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Magic Thumb Lights Up Thumbs Tips Illusion Soft Thumb Lights


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Magic Thumb Lights Up Thumbs Tips Illusion Soft Thumb Lights - 4 Pairs

Sensible style: the Magic Light Up Thumbs Tips are composed of PVC, is light in weight, very easy to use, and the color and also form of the synthetic finger are really sensible, providing you with a great experience.

Magic Thumb Lights

What you get: come with 10 sets LED finger lights, each collection consists of 1 item artificial finger sleeve and also 1 item LED light that radiance red, the combination of sensible finger sleeve as well as LED lights makes your buddies surprise at the celebration.


thumb lights magic

Where to make use of: the luminescent result of the finger sleeve  is similar to a fluorescent stick, it is stunning and attractive, it is an excellent illumination prop for magic show, birthdays, Halloween or just any old time for fun. 

Wonderful toy tool: this is the enjoyable and interesting selection for plaything, the magic device that is very easy to understand and discover, the functional tool for mischief, the nice gift on your own and also the good friends around you.


blue thumb lights magic


  • Rubber illuminate thumb idea magic trick fingers.


  • Amazingly illuminate the dark with your fingers!

  • Automatically turns on when put onto fingertip, turns off when your remove your thumb/finger.


magic light thumb
  • Secretly switch on the LED with stress on the thumb idea.

  • Powered by 2 x 3V CR1620 batteries, Suitable for most thumbs and also fingers.

  • Perfect novelty gift for yourself as well as those around you.






Magic Thumb Lights For Magic Tricks - The Ideal Light Source For Your Magic Shows

If you are fond of magic and illusions, perhaps you can do the magic with the use of thumb lights. Magic is something that can leave one spell cast by simply doing some simple moves and this is the reason why thumb lights are now considered to be one of the greatest ways to perform magic. It does not require any complicated materials or tools. All you have to do is to focus on two things: darkness and movement. This simple tip will surely provide you with magic that you can show off and impress people.


In performing magic with the use of thumb lights, you just need to connect your thumb with the light bulb. Your thumb must be connected to the bulb at the end of its length, so it will be very easy for you to control the speed of the light that will be emitted. You can try out different variations of tricks and performances by trying to connect your thumb with different lights that would create different effects in your audience's eyes. This is the reason why people can easily be mesmerized and you can surely make your magic tricks perfect.


There are so many amazing effects that you can show with the use of thumb lights. One of the most popular trick is the ice bucket trick wherein the performer will use his or her thumb to pour water into a bucket of ice while doing a magic trick with the help of some thumb lights. This trick is really fascinating because the audience will be fascinated with the speed that this performer is able to create. The water will drip into the bucket, even when no one is standing in front of it.


Another cool magic trick that you can do is the coin lock magic. This trick involves inserting a coin in the mouth of the participant then once the coin is locked, you can easily pull it out without any effort. This will definitely amaze your audience and they will be amazed as to how you were able to pull out the coin without harming yourself. It is indeed challenging but highly recommended if you want to impress your audience.


A very common magic trick that almost all magic fans love to perform is the long fall magic. This requires the magician to stand at the tip of the table, hold a sheet of cloth on either side of his or her leg, and start rotating it. You can use any type of circular motion such as clockwise, counterclockwise, inward, and outward. When you are trying this magic tricks with the help of magic thumb lights, you need to focus more on the movement of the cloth rather than focusing on the light from the flashlight.


One other cool magic tricks that you can perform with the help of magic thumb lights is the ring toss magic. In this magic trick, the performer will toss a coin onto the middle of the thumb lights and then turn it over in his or her hand. Next, he or she will quickly flip the coin back over to the opposite side. If you try this magic trick using ordinary flashlight, the lighting from the flashlight will reflect on the coin and this can make it difficult for you to see where the coin has landed.


These thumb lights also come with an LED light that will provide a strong light on the coin once it is flipped over. This LED light can be switched on and off as you please so that the audience will not be distracted. Most of these thumb lights have an additional feature that allows you to change the color of the light by simply changing the switch on the light. You will be able to use the different colored magic tricks in the night to entertain everyone in your party.


Another great thing about these thumb lights for magic tricks is that they can be used anywhere in the house. You do not have to place them in the same place where you have your magic table show. So when your friends go to a birthday party that you are hosting, you do not need to tell them where to find your magic thumb. They can just use their magic wand to turn on the light and watch you perform your amazing magic tricks.






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