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LED Lighted Dog Collars Leopard Glowing Dog Collar with LED Lights


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LED Lighted Dog Collars Leopard Glowing Dog Collar with LED Lights


      • Visible and Safe. This LED collar is great to use after dark. You can locate your animal canine easier when educating it in the evening. As well as it can additionally secure your dog from any auto crashes in the evening.

      • Comfy and flexible. Constructed from sturdy as well as tough material, it will certainly be comfortable to use for your family dog. You can adjust the dimension of the collar openly.

      • Battery Powered. With a built-in power device, it will last about for 30 to 40 hrs. The battery is included and should last for about 2 months.¬†

      • Easy to use. There are 3 illumination setting, consisted of long light, quick flashing as well as sluggish flashing. The light is controlled by the switch.

      • Water-proof. It is Rain resistant, resilient and also cleanable. You can select the suitable shade and also size for your canine.


      Product Material: Nylon


      Small: Approx. 35-43cm/ 13.78-16.93 inch Width: 2.5 cm/0.98 inch

      Medium: Approximate. 40-48cm/ 15.75-18.90 inch Size: 2.5 cm/0.98 inch.

      Large: Approximate. 45-52cm/ 17.72-20.47 inch Size: 2.5 cm/0.98 inch.


      Comfortable to put on, it will certainly not hurt your animal.


      The length is adjustable.

      Made of high clear TPU optic fiber, lighting equally and also slightly.

      Setting: lengthy light. Fast blinking. Sluggish flashing (managed by button).
      With fastening, easy and practical to put on and also get rid of.

      Attribute: water resistant, sturdy and washable.

      Event: perfect for use in dark settings or during the night, strolling canines, pet as well as exterior sports, with fiber optic lighting, for safety purposes, day or evening.

      Notification: LED Powered by 2x CR2032 Cell Button batteries (Mounted), sustainable light up for 30 to 40 hours, you can easily change the battery when it needs to be changed. 

      The LED collar is suitable for dark environments or at even night. You can locate your family pet dog simpler when educating it at evening. And also it can additionally protect your animal canine from any type of car crashes at night.

      Made of strong and also sturdy material, it will be comfy to use for your family pet dog. You can select the suitable color and also dimension for your animal dog.


      Package includes: 1x LED dog collar.




      LED Dog Collars With Multiple Colors and Rechargeable Batteries

      LED lighted dog collars are ideal for winter, dark winter evenings, night walks, winter dog park expeditions