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Mini Air Coolers with Water Desktop Personal Air Cooling Fan 7 Light USB


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Mini Air Coolers with Water Desktop Personal Air Cooling Fan 7 Light USB


1. Built-in LED mood lighting: The mini air cooler with water can be set to any one of its 7 shade alternative, set it to the color-cycle mode or switched off with the touch of a switch for thermal comfort.

mini air coolers

2. Just fill with water: connect it right into any type of basic wall electrical outlet or USB port as well as appreciate. It operates for up to 8 hours per fill.

air cooler mini

3. Small fan with blade cover: To ensure to safety, security and durability, the fan blade cover possesses a little space to avoid finger injuries from the fan blade. 

mini air cooler

4. This updated version of the filter successfully obstructs great dust and also large bits, dust, bacteria, bacteria in the air, as well as cleansing the air for superior indoor air quality.

mini portable air cooler

Develops a cool individual microclimate using all-natural evaporative modern technology, ideal for warm completely dry climate.

portable mini air cooler

4-in-1: cools, humidifies, illuminates, and also cleans up dirt fragments from the air for healthier breathing

personal mini air cooler

Cools down the location in front of the gadget (45 sq.ft.), roughly the dimension of a couch, bed or desk passive cooling.

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Portable & Power-saving- We made particularly this light-weight air conditioner follower for specific usage. 7" x 6.6" x 6.6" as well as 1.8 lb is very easy to bring as well as not taking up room room, great for bedroom, workplace, dormitory, journey, etc.

portable mini spot cooler air conditioner

Huge Water Tank-You can include water or small ice in the water storage tank. A full storage tank of water can constantly  maintain cool for 3-8 hrs (depending upon the rate of fan ). When the container is completely dry, the waterless sign will certainly blink.

Evening Light - The misting possess has 7 soft colors.


NOTIFICATION: This portable air conditioner just cools the location around the individual.

4 in 1 Multifunctional- It is not just a personal air cooler, yet also a desk follower, air humidifier, LED state of mind light. You can make use of the little evaporative air colder all year round, keeping you cool in the hot summertime and also humidifying the air in dry fall and also winter seasons. 

Portable & Power-saving-We made precisely made this lightweight air conditioner for individual use. It is effortless to carry and takes up very little space. Great for bedroom, workplace, dorm, journey, and so on.



Color: White gray
Material: ABS, PC
Size:  7" x 6.6" x 6.6"

Package Includes:

1 x Air Cooler
1 x USB Cable







Benefits of Mini Air Coolers


Mini air compressors are very efficient cooling units. A mini air cooler contains a compressor and an evaporator that condense cool air inside a coil or box. An evaporative air cooler uses a process called evaporation which uses water vapor to convert water into a gas called condensed air. These coolers are sometimes also called mini-evaporative air coolers or mini air compressors.


Cooling System. An evaporative air cooler uses a compound coolant known as the refrigerant to cool the air. It passes through wet evaporative condenser coils and turns into liquid form, thus lowering the temperature. Portable mini air coolers usually have an easier cooling method than ordinary refrigerators of pass through dry absorbent pads.


Component Based System. A portable mini air conditioner can be powered by electricity, oil, or gasoline. Most of these cooling components can be operated on batteries. In addition, they can have either a hot or cold water cooling component.


Technology. Most modern air conditioners are electronically operated. The evaporative cooling component is usually built in the air cooler itself. The compressor or motor takes electric power and pumps it to a nearby location for storage. As the cooling liquid passes through the coils it condenses into a fluid and is re-circulated into the surrounding air. The unit is then ready for use.


Energy-Efficient Operation. Mini air coolers are energy-efficient, making them more preferable than regular refrigerators. They require only about five percent of the energy used by standard air conditioners. The miniature units can also run silently, with virtually no cooling energy needed. A typical mini-cooling system is able to cool an area that might cool an entire house.


Personal Use. A mini air conditioner can be used for personal cooling in your car. When you are traveling in warm weather areas, a portable cooling unit will prove to be very useful.


Speed Settings. Most mini air coolers come in three basic speeds: low, medium, and high. This allows the homeowner to regulate the temperature of their coolers, depending on their needs. During hot weather, a lower speed setting will help conserve energy. Conversely, during cooler temperatures, a higher speed setting will generate more cooling energy for your home.


Additional Information. Mini air coolers are available in different sizes and colors. To find the right mini cooler for your home, it is important to review your current needs. A mini air cooler is an energy-efficient appliance that can be used in a wide variety of applications. For more information, contact your local HVAC specialist.


Features and Benefits. Mini air cooler models vary widely in size, styles, and features. Many mini air coolers are extremely compact and can fit easily in a purse or pocket. Other mini air coolers are large and require special holders and even wheels to transport. Some come with multiple speed settings and can also generate ice-free heat.


Mini-Air Conditioning Units. Most mini air coolers are powered by electricity or a 12 V battery. However, a few come with optional rechargeable batteries and run off alternative power sources such as solar and wind. As always, it is important to review the specifications of your mini cooler to determine whether it is an energy-efficient cooling appliance or not. Also, keep in mind that most mini coolers have limited internal room to store cool air.


One of the best cooling appliances available on the market today is the mini evaporator cooler. The mini air cooler is portable, which makes it a great product for people on the go. This portable mini air cooler can be used anywhere - on a boat, RV, or your car, as long as there is a flat surface to place it on. This portable mini cooler is especially good for vacationers as it is lightweight and can be stored in a trunk or a small space. The mini evaporator cooler is also extremely efficient, using just 1.5 liters of water for every ten gallons of water it produces.


The mini air cooler  is the most advanced and efficient mini refrigerator available on the market today. The mini air cooler  is extremely portable and lightweight. The system  is extremely quiet due to the aluminum blades that help to capture the evaporation process for the water-cooled beverage container. This unit is extremely efficient and produces less than two pounds of waste per minute.


Both these cooling systems are very compact and are extremely effective when it comes to cooling. However, the mini air cooler is the more eco-friendly of the two systems. The microprocessor inside the unit can cool the water up to a temperature of forty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, the mini evaporator cooler is also portable and lightweight, making it the better choice for families and individuals on the go.




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