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Melamine Sponges Magic Eraser Melamine Foam Sponges


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Melamine Sponges Magic Eraser Melamine Foam Sponges (20x Sponges)

The melamine sponge mini foam scrubbers lift and also eliminate any type of dirt in a blink of an eye. Constructed from eco materials, tidy the majority of the dirt, tarnish without cleaning agent.

Made from microporous material, Melamine is a versatile, open cell foam which is constructed from melamine material, a thermoset polymer. Its particular function is its three-dimensional network framework including slim and also hence quickly shaped internet and also offers abrasiveness when the product is utilized as a cleaner.

Looks like a sponge but cleans like magic!

melamine sponge

In the very early twenty-first century, it was found that melamine foam works as an efficient rough cleanser. This open-cell foam is microporous and also its polymeric substance is really hard, to make sure that when utilized for cleaning it functions like exceptionally fine sandpaper, getting involved in small grooves and also pits in the item being cleaned up.

Specifically cleansing dirty vehicle interior for leather cushions, hubcaps, dashboards, rubber door panels and vinyl, quickly and easy without damaging it. It can also remove marker, pen and crayon, without damaging surfaces. 

This cleaning sponge is tougher on dust and tarnish. When it is time to kick dirt to the curb, search no further than the Magic eraser.

melamine sponges


  • Easy to utilize - Put away that foul-smelling bleach. Grab the efficient and also mild cleaning alternative. Merely damp with water, capture as well as clean, allowing the eraser do all of the work. It's that very easy.

  • No severe chemicals needed- No need for abrasive or destructive cleansers required with this magic melamine sponge. It just requires water so you can look after all your surfaces without damage.
melamine sponges

  • Environmental pleasant- This sponge needs no kind of cleaning agent or bleach. Simply clean it with water. Once used, simply wash it and you can use it for the next time.

  • Wide application- Close to car cleaning, our unique melamine sponges easily punctured grease, soap scum, and also "long-term" marks. Usage in your kitchen, restroom, walls, doors, floors, shower, bathroom, bathtub, shoes, cars and truck, bathroom, sink, as well as much more-- without the scrubbing up as well as elbow grease.
melamine foam sponges
    • Material: Melamine Foam
    • Color: White
    • Size: 100mm x 60mm x 20mm
    Package Includes:
    • 20x  Magic Eraser Sponges


    Melamine foam is not hazardous to the atmosphere. It does consist of something referred to as formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, yet this presents no health and safety dangers. This part is often perplexed with basic formaldehyde, which can be harmful in huge quantities.

    On a bigger scale, the material of Melamine sponges feels soft since its reticulated foam bubbles are interconnected.


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