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Night Light Switch Plates Automatic On/Off Sensor Standard Outlets


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Night Light Switch Plates Automatic On/Off Sensor Standard Decor Not GFCI Outlets



  • You do not need to wake anybody up at 3:00 a.m. anymore. This is because our Outlet Wall Plate with LED Light setting provides sufficient to easily see everything you are looking for without triggering a disturbance!


LIBERATES ELECTRICAL OUTLETS - You can lastly make use of every one of the electrical outlets in your home. Do not allow common, bulky evening lights dominate your washrooms, youngsters, or hallway's rooms any longer.

ENERGY EFFICIENT - The LED night light has a cover plate that will cost you under 10 cents annually to power. With the correct amount of light, you can rest easily now!

SIMPLE TO SET UP - You do not have to be a magician or even an electrician to mount this. It was created for a genuinely easy, secure remedy to the home nightlight. It does not call for brackets, batteries, installs, or cables. Simply snap it on as well as going.

DOES NOT WORK WITH GFCI OUTLETS - Does your outlet have a "Test" and "Reset" button on it? If so, this item will not work.



  • Color: White
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Size:¬†7.2 x 5 x 1.75 inches




Night Light Switch Plates - Choosing The Right Ones

Night light switch plates come in all shapes and sizes but the most popular are the round night light switch plates that are usually round and have one to two lights. The most popular night-light switch plate is the round light style that fits over the outlet of your wall outlet. You can also find some with one or two lights and are a round with LED lights underneath.


There are night light switch plates that are square, rectangular, or circle shaped. Most of these switch plates are round and some are square and circular. The most popular night-light switch plate is the circular one. It has an opening on the front that is about the same size as the size of the outlet.


This type of night light switch plate is usually used to mount a night light to the ceiling, wall, or even on a rack. These usually come with an outlet hole already drilled into them. They are installed using screws to attach to the bracket that holds the switch to the ceiling. The night light then fits inside the outlet hole and clips onto the bracket. These night lights are mounted using an additional outlet.


Square switch plates are very common and look like a regular light switch plate. Usually they are black but you can get them in many colors. The night light will fit in the hole provided and clips onto the bracket or clip-on wire. This type of night light switch plate is often used to mount an outdoor night-light switch. You can mount the night light anywhere with an outlet.


If you want a night light switch that has an outlet and has a night light attached to it, you might want to purchase a combination plate. One will typically have an outlet hole and the other will have a night light plugged into it. These switches are available in single, double, and triple combinations. Some combination plate sets include an outlet and night light as well. The most effective combination plate combination is a night light with an outlet and a night light attached to the plate.


There are some night light switch plates that are multifunction. For example, you might find multi-functional night light switch plates that can be used for both kitchen lighting and bathroom lighting. These multi-function ones typically have two, three, or even four-outlet holes. In addition, the night light switch plate might have one, two or even three nights light LED bulbs in them. The advantage to this type of night light switch plate is that the bulbs tend to last a little bit longer than regular incandescent bulbs.


A lot of people like to use night-light switch plates that have night vision capability. This is particularly true of bedroom and bathroom night lights. These night lights generally have daylight sensors built right into them. What this means is that each time the sensor recognizes movement in the room it will automatically turn on its light.


So when you are looking for night light switch plates for your home, keep in mind that not only do you want one that is going to provide illumination in the dark but also one that you can easily read in the dark. It might also be important that the night light switch plate has a night-vision capability so that your children or anyone else in the house can easily find their way around in the night. And finally, make sure that the night light switch plate you choose comes with a guarantee. That way you will have complete peace of mind that you won't be stuck replacing a bulb while in the dark.




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