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OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner iPhone Android Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool


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OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner iPhone Android Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool

This Bluetooth cost-effective OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone Android works on almost 1996 and newer OBDII-compliant vehicles.Ā 

TheĀ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner is anĀ ingenious Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, geared up with its very own Application -' Maxi AP200', full OBD2 functions, along with different reset solutions (Oil/EPB/BMS/ TPMS/SAS Resets, DPF Regrowth and IMMO Service and so on), is a compact alternative for family members DIYers to troubleshoot vehicle's problems in no time at all.

Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Code Reader with Full Systems Diagnoses, AutoVIN, Oil/EPB/BMS/SAS/TPMS/DPF Resets IMMO Service for Family DIY users


ONLY ONE SOFTWARE PROGRAM IS OFFERS FOR LIFETIME USE! Other software program is charged in the APPLICATION. Version Declaration: Android: 1.05 IOS: 1.04

ā–  Several Languages

English, standard Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German French,Ā  Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian.

ā–  Quick Bluetooth Connection

This portable OBD2 scanner is defined by Bluetooth link,Ā and you can download theĀ totally free APP on your iPhone or Android gadgets to get the automobile diagnosis going on with no stress over the compatibility.Ā 

Please note - TheĀ Ā OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner is notĀ compatibleĀ with a laptop or tablet. It works exclusively with your smart phone, and is available for both Android and IOS systems.
scanner obd2 bluetooth

ā–  Comprehensive Diagnostic System

With superior systems medical diagnoses, this multi-purpose obd2 scanner can be made use of to read all offered systems' ECU details to assist in the car medical diagnosis.

The full systems vary from various cars and trucks and they normally consist of Engine, transmission, SRS, ABS SAS, EPB, TPMS and Fuel systems etc.

- Read DTCs from the automobile's control systems to situate problem areas, as well as offer options;

- Eliminate the codes effortlessly after DTCs fetching and certain repair work have actually been accomplished;

- Live data programs each specification item displayed in either analog, text, waveform graph settings and so on;

- The energetic examination utilized to accessibility vehicle-specific subsystem and component examinations.
best bluetooth obd2 scanner

ā–  19 Powerful Reset Functions

This Bluetooth OBD2 scanner isĀ particularly made to offer you with quick accessibility to the automobile systems for numerous scheduled solution as well as upkeep performances.

There is some commonly-utilized special reset solutions are noted for your referral:Ā 

Oil Reset Performs aĀ reset for the Engine Oil LifeĀ system.Ā 

ThisĀ calculates an optimal oil lifeĀ modification period depending on the automobile driving conditions as well as climate.

EPB Reset Maintain the digital stopping system safely and properly by deactivating and also turning on the brake control system, which sets the brakes after brake disc or brake pad replacement, and so on

. BMS Reset Examine the battery fee state, monitor the close-circuit existing, sign up the battery substitute, and also trigger the resting state of the automobile.

SAS Reset calibrates the Steering Angle Sensing unit, which permanently stores the existing guiding wheel setting as the straight-ahead placement in the sensing unit EEPROM.

TPMS Reset promptly seek out the tire sensing unit IDs from the car'sĀ ECU, as well as toĀ carry out TPMS replacement as well as sensing unit examination.

IMMO Solution Disable the shed vehicle tricks as well as program the substitute essential fob. DPF RegrowthĀ Manage DPF regeneration, DPF componentĀ substitute teach-in and also DPF teach-in after changing the engine control system.

best obd2 scanner bluetooth

ā–  Comprehensive OBD2 Function

- Read substantial current, pending and also irreversible codes in OBD system quickly.

- Clear discovered mistake codes and also shut off the Inspect Engine Light successfully.

- Sight visual live data of automobile's computer module(s) for simple evaluations.

- Sight the car's operating specifications presently a DTC is spotted.

- Review I/M the readiness status to have an automobile evaluated for state exhausts conformity.

- Execute O2 sensing unitĀ test to check fuel efficiencyĀ as well as vehicle discharges.

- Check outĀ the results of on-board diagnosticĀ surveillance examinations for particular components/systems.

- Get the vehicle info of VIN, CINs, as well as CVNs completely.

- Execute the element Test by allowing launching a leak examination for the automobile's EVAP system.

