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Mini Portable Humidifier USB Plug for Car, Office Room, Bedroom


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Mini Portable Humidifier USB Plug for Car, Office Room, Bedroom Super Quiet

  • Develop a relaxing work area or a calm house atmosphere with the mist of your important oils or preferred scents. This NANO-ATOMIZATION FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER is functional sufficient to improve any kind of atmosphere.

  • Equipment up for cooler climate and also completely dry air with the portable mini diffusing humidifier. USB wire consisted of so that  you can plug your mini portable humidifier into a computer, vehicle, or outlet.

Mini Portable Humidifier

  1. Instilled Scent or Crucial Oil-- Make your home odor remarkable and take pleasure in important oil benefits.
  2. Nano Atomization Innovation-- Atomizes fragrance/essential oil 10x much better than various other diffusers and actually binds with water molecules. (1 or 2 drops of essential oil is able to last 10 hrs).
  3. Smart Nano Chip-- Controls auto shutoff 4/6 hour timer, 7 color LED, continual + recurring settings.
  4. Car Shutoff-- Never ever worry about forgetting to switch off your diffuser.
  5. 4/6 hr timer-- Create a satisfying atmosphere without the unfavorable effects of high moisture.
  6. 3 Lighting Modes-- Use with 7 shade led or white led. Or leave it completely off.
  7. 2 Haze Modes-- Usage in recurring or constant setting.
  8. High Efficiency Filter-- decrease sediment, corrosion, sand, scale as well as dirt.
  9. 300 ML-- Perfect dimension for 10 hrs of use. Perfect humidity around your home.

mini humidifiers

      • Use with any scent, as Fragrance Diffuser-- (Only 1-2 sprays required for 6-10 hours).


      • Changes any fragrance right into a gentle, aromatic haze to surround yourself with the scent you enjoy.
      • Use with any type of necessary oils, As Diffuser-- [Our Oils Are Readily available Listed Below As A Package, scroll to acquire as package.
      • Minimize Stress And Anxiety
      • Specifically, oils like lavender, incense reduce stress and anxiety and promote peace of mind and body.
      • Enhance Rest High Quality.
      • Lavender as well as Eucalyptus oil all boost a launch of serotonin and also melatonin, promoting an evening of relaxing, undisturbed rest.
      • Raise State of mind.
      • Oils such as lavender as well as pepper mint promote positive feelings by increasing the frequency of the body and also boosting your state of mind.
      • Increase Focus.
      • Specific oils, like eucalyptus and also peppermint, are wonderful for giving you an important boost to power and mood.

      • Usage with water, As Humidifier-- Fill whole container with water.

      • Rise moisture in the air as well as reduce dirt and allergens. Reduces sinus swellings.

      humidifier mini

      Mini Portable Humidifier USB Plug for Car, Office Room, Bedroom Super Quiet

      BRILLIANT VIBRANT CYCLING LIGHT & EVENING LIGHT - This trendy mist humidifier has a DAZZLING vivid light settings create a peaceful ambiance while supplying a relaxing haze. It provides maximum leisure for you. The evening light can enhance your resting high quality.

      PORTABLE MINI HUMIDIFIER & USB POWER SUPPLY - Small and portable style is really simple for you to take to anywhere. Its USB Power Supply is compatible with any kind of gadget USB port which guarantees it can be utilized in bedroom, workplace, cars and truck.

      QUIET ULTRASONIC OPERATION - The Ultrasonic humidifiers generate a near-silent regularity 26dB (quieter than a collection) making sure ultra-quiet procedure. This humidifier will not trouble you while sleeping as well as working. It can efficiently moisturize dry skin as well as assist you reduce skin peeling.

      ONE BUTTON CONTROL - The mobile USB humidifier is very simple to operate. One switch regulates all functions, you merely require to push the power switch every 1 second to regulate the mist. Maintain pressing power button for 3 secs to enable the night light as well as vibrant light feature.

      2 SPRAY MODES & CAR SHUT-OFF - Additionally, this particular humidifier has two haze modes: Continuous and also recurring setting. On continual mode, the humidifier it will shut-off automatically after 4 hrs. When on intermittent mode, it will instantly shut-off after 6 hours. When the water level is low, it shut-off. Hence, you don't have to fret about the humidifier being harmed in the absence of water. Furthermore, you can utilize it in the evening without worrying about safety and security.

      VIBRANT COLORFUL CYCLING LIGHT & EVENING LIGHT - This cool mist humidifier has a VIBRANT vibrant Biking light setting creates a peaceful setting while supplying a calming haze. The night light could enhance your sleeping high quality.

      Maintain pressing power switch for 3 secs to allow the evening light and colorful light function.
      mini humidifier


      1. Continual spray and also indirect spray two modes, one vital button

      2. Vivid atmosphere lights, cool

      3. Reduced sound, does not influence sleep

      4. Hydrate at any moment, not damp the desktop computer

      5. Compact and light-weight, can be made use of in the cars and truck


      1. Pull up the cover

      2. Include water to the water container

      3. Plug in the power

      4. Press the job switch to use


      Ranked input: DC5V/ 1A

      Functioning current: 250-350mA

      Scheduled closure time: 4h/ 6h

      Spray volume: 30-45mL/ h.

      Material: ABS.

      Dimension: 119 * 78 * 78mm/4.69 * 3.07 * 3.07".

      Colors Available: White/Pink/Dark Gray.

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