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Levitating Air Bonsai Pots Rotation Flower Pot Magnetic Levitation Pot


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Levitating Air Bonsai Pots Rotation Flower Pot Magnetic Levitation Pot

  • EXCELLENT GIFT: Modern, imaginative, For office or home style. This is an amazing high tech device, addsĀ a touch of magic to yourĀ area or workplace.

  • MAGNETIC LEVITATION: The secret? The amazing wonder utilizes maglev suspension technology. Just connect power placed the base on a level surface. 2 hands hold the plant targeting at the facility of the base. Gradually put the plant down in the direction of the base.

  • EASY TO USE: When you are really feeling magnetic pressure push or pull the plant to readjust the placement correctlyĀ to the center of the base. WhenĀ really feel the force goes away, keep the plant secure for 3-5 secs. Slowly move your hands away until the plant remains by itself.

  • FOCUS: It is really important to keep equilibrium airborne, Please make sure the pot is equally loaded. Flowerpot as well as base facility placement, AttemptĀ to hang pots when you feel theĀ Higher force regarding 0.5 inches over the stand. Remove the blossom pot prior to switching off the power.

  • PACKAGE: Not Include Plant, and also please make sure toĀ plantĀ the suitable plants in theĀ flower holder, such as succulent plants, Tiny bonsai.

    A patented setup of magnets, coils, sensors as well as electronics in the base keeps it levitating in mid-air.

    Unique design, awesome present. It is a magnetic wonderful drifting bonsai pot, floating airborne, revolving 360 levels automatically, as soon as the power is switched on. The floating pot can be viewed from different angles. In fact,Ā plants can rotate in the air with funnyĀ dynamic.

    Lightweight: made from material, all-natural products, eco. Easy to mount, easy to upkeep. Suitable for tiny interior potted plants/ herbs. It functions quiet and steady.

Charming appearance: Unique innovative style, the flower pot appears like a put on hold earth, really fashionable and really adorable gift for friends and lovers

* 1. Charming look: distinct creative layout, flower pots look like drifting celebrities, very stylish, extremely adorable gifts suitable for close friends as well as enthusiasts.

* 2. Fun decor: gardening technique, appropriate for enhancing gardens, tables, shelfs, dining tables, living spaces, primary halls and any kind of place.

* 3. Lightweight: it is constructed from material and also all-natural materials, secure and also eco friendly. Easy and also light-weight to eliminate.

* 4. With automated induction and also rotation modern technology, you are able to rotate the floating plant pot at any moment. This is certainly a novel as well as interesting gift.

Use 2 hands to hold the plant, aiming at the center of the base. Gradually put the plant down in the direction of the base.

VERY EASY USAGE: When feeling magnetic pressure pull or press the plant to change the placement appropriately to the center of the base. When really feel the force disappears, keep the plant steady for 3-5 seconds. Appropriate for little interior potted plants/ natural herbs.


Specifications :

Bearing weight: 300g miniature plants

Suspension distance: 20mm

Base size: 13.4*13.4*2.8cm/5.3*5.3*1.1inch

Flower pot size: 9*9*5cm/3.5*3.5*2inch

Packing size: 17.8*17.8*12.4cm/7*7*4.9inch

Power supply: 12V/, 1A

Weight: 1350g/set



1. All pictures have been professionally color-calibrated, but due to the different ambient light and different display

device settings, there may be some deviations in the pictures and the objects you see. Please understand.

2. The data is manually measured, there may be some deviations, but it does not affect the use.


Packing List:

Base * 1

flowerpot * 1

power cord * 1

English manual * 1




A Levitating Air Bonsai Pot


Have you ever seen a bonsai plant levitating in the air without any of the usual supports? That is what it's called air bonsai pot. This can be a very useful method for new bonsai enthusiasts to practice their skills and master the art of grafting trees. Air bonsai pots are like miniature trees that can be trained into any style of bonsai that they like, including ficus, azalea, cherry blossom, hibiscus, orchids, and pines.


The first thing that is needed when making an air bonsai pot is the right size for your tree. This will depend largely on the tree you choose to use. Once this has been decided, you need to choose the container for it. These pots come in many different sizes and shapes. For example, an air bonsai pot is often made in a circular shape, but some can also be shaped in a hexagonal shape or a square shape.


One of the most popular types of air bonsai pots nowadays is the levitating one. These look like hanging lanterns. However, this is not how it looks. It is much like the size of a beach ball and can be used to train small trees. This type of air bonsai pot is usually used to train small trees, such as pines or cedars.


Another type of air bonsai pot is called the hanging pot. This one is a combination of the hanging and levitating types. The only difference is that the hanging one is already on a tray. This tray is placed inside an aquarium and it provides support for the tree to sit on. Once this is done, the tree can now grow up and see how it looks like with the air bonsai inside.


Now, there are still other types. For example, there are those that have a hole in the middle. This is used for the branches to get oxygen. There are also some types that are made out of fiber glass, which is very durable and lightweight.


On top of providing support, these pots should also have holes where branches can go through. If the holes are big, branches will have difficulty climbing up. You don't want your tree to get damaged by too much weight pushing through the hole. These are things that you need to consider when choosing the right pots.


When it comes to this type of bonsai, the best thing that you can do is research first. You can try asking your local pet store about this type of bonsai pot and see what they suggest. In doing this, you can also learn more about air bonsai and how it is different from regular bonsai.


One great thing about using air bonsai pot is that they can be moved around wherever you want it to go. It is not limited to sitting on the ground. Just remove the branches and you will be able to move your tree somewhere else. Since this type of bonsai has its roots planted deep down, you can take it everywhere you want to go without worrying that the roots might be damaged. With this, you can always keep your tree safe from any possible damage that might happen because of too much weight pressing on it.


Since the roots are already planted deep down, it is highly recommended that you prune the tree regularly. This will allow the roots to fully grow and mature. Doing so will give your air bonsai healthy-looking leaves and will allow it to easily withstand any weather condition. As time passes by, your tree will surely grow, thus, adding new leaves to the top and producing even more beautiful bonsai masterpieces.


However, there are also some things that you need to consider when choosing an air bonsai pot for your bonsai. First is the size. Make sure that it is large enough for your tree so that you can be assured that it will be well-tended. Second is the price. Of course you need to get the best quality and not settle with the cheapest ones because it might just be fine for your tree.


A good quality air bonsai pot is the best way for you to ensure that your bonsai grows healthily. It will also bring satisfaction to you knowing that you have done your part in making your bonsai grow into a masterpiece. And as your bonsai starts to mature, you can now start to see how proud of yourself you are. The effort and time you have spent for it was all worth it and your bonsai will surely reward you.


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