ā–  Quick AutoVIN Innovation

The Auto VIN functionalityĀ of the OBD2 Bluetooth ScannerĀ aids promptly expose cars and truck's details, including the vehicle type, native land, engine dimension, and so on as well as the report concerning the auto details can be converted as a PDF for a clearer print-off.

ā–  Valuable History Recording

While using you thorough analysis outcome, this automobile scanner can tape-recording history analysis info as well asĀ the history recordings can beĀ utilized as an effective information referral in the period of automobile diagnosis.

ā–  Wide Automobile Insurance Coverage

It is nearly suitable with all vehicle designs of North American, Asian and European models.


ā–  Note

- All OBDII features are readily available as well as cost-free. - One free car's software application with the initial acquisition, for others you require to invest only $21.99 (iPhone & Android Device) getting 12-month usage authorization of one more vehicle version.

ā–  Quick Overview

1. Set up the app and download and install in Google Play or Application Store to your device;

2. Register and also log in the APP;

3. Obtain one cost-free automobile software application via the App StoreĀ after binding VCI for theĀ very first time;

4. Connect the OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner device into the car's Data Web link Connector (DLC);.

5. Switch on the automobile ignition while turning the engine off;.

6. Tap Me/Setting switch of your tool to match the OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner with your gadget;.

7. Begin to detect your vehicle.obd2 bluetooth scanner reviews


ā–  Warranty

12-month warranty for any quality problems

ā–  Packing List

1 * Main Unit

ā–  Specifications

Communications: BL 4.2 Dual-Mode Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz Input Voltage Range: 9 VDC to 26 VDC Supply Current: 100 mA@12 V Sleep Mode Current: 3 mA@12 V Operating Temp.: 0Ā°C to 50Ā°C Storage Temp.: -20Ā°C to 70Ā°C Length\Width\Height: 59.2 mm (2.33ā€) * 48.5 mm (1.91ā€™ā€™) * 24.6 mm (0.97ā€™ā€™)

multi-language Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

ā– Ā FAQs


Q - There are nineteen (19) unique features of the OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner, but why do I present fewer on my phone?

A - Sustains 19 special function. The problem is that your automobile supports the 19 unique features too.

Eg. If you are auto sustains just six (6) special functions, this means that you can only locate the 6 unique functions on your phone. However, if you change a vehicle that sustains 13 special features, then you will get 13 special functions right on your phone.

Certification: CE

Special Features: Bluetooth

Language: English

Language: POLISH

Language: Korea

Language: German

Language: Italian

Language: Russian

Language: Dutch

Language: Portuguese

Language: Japanese

Language: Spanish

Language: Swedish

Language: French

Software Update: Yes

Hardware Version: AP200

Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools

Item Type: Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Function 1: Read/clear codes for all available systems

Function 2: Oil, EPB, BMS, SAS, DPF, TPMS Reset

Function 3: IMMO functions

Warranty: 1 year worry-free warranty



Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic ToolĀ 


When was the last time you took your vehicle for a tune up or diagnostic scan? If it's been a while, it's about time you did one! With the ever-increasing need for vehicle tracking, having a reliable OBD2 scanner is vital. Here are some reasons why:


The new trend in vehicle diagnostics is OBD. This stands for on-board diagnostics. Over the past couple years, Bluetooth IOS and Android devices have grown in popularity. However, even with these growing in popularity, many vehicles still lack onboard diagnostics. A Bluetooth OBD2 scanner can make it possible for vehicle owners to gain access to a wealth of real-time data, in the form ofĀ diagnostic trouble codes (OBD-II PIDs),Ā stored on the device itself.


This gadget is very small and almost invisible. It fits easily in your glove box or even in your briefcase. When you have an OBD device in your vehicle, it helps to keep track of every last detail regarding your vehicle's maintenance history. This includes oil changes, engine tuning up, and emission checks. For this reason, many vehicles now come standard with these devices as standard equipment.


However, for many users, they find that they cannot easily connect and communicate with their Bluetooth adapters to computers. As an alternative, there are now portable android devices that you can use with your computer to view all data that is displayed on your OBD2 scanner. Many of these devices are very small, especially when compared to the popular Bluetooth adapters. A small version can be attached to the dash board of almost any vehicle and used to perform all of your usual vehicle diagnostic tasks.


