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Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat Shiatsu Heated Back Massager


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Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat Shiatsu Heated Back Massager



Our integrated innovative home heating apparatus transfers warmth to the muscular tissues and also tendons in your back boosts your blood flow while the flexible intensity settings (Low-medium-high) enable you to obtain the correct amount of pressure to ease your pains and also discomforts.
  • Lower heart rate
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Boost¬†circulation
  • Promotes a better sleep


neck and back shiatsu massager



  1.  Infrared heating massage, when kneading produces hot compression effect.
  2.  Boasts eight (8) carbon fiber massage heads letting you massage more in place
  3.  top grade skin PU material, soft touch.
  4.  Equipped with two (2) power lines which allow for use in the car and at home for greater use and enjoyment.
  5.  High temperature protective safety control.
  6. Qualified high-quality wear-resistant double-layer network design provides high quality.

Package includes: 

  • 1x Massager
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Car power cable
  • 1x User manual
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    • One-touch IC button: power button, infrared button, neck massager infrared massage therapy body. massager.
    • The electromagnetic field treatment is set up to have a supporting healing effect on high blood pressure, arthritis, contusion and cervical spondylosis.
    • Eliminate the stress and anxieties and also pains, can provide total leisure with relaxation. Neck massager for your neck and shoulders.
    • Massage cushion massager pillow. Electric shiatsu massage cushion massager neck.
    • Set up the vehicle power source and power adapter, you are able to utilize the neck and back shiatsu massager at home or in your vehicle.¬†
    • Electric shiatsu massage therapy cushion massager neck.
    • Electric motor overheating automatic protection as well as the integration design, double protection, dependable and secure.



    1. Type: Massage Pillow
    2. Material: PU Leather + Mesh
    3. DC Input: 12V, 2A
    4. Rated Voltage: 12V
    5. Rating Power: 25W
    6. Size: 32*19*10cm (approx.)
    7. Frequency: 50Hz
    8. Massage: Kneading massager
    9. Massage Type: Thermotherapy, Magnetic Therapy
    10. Massage time: 20 minutes or less
    11. Body Area: Neck, Back, Waist, Legs, Buttocks
    12. Physiotherapy way: Infrared
    13. Color: Black or Beige

    shiatsu neck & back massager

    1. The massager taken on U shape, is in line with the simplify as well as ring-type design of human neck cervical.

    2. Lots of modes transferable and also various kinds of intensity flexible. You can select any type of mode or intensity according to your need.

    3. Electric pulse massage therapy. It can promote continuously nerve acupoint to advertise metabolism, unwind muscle mass and also get rid of soreness etc.

    4. It can promote blood circulation, and greater massage coverage area.

    Massage principle: vibration

    Color: Two to choose from

    Specification: hand shawl

    Package Includes:

    1 * Massager

    1 * User Manual

    1 * Adapter




     shiatsu full back massager


     Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat Shiatsu Heated Back Massager


    My first shiatsu massage therapy

    All of a sudden, I opened up my eyes as wide as possible. I understood I must have gone to sleep. Stimulated, refreshed and also loosened up, all at the very same time. If that is a full body shiatsu massage, I want another.

    Shiatsu massage is done totally clothed, however absolutely nothing limiting has to be used, I was told. He started to work his method around my body using all types of massage methods integrated with drawing as well as stretching of my arms and also legs.

    However the best equipment was when he worked around my neck and head. That really felt so excellent. When he made his way down my spine working, as well as cutting. My whole body tingled as well as I felt a thrill of energy. I believe it was about then that I need to have drifted off to rest.

    What is a complete body massage therapy?

    The session begins with a few questions. General health and wellness, issues, discomfort, stress places as well as any kind of existing medical conditions. This creates a case history. Should you have a variety of routine treatments, then your case history is maintained current with the outcome of each session. 

    Laying down on your back, the masseuse stoops down close to you as well as places a hand on your abdominal area. This is a 'hara' medical diagnosis. Hara is a Japanese word which means your "center" and it shows much about your power system to a sensitive shiatsu specialist. The shiatsu massage technique includes promoting or relaxing the acupuncture factors or meridians of your body.

    Words 'shiatsu' suggests 'finger stress'. The objective of these massage therapy strategies is to release and also stabilize the circulation of 'KI' or energy, at segments where it has become obstructed or overstimulated.

    A full body session will consist of deal with your abdomen, breast, feet, legs, neck, head, hands, arms, shoulders, as well as back. You obtain your legs as well as arms drew and also pushed. You are massaged and sliced with hands as well as static finger pressure is placed at specific areas on your body.

    Why do you feel energized and relaxed?

    Your body contains a network of energy networks, otherwise known as 'meridians', in which your 'KI' streams. This hidden network adheres to comparable pathways to the nerves and also provides a consistent supply of life-giving energy.

    As well as much like a busy highway, blockages in the circulation can happen. Unlike a highway these restrictions usually do not clear normally, creating neighborhood discomfort, stress, inflammation or also ailment. And since the meridians are connect, all of the body organs together, it can create troubles in various other areas of your body as well.

    Shiatsu clears these obstructions, freeing up your energy, so that you feel stimulated. Clearing up blocked energy launches tension. The massaging strategies as well as the power of 'human touch' contains an incredible relaxing result on your entire body. This is the reason that you can sleep. Alleviating all your tension you immediately relax into much deeper degrees of the mind which border on sleep.

    Where does this type of massage originate from?

    Shiatsu massage therapy began in the Sixth Century in Japan. The contemporary founder of shiatsu as a treatment is Tokujiro Namikoshi and also the Institute for Shiatsu treatment which he opened up on the Island of Hokkaido in 1925 .

    The research study of shiatsu entails a lot greater than simply finger stress and also massage strategies. Pupils research makeup, physiology, the meridians and power 'circuits' of your body, known as pressure points, case studies, as well as 'hara' medical diagnosis.

    They must have lots of hrs of method on volunteers and also they have to be in shape as well as solid. An expert has to be comfortable sitting, kneeling as well as crouching on the floor. This is an activity that we are not accustomed to doing in the West.

    Why shiatsu is the best stress and anxiety relief

    We all lead hectic lives balancing job, residences, relationships as well as many other triggers for tension and tension. Such triggers build gradually but definitely, especially if your days are are 'full-on' with very little rest or relaxation. You will discover the indications: lack of ability to relax, irritation or you might suffer from sleeplessness. These are simply a few of the signs.

    This anxiety creates body and also muscle mass stress and much unbalance in the method your body jobs. Subsequently, the vital energy which flows around your body comes to be restricted and also blocked creating discomfort and also discomfort. Most of us understand the therapeutic worth of massage for launching tension yet Shiatsu integrates tension release with energy unblocking, all in one session.

    A Shiatsu massage therapy dissolves all your gathered tension and also tension as well as gives you a power improve all at the same time. There are very few treatments that can do this and be so enjoyable too.

    The tension of living in today's globe goes to an utmost high. It appears like each time you activate the information it's constantly trouble and you believe, "what next?" Sadly we do not have control over whatever nevertheless there are some things.

    The stress and anxiety and also stress of the day has taken its unsightly toll on your body as well as mind, after that you rest in a massage chair as well as it all goes away, wonderful idea eh? The fact is that it can be real as there are a wide variety of shiatsu massagers who are in the market nowadays which can consist of a stimulating massage for each component of your hurting body.

    If that is a complete body shiatsu massage, I want an additional.

    The shiatsu massage strategy entails stimulating or unwinding the acupuncture factors or meridians of your body.




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