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Motorcycle Intercoms for Motorcycles Bluetooth Helmet Headsets - 2x


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Motorcycle Intercoms for Motorcycles Bluetooth Helmet Headsets - Set of 2

Motorcycle intercoms for motorcycles enable up to six (6) riders to communicate with each other while riding with helmets. Take advantage of this amazing technology when on the open road. 



  • Digital signal processor (DSP) innovation for wind sound termination.
  • Outstanding efficiency at quick¬†to the legal limit with a¬†complete face safety helmet.
  • Easily mounts to all complete face as well as open face helmets.
  • All weather, rain and show resistance.


  • Any bikers might pick among 5 riders to communicate at once!

  • The optimum communication array over a high clear view course can get to 1200m or 3937 feet!( this maximum variety is not guaranteed.).
  • Typical effective array in city is around 700 meters or 2296 feet. Please note that real variety relies on climate condition, surface, visibility of obstacles i.e. a huge lorry, buildings non line of vision and so on
  • Unlike a one-way walkie talkies, which only address half of the need i.e. it can not talk as well as pay attention simultaneously, the R6 provides real-time speaking like a typical telephone.
  • It can connect with 5 various other bikers or connect with one more motorcyclist and also his/her pillion.
  • The cyclist can select which individual.




    * Long range-1200 meters intercom

    * Interphone system approximately 6 Riders

    * Walkie Talkie Approximately 120km/h speed

    * Approximately 8 hours speaking time

    * Auto-receiving mobile phone call

    * Mobile/mp3/stereo music

    * Sound navigation from GPS

    * Line-in audio interface using Bluetooth

    * Wind sound DSP termination

    * Full weather safeguarded


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    * It can couple "motorcyclist to rider" or "cyclist to pillion". Can pair six (6) interphones each time, and also easily switch over to any type of 2 of them.

    * Functions with any kind of Bluetooth furnished smart phone, GPS or Digital Stereo songs

    * Earphone Can deal with external media players, such as MP3/portable CD player/IPOD as well as etc. by attaching the headphone wires straight (without main device).

    * Plastic + Rubber buttons, with a more stable structure, much better water resistant efficiency. This system is completely weather safeguarded.

    * Wireless hands-free communication for motorcyclist.

    * Safe driving while speaking with good friends.

    * Play stereo music via your mobile phone.

    * Can be made use of as a Bluetooth headsets and a cordless songs headset while you're not riding.




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    Maximum Intercom Distance: >1000m

    Maximum Number of Speakers: 2

    Item Type: Helmet Headset

    Special Function: Noise Reduction

    Special Function: waterproof

    Item Weight: 0.55kg

    Special Features: Waterproof Bluetooth GPS MP3

    Plug Type: EU Plug

    Item Width: 15cm

    Model Name: R6

    External Testing Certification: FCC

    Power Supply Mode: Built-in Battery

    Item Height: 6cm

    Applicable Helmet Type: Open face

    Applicable Helmet Type: Flip Up Helmet

    Applicable Helmet Type: Full Face

    Applicable Helmet Type: Half Helmet

    Applicable Helmet Type: MODULAR

    Connection Mode: Bluetooth

    Item Length: 21cm

    Special Features: 1200m for 6 Riders Intercom

    Maximum talking range: 1,000M (3,280 Feet)

    Working speed: Up to 120km/h Speed

    Talking Time: Up to 8 Hours

    Stereo Music/Audio: A2DP enabled Cell Phone/MP3/GPS

    Frequency: 2.4GHz

    External Testing: External Testing

    Waterproof: Full Weather Protection

    Is customized: Yes


    Motorcycle Intercoms for Motorcycles Bluetooth Helmet Headsets - Set of 2


    A helmet is utilized by everybody who makes use of an electric motor cycle as it uses defense to your head while riding. These safety helmets are constructed from high quality fiber glass that is extremely light and also strong. You can utilize these helmets for your motorcycling or biking trips additionally as they can be held on the bike straight with using safety helmet lock. These electric motorcycles can travel at high speeds. Speaking with each other at these high speeds is difficult as you can barely hear the various other person. In such scenarios a intercom will be valuable. It aids in conversation with other motorcyclists or with the pillion. 

