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Moon Necklace Glow in the Dark Crescent Moon Glow Necklace for Women


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Moon Necklace Glow in the Dark Crescent Moon Glow Necklace for Women


  • Main Product: Alloy + luminous rock.

  • Product Measurement: Pendant size: regarding 1.6 * 1.6 inches; chain dimension: 17.7 + 2.95 Inch

  • Luminescent Pendant: Vintage luminescent beautiful pumpkin pendant creative geometric moon crescent necklace pendant for special or any occasion. Makes a great gift or fashion jewelry.

  • Ideal Present: Perfect present is simple, one-of-a-kind, attractive. Definitely a wonderful present to reveal your love for your mom, girlfriend, girlfriend, other half, Valentine, family members or simply a close friend, etc. Excellent gifts on Mother's Day, Wedding celebration, Wedding Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day or Halloween Day.



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This magical chain necklace features a glowing bead which is the focal funerary of this piece. While it does not contain diamonds, pearls, rubies or emeralds, it does withhold the beauty of many garnets and sapphires that you will find around the globe. 





  • PRESENT FOR LADIES: Wrapped in a floral fabric present bag, the crescent moon radiance locket matching with the environmental beautiful rock shows a lovely blue-green radiance in the dark. This necklace is the best and also one-of-a-kind gift for mother, partner, partner, daughter, buddy, sister, teen women or yourself on Mom's Day, Xmas, Birthday Celebration, Wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day.

  • IDEAL GIFT SUGGESTION: Halloween is simply around the bend as well as it is time for you to cheer up your fantastic life with this beautiful piece. The Halloween moon pendant is perfect for using to the Halloween Event or showing your love during the holiday all period long.

  • HARM-FREE: Pendant Dimension: 40x30mm, Chain Size: 18". The pendant is made out of alloy and comes with a hypoallergenic chain which is both Lead-Free & Nickle-Free.

  • LONGEST RADIANCE IMPACT: Please note that in order to get the finest radiance from your pendant, straight sun light or placing the necklace under a light resource (eg., a UV flashlight, white bulb etc.) ought to obtain you an attractive radiance. When totally charged it will radiance vibrantly for the very first forty (40) minutes and after that it fades out gradually in the adhering to hours.








Accentuate Evening Attire With Moon Necklace Glow in the Dark Jewelry


Moon necklaces are among the most attractive accessories to accentuate your evening attire. Moon jewelry has been a popular decorative item for centuries. The moon represents the feminine and bountiful aspects of the moon. A moon necklace glow in the dark can really be a spectacular way to add some nighttime style to your evening wardrobe.


Moon jewelry is one of the most versatile ways to accessorize because it's very easy to create a moon-like ambiance with various accessories. You can mix and match moon accessories with other moon-related items. For example, you can use a moon necklace to create the effect of a crescent moon. Wear a moon ring along with the moon necklace and you'll have a crescent moon necklace glow in the dark. If you prefer, you can choose another accessory such as a moon-shaped charm.


Using a crescent moon necklace glow in the dark is a great idea because the effect can be created anywhere. It can be worn with casual or formal evening wear. You don't even need a special occasion to get the look. You can even make moon jewelry as part of a theme for a Halloween party. Kids will love it, and you'll be glad that you added a little extra element to your child's costume.


You can create a moon necklace glow in the dark effect with simple items found at any craft store. For example, you can use pieces of pliable plastic and string them together to make a simple moon shape. This is an excellent way to give moon jewelry as gifts for women on your shopping list. If you want to make a moon necklace glow in the dark gift for someone else, it would also be easy to wrap the moon jewelry.


You can also use a white plastic hatchet to create a simple moon glow in the dark necklace. Wrap the bottom of the hatchet in shimmery silver or gold ribbon, dangle the chain with the glow in the dark charm in the front and add some glitter for a little extra dazzle. The moon jewelry will shine brilliantly when the sun shines through the plastic.


A simple moon shaped bracelet will make a stunning bracelet for a woman's birthday. You can choose a simple bracelet made of clear glass to match your moon jewelry, or decorate your moon jewelry with colorful crystal beads. To make a necklace of moon jewelry, attach a small crystal moon disk to a thick silver chain, then dangle the chain with the charm in front. You can also choose moonstone charms to attach to your bracelets. They will shine in the dark, just like your moon jewelry.


If you want to jazz up your moon necklace glow in the dark look, you can attach a sunflower to your silver chain. The dark color of the sun flower will give your necklace a stunning contrast. You could also switch it up by using another color for your necklace: pink, yellow, or purple for instance. The possibilities are endless!


To finish your moon jewelry glow in the dark ensemble, you can add a pair of clear, moon glasses. They will reflect light just as beautifully as your silver necklace. You could use a colored glass globe to further customize your moon jewelry. With glow in the dark moon jewelry, you can transform the plain into something beautiful. Choose a design from the thousands available online and order it, or try to come up with your own. Soon, you will see that this type of gift makes any occasion special.




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