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LED Strip Outdoor Lights Color Changing LED Light Strip (Remote)


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LED Strip Outdoor Lights Color Changing LED Light Strip (Remote Included)


These LED strip outdoor lights are ideal to bring some color and also light to your home! You are able to make any type of room appearance fashionable instantly. Your visitors will certainly be astonished by how fantastic these lights look. Also, you can adjust the settings with the microcontroller. 

led strip outdoor lights

Basic to set up and also easy to utilize, the surface mounted LED strip lights can be coordinated throughout your house. You can place them behind the TV, beneath the bed, and extra. Our lengthy LED strip light package attributes 300 RGB (Red, Green as well as Blue) LED light bulbs. It consists of 3 single shades and also 13 blended shades of pulse-width modulation to select from.

The RGB light strips adhere to any surface area with a glue backing and also connect into any kind of outlet. A long led strip can additionally be lowered conveniently with scissors to reduce the length if needed.

A remote is included with your lights. Your light strip remote has various modes for the lights, which includes brightness, rate, rotating lights, strong lights, flashing lights as well as even more.

led strip lights

These are awesome outdoor LED strip lights. They are easy to install, stand up well as long as you place them to a suitable surface area, and have a bewildering range of shades and also patterns. I think the majority of individuals are going to pick a shade and transform them down or up, off or on, but if you are looking for an event area decoration these are efficient. The cost is great, they are well made and cheer up a space - essentially and also figuratively!


Can be reduced much shorter according to your needs
Can attach multiple sets of the strips to make it longer
300 RGB (red, environment-friendly, blue) LED bulbs
16 total colors: 3 strong colors, 13 combined colors
Various modes, including 4 flashing settings
Can readjust illumination as well as rate
Adheres to surfaces with 3M adhesive tape
Can be positioned anywhere
Easy to make use of as well as mount
Connects into any electrical outlet
Water-proof surface area so LED light bulbs will not be damaged (Just do not completely submerge in water).
LEDs use low power usage.
Lights maintain a low temperature even if on for extended periods of time.
Includes a remote.

These are excellent LED strip lights. They are straightforward to mount, hold up well offered you stick them to a suitable surface area, as well as have an overwhelming variety of colors and also patterns. I suspect many individuals are going to select a color as well as transform them up or down, on or off, however if you're looking for a party room style these are reliable.

    outdoor led strip lighting
    outdoor led strip light
    outdoor led lighting strips
      outdoor led light strips

      Product Specifications:

      Material: PVC, Copper

      LED Type: SMD2835

      Size: 1 roll= 16.67ft (5 meters) OR 1 roll = 32ft (10M) depending on order

      Package includes:

      1 x RGB color changing LED light strips

      • 16ft (5M) set comes with 1 x 16.67ft (5M) roll¬†
      • 32ft (10M) set comes with¬†1 x 32ft (10M) roll
      • 50ft (15M) set comes with 1 x 32ft (10M) roll and 1 x 16.67ft (5M) roll¬†
      • 65ft (20M) set comes with 2 x 32ft (10M) roll

      1 x light strips connector (attaches multiple light strip rolls together)

      1 x light strip remote control (uses 1 x CR2025 battery, battery not included)

      1 x wall plug adapter 

      outdoor led light strip




      LED Type: SMD 5050 (Has white light )  5M/roll or 10M/roll


      Working Input Voltage: DC12V

      Working Temperature: -20 ¬į ~ 60 ¬į

      Waterproof level: IP65 Waterproof  or IP20 Non-waterproof




      LED Type: SMD2835(No white light )   5M/roll or 10M/roll

      Quantity: 5Meter 54leds/Meter

      Working Input Voltage: DC12V

      Working Temperature: -20 ¬į ~ 60 ¬į

      Waterproof level: IP65 Waterproof  or IP20 Non-waterproof



      SMD 5050 with 44keys remoter Controller

      SMD 2835 with 24keys remoter Controller


      led color changing strip lights

      Boost Curb Appeal With Outdoor LED Strip Lights

      LED outdoor LED strip lights are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. LED lights have become very popular with many homeowners today. They offer many benefits that make them a smart and economical choice. One benefit is that outdoor LED strip lights provide you with the option of changing the color of your lighting from time to time. There is no more worrying about the wiring and fixing wires as they are already attached to the lighting system. The other benefit is that they can also be used as accent lighting in the evening and night.


      When it comes to outdoor LED strip lights, there are several different types that you can choose from. They come in all sizes and colors so you can choose one to accent your outdoor area or for use as a task light. It is important to know the different types of outdoor LED strip lights before deciding which ones you would like to use.


      Most outdoor LED strip lights are white. There is no problem with them being either too bright or dim. They are designed to be as near on the brightness as possible. You should be able to easily read and navigate through outdoor LED light strips. There is no need for you to purchase special outdoor LED light strips to make your home look better.


      Another type of outdoor LED light is the light that glows on one end. Most people are familiar with these. Usually they are used on outdoor traffic lights and emergency road lights. These are not the only outdoor LED light you will come across though. Some of these outdoor LED light strips have colors as well. They look great around pool tables and outside during the holidays.


      One of the nicest things about outdoor LED light strips is that they are not very expensive. If you shop around you can find outdoor LED light strips at a reasonable price. You may even be able to borrow some outdoor LED light strips to use from someone else. They do not cost a lot of money but do add to the enjoyment you get out of illuminating your property.


      LED strip lights are not very difficult to install. There are plenty of online instructions that will guide you through the process step-by-step. There is no reason to have to worry about installing your outdoor LED lights if you do not want to. LED strip lights are so easy to install that even someone who does not have any electrical experience should be able to handle the job. The LED lights themselves are so small that you do not need any tools to fit them together.


      LED strip lights can give your outdoor illumination a great deal of light. The white light is perfect for providing illumination when you are going to be working late into the night or early morning hours. They are also great for providing light while you are landscaping or entertaining guests. LED strip lights can be installed on just about anywhere. You can use multiple sets of LED lights to highlight certain areas of your garden or patio. LED lights also make perfect outdoor Christmas lights as they turn on with the same brilliant glow as traditional outdoor LED lights.


      If you decide that outdoor LED strip lights are something you want to consider then you can find outdoor LED strip lights at most home improvement stores and lighting stores. You can also find outdoor LED light strips at department stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Keep in mind that you should be sure that you ask the salesperson questions before buying the outdoor LED light strips. Make sure that you know what type of outdoor LED light strips you need for your particular situation. It is also a good idea to take a look at your neighbors' outdoor LED light strips to see if they have the same problem as you do.



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