    It is fastened inside the helmet the help of a clip mechanism. This clip can quickly be attached directly inside the helmets on their cheek pads or even near the ear. It is the very best location to acquire this gadget. You can also compare the price in between 2 or even more suppliers as there is a wide range on the internet. These electric motorcycle helmet intercom devices that you will find on StunReal allow up to six (6) motorcyclists to be connected to the conversation. 

    Motorcycle Intercommunicator for Motorcycles

    These tools are in accordance with safety norms as they are just a handful of the gadgets which permit the user to interact with other riders throughout your journey.

    You need to attach this motor cycle helmet intercom tool attaches at the back of your helmet, which has a magnet which sticks on the headgear. Once attached, you need to put the headset in your ear. It is constructed out of slim products so it can conveniently enter inside the headgear. When the headset is activated you can connect to the various other person by a press of a switch as this will launch talk setting. It acts a walkie talkie tool yet a smaller sized in dimension. There are several suppliers online that produce such devices. Once mounted they benefit practically 3 months, you need to alter the battery only as that is the needed maintenance expense. These tools are user-friendly and posses no risk while riding your motorcycle. They raise the protection portion as they conserve crashes as well as interaction is simpler in between two or even more riders.

    The motorbike headgear intercom systems correlates with other intercoms, which develops a clear audio during communication. These motorcycle radios are extremely straightforward to use and also are simple to comprehend! The helmet-mounted intercoms with built-in microphones mount ideal to your helmet as well as can chat at the same time, unlike with average 2 method radios. These motorcycle intercom are designed in such a way that they can very conveniently managed while driving. They offer a headset that is affixed into the safety helmet with no cutting. This is completely run hand cost-free via VOX voice activation. The quantity of the radio automatically lowers when the person is chatting on the phone.

    Intercoms are a convenient device for the motorcyclist, which are extremely basic in use as well as is very easy to interact with other motorcyclists. Safety helmet intercoms are ideal for team travel, or it is likewise valuable for instructing beginner bikers. Helmet intercom interaction will make the trip go a lot smoother. Biker really feels really secure to make use of intercoms. Bike intercom assists to communicate with various other riders when driving. It is extremely hassle-free to communicate with one another. Lightweight intercoms can be placed right into your motorcycle safety helmet or affixed separately. Headgear kits can be set up inside the safety helmet coming full with earphones, a microphone and also a manage bar switch. Lots of motorcycle helmets come with pre-mounted radio as well as intercom. Nowadays it is coming to be stylish for each motorcyclist. As well as it is additionally done to keep condition.

    Motorbike helmets that come intercom-equipped and are easy to install because bike headgear radios as well as intercoms are basic and risk-free to use when traveling. As it is created for the most convenience, utilizing helmet radios will not distract you from riding. The innovation is actually extremely easy to utilize - just push the deal with bar switch to speak with various other bikers. These days, motorcycle intercoms are pre-mounted in the headgears through which one can quickly connect via earphones and microphones. Just pressing the deal with bar switch can finish the discussion. Safety helmet intercoms basically function as a walkie-talkie. You will find that there are eight (8) networks and it captures the series of 2 miles. A motorbike intercom has variety of fun as well as has lots of leaving functions to play.

    Motorcycle headgear intercoms give a really clear interaction even at a high-speed. It blocks outside the sound from outside. Newest technology in-0helmet intercom is voice-activated talk features. This terrific attribute permits one to focus on your driving at perpetuity. As there are many channels, so there will be a lockout system to ensure that one can talk with each other with no interference. It has a crystal clear speech, outstanding audio high quality and also has capacity to make hand cost-free interaction.

    While riding a motorcycle or a bicycle putting on a trendy safety helmet would certainly need a motorbike intercom system that would certainly allow you to connect with the others hands totally free. 



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