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Obsidian Wolf Totem Necklace Amulet Pendant with Long Adjustable Bead Chain


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Obsidian Wolf Totem Necklace Amulet Pendant with Long Adjustable Bead Chain


  • Obsidian is a naturally taking place volcanic glass created as an extrusive igneous rock.

  • Obsidian is created when felsic lava squeezed out from a volcano cools quickly with very little crystal growth.


  • It is typically located within the margins of rhyolitic lava moves known as obsidian flows where the chemical make-up (high silica web content) creates a high viscosity which, upon fast cooling, develops a natural glass from the lava. The restraint of atomic diffusion via this extremely viscous lava clarifies the absence of crystal growth.



  • Obsidian is hard, fragile, and also amorphous; it for that reason fractures with very sharp sides. In the past it was utilized to manufacture reducing and puncturing devices and also it has actually been utilized experimentally as medical scalpel blades.

  • Reality, Sincerity, stability and also grounding. Obsidian is extremely powerful as well as the very top crystal to protect you from adverse power of all kinds. Alters adverse to favorable. Assists with indication as well as drawing in. Great for looking.




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