used in apartment or condos, villas, hotels, workplaces, public buildings.
smart peephole viewer visual doorbell
‚ėÖ Infrared night vision instrument: Clear photo during both day and nighttime, you can still see outdoors clearly in dark. Simple to set up and also operate, no unique tools, saving you time and effort, while conserving money.

‚ėÖ Protect you and also your family all day and also night. Bring you a brand-new experience. It's truly your protection consultancy.

doorbell peephole combo
Peephole doorbell
doorbell peephole
doorbell peephole combinations
wireless peephole video doorbells

Intercom: Yes

Connection Type: Wireless

Alarm: Yes

Power: Dry battery

Feature: Photograph

Feature: Video

Display: Color

Item Type: Video Doorbell

feature 1: door bell

feature 2: door bell camera

feature 3: doorbell

feature 4: Electronic doorman

feature 5: doorbell camera

feature 6: Digital peephole door

feature 7: ring bell door with camera



Appearance color: Gold, Silver
Screen size: 2.8 inches
Screen resolution: 320 * 240
Storage mode: Built-in 4MB (75 photos) memory, full coverage and automatic coverage, circular storage
Battery: 4 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
Camera pixel: 0.3MP
Infrared light: 2x 850nm
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Viewing angle: 90 ¬į
Applicable door hole diameter: 14-22mm / 0.55-0.87 "
Applicable door thickness: 35-120mm / 1.38-4.72 "
Product size:
Indoor unit: 127 x 68 x 13mm/5.00x2.68x0.51"
Outdoor unit: diameter 58 x 13mm/2.28x0.51"


1 X Outdoor Doorbell
1 X Indoor Unit
1 X Metal Plate
3 X Screws
1 X Manual


Peephole Doorbell Benefits

A peephole doorbell is a great way to add safety and security to your home. They are available in many different designs, styles, and models and can be used on any type of door. There are several advantages to installing one of these bells as well as a few disadvantages. They are often a little more costly than having a standard bell installed but there are benefits that make this a worthwhile investment.


One of the main benefits of a peephole doorbell is the safety aspect. Many home intruders have been deterred by the siren that goes off when someone tries to enter an apartment or home. Most burglars try to get away from the noise of a bell so it can be quite a nuisance for them. This is why it's important to install one of these bell systems. Many peephole doorbell systems have a motion detector that will trigger the bell if someone tries to enter an apartment.


Another of the benefits of having a peephole doorbell is the added security that it provides. It's a simple process to install one of these devices and it also provides you with an extra layer of security. You don't want to let just anyone walk right in to your home so this is an easy way to identify anyone trying to get into your house. Plus, if someone were to disable the peephole doorbell then it would alert you that they had entered your home without triggering the alarm.


Another great thing about a peephole doorbell is the appearance. They are usually bright in color so that it will be noticeable that it's an alarm bell. It gives the impression that the person is trying to break into your home and they might even try to disable the bell. This makes it very difficult for them to do their objectives. If you need to know who is at home, then this is definitely the device for you.


The main reason why you would consider purchasing a peephole doorbell is because it's an easy way to identify the person at your front door. Most people don't take the time to properly look through a door before they answer it. With a bell on the door that goes around your peephole, you can immediately identify anyone trying to enter your home. Plus, if you're worried about someone breaking into your home, then you already have an alarm system that can identify the criminal after they enter through your peephole.


There are a few other benefits of having a peephole doorbell besides trying to identify people who are trying to enter your home. For instance, if you are out on the road and you come across a strange vehicle, you might not want to trust that person. It's always good to have an alarm that can automatically sound if you are scared for your life. If you have this peephole device, then it will alert the authorities right away. Plus, if you suspect your child is being abused, this device can help you protect your children by identifying the person that's abusing them.


Now the benefits don't just stop there. If you purchase an authentic Peephole Doorbell, then it should last for years to come. It has a metal base and should be able to withstand strong winds. You can also buy other Peephole Doorbell accessories to attach to it such as key chains or cell phone straps. The beauty of this device is that you will never have to worry about its safety again. It will detect an intruder and sound an alarm.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons why a peephole doorbell is a great investment. It's perfect for every home and you can easily find one in your local hardware store. So if you're looking for a doorbell that can provide you with peace of mind, then a peephole doorbell is just what you need. All you need to do is install it in your door and you'll immediately be able to enjoy all these benefits. Don't spend another penny until you've tried one.


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