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Manual Citrus Juicers Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer Stainless Steel
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Product Details

Manual Citrus Juicers Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer Stainless Steel



Aluminum Alloy Manual Juicer Pomegranate Juice Squeezer Pressure Lemon Sugar Cane Juice Kitchen Fruit Tool


Color: silver

Size: 220*108*100mm

Weight: 750g

Material: aluminum alloy

Package quantity: 1pc

Juice method for fruits and vegetables:

1. Cut the orange and also lemon into 2 pieces. If it is a larger fruit, cut it right into 4 pieces as well as press the juice twice to squeeze out the juice. After the initial capture, turn the juice cup 180 levels, press a lot more times, and get more juice.

2. If you squeeze fruit with a lot of juice, such as lemon and pineapple, you can secure the soft stalks first, cut into 3cm items, after that cover as well as press the juice.

3. If it is a leafed veggie, such as turnip, spinach, worked it initially, then press it.

4. If it is carrots, celery, apples, as well as cucumbers, wrap them and squeeze them.

5. If it is a potato, peel it, clean it, prepare it, as well as sufficed into 3cm pieces.


Main Feature:

Portable and easy to use.


Package Includes:

1* Manual Juicer




Manual Citrus Juicers - Why They Are Desired by Fresh Juice Drinkers

Manual citrus juicers are essentially hand-held reamers which have no motor. To juice, force is required to push the fruit down and twist at the same time in order to release the juice. This technique can take much longer than electric juicers with many moving parts, so if you're making a big batch it can be ideal. But for little amounts even this can be fine and often easier to clean than electric juicers with many moving parts. Another benefit is the space they take up, as you won't need an external juice maker cart to store them. These can also be made from stainless steel with plastic hoses, or even glass.


If you've been using a citrus juicer before then you will know how easy they are to use. Just add the required amount of juice and turn it on, by turning the handle it will move the arm inside the machine, which agitates the pulp, squeezing the juice out. If you want the cleanest result then be sure not to leave the door open as this can cause a layer of lime to form. This lime must be cleaned off the next day. If you leave the door open the lime can damage the fiber cloth, which can make it difficult to extract more juice.


A reamer or citrus crusher is just what its name suggests, it's a tool to press the juice from your lemons and limes into a pulp. If you have an old or inexpensive citrus juicer then a reamer will probably do the job well for you. There are many excellent reamer brands available, some cheaper and some more expensive. The cheapest are made of plastic, so if you're concerned about the price I would advise you to buy a stainless steel model, they are much heavier but generally more durable.


If you have a better quality citrus juicer then it comes with a special attachment called the pulp control. This attachment can crush the peel further and extract a finer amount of juice. You should check your manual to find out what attachment suits you best. Some juicers come with two different attachments, one to put the peel in and one for the pulp. Personally I prefer the pulp attachment as it gives a much better taste when preparing my orange juice.


Automatic citrus presses are now very popular, they are basically a push-button juicer that has an automatic jammer built in. There are four types of automatic citrus presses; the hammer press, the plastic press, the reamer, and the wire press. With these types of juicers all you have to do is press the button and it jams the citrus in. The main advantage of these is that they require less manual labor and they produce good quality juices. However, they can sometimes be a little on the pricey side, so you might want to compare prices before you buy.


Manual citrus presses are essentially the same except you will need to touch the fruits to get them to squeeze them. These kind of juicers basically just cut the citrus in half and then push it into a pulp. The main advantage of an electric juicer over a manual one is that you can skip the process of manually extracting the juice, the result is juice that is much fresher and sometimes better tasting.


Finally, we have the reamer and wire press citrus juicers. The reamer basically goes up into the bowl and looks like a metal utensil, it has a lever that you can push down to expose the fruit. The fruit then falls to the bottom and the squeezes the juice from it. The reamer can be a bit of an annoyance, you have to put your hand in there, and push the lever for it to work, plus, it tends to scrape up your fingers a bit. The wire press limejuicer is the opposite of the reamer, this type is equipped with a wire mesh that allows you to squeeze the juice from the fruits much easier.


Both types come with different attachments. The reamer has a long wire, similar to a wire brush, that allows you to scrape up the fruit much easier. This attachment is great for getting the last few bits of fiber from the outer skin of the fruit. The wire press is better at getting the fruit to the pulp stage faster and there is no need to worry about scraping your fingers or pushing a lever.





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Why This is the #1 Juice Squeezer

  • PROFESSIONAL FRUIT SQUEEZER -- Vitamin C is essential for us. How to quickly get Vitamin C? Using this manual fruit juicer, gets the maximum amount of juice from lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits and others.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN -- Heavy duty lemon squeezer has alloy body and ergonomic handle. V-shaped filter, easy to pour juice. Your hands will never run out of effort when using our strong lemon orange juicer.

  • HEALTH & EASY TO USE -- No Foam after squeezing fruits! It's better than the electric squeezing machine! Placing the half of the fruit into the container which is with the holes, then squeeze, the juice will come out from the lemon squeezer.

  • PREMIUM FRUIT JUICER -- Made from high end aluminum alloy which gives it a long life. The premium quality of fruit squeezer makes sure that the handle doesn't bend when squeezing fruits.

  • EASY TO CLEAN -- Rinse with running water for 3 minutes, wipes clean with soft towel, it must be hand wash to keep it shine.

Watch the Fruit Juice Squeezer in Action

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