The Bluetooth OBD2 scanner was developed by two companies, namely Radio Frequency Identification, Inc., and Sybase Ubiqua. The device is extremely easy to use and can be updated or changed by the user with little effort. In fact, many people find this easy to do that they do not need any technical skills to use them. The two companies have worked very hard to ensure that the Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners offered by them is easy to understand and work with, making them a worthwhile purchase for anyone who needs such a device. With aĀ Table of OBD-II Codes, which acts as the communication protocol, you will know exactly what is going on with your vehicle.Ā 




Benefits of an iPhone OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner


When you are looking for a scanner for your Apple iPhone, you will find that there are many different kinds on the market today. However, before you purchase one, it is important to understand how it works. These devices are designed to read and record information from the diagnostic data port that is built into the iPhone. This port is used by the device to determine what is wrong with it and if the problem is something that can be fixed. As you look at these scanners, you will find that they have different features, but the most common are the ability to read trouble codes and have a serial port to connect to your computer. Once you have all of this information, then you can purchase the one that you need.


One thing that you should consider when you are looking at these scanners is where you are going to use it. You might only need one for your car. Then, you can choose a fairly simple design with a black and white display. However, if you drive long distances or you often take long trips, you will probably need something more sophisticated. You will also want to consider how it looks and whether or not it will match your style.


There are some benefits of an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner that you will find very useful. It can help you if you are in the market for a replacement unit. In addition, if you are interested in restoring an old automobile, you can use one of these scanners to help you with the problem. This is one of the few choices that you have when you are considering iPhones.


You should also know that there are some cons to consider as well. If you want to take this scanner with you wherever you go, you are going to find that it has to be compatible with your specific iPhone. You can either get a generic or a special model. If you have a specific color or design in mind, you might not be able to find one that is made for your particular model.


There are, however, a number of great benefits of the iPhone OBD2 scanner. It is a much more advanced tool that can help you with a number of problems. The cost is relatively low, and it is an essential gadget for anyone who drives frequently. Plus, it is completely portable, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants one.


Finally, you should consider what kind of scanner you are going to buy. There are some great ones on the market and you will likely be able to find one that works very well for you. If you want to spend less money, you will likely find deals on the iPhone OBD2 scanner online. However, if you want the most value for your money and you want to find one that works well, you will likely need to make an appointment at a store that sells scanners.

Of course, being cheap is not synonymous to poor quality. There are a number of different models of Bluetooth OBD2 scanner on the market today, each offering a range of special features and functions that are sure to appeal to a range of potential buyers. No matter what the price, there is no doubt that you will receive a lifetime warranty. If a problem arises with your new device, it will take just a few minutes to obtain the technician to come to your aid.



How to Fix an Android OBD2 Scanner Problem

Android OBD2 scanner is a device used for scanning the computer for the information about the problems that are related to the diagnostics of the computer. It helps in the proper functioning of the computer in all the means. The scanner is a compact device and is light weight. There are many benefits of the Android OBD2 scanner with regards to the benefits of a scanner in general. The Bluetooth technology helps in the use of the scanner to connect the scanner to the computer.


Most of the devices support Bluetooth but it is necessary to make sure that it is updated with the latest driver version for it to work properly. The latest driver versions of the Bluetooth drivers help in the proper operation of the scanner. The scanner usually has to be connected to the computer using the USB cable. This is done for the compatibility purposes. This kind of scanning equipment will help in the fixing of the errors in the computer as soon as they occur. The latest scanner from Google has the latest driver version support for the benefit of the users.


This scanner connects to the computer using the Bluetooth wireless technology to scan the system and fix the issues found. The driver update tool updates the driver for every new device. The drivers are obtained through the driver update utility available on the Android Market.


One can easily fix the Bluetooth issues by using the driver scanner. There are many advantages of the driver scan tool of this device. First, the scan of the drivers in any device helps to detect the driver issues in the quickly.


Secondly, with the help of this scanner you can perform automatic scanning of the drivers. With the help of this tool you can also scan for the duplicate files. Android OBD2 scanner devices perform the scanning task very well. For Android OBD2 scanner you need to connect the scanner to a computer with Bluetooth and then the scanning task can be started.


In a nutshell, it is advisable to avoid for any driver update to occur if you do not know the make and model of your devices. This way, you can ensure that only the latest official driver updates are performed. Nowadays, you can get the driver scan programs from the Android Market and download them. After downloading, make sure to run the driver scan program to check for the errors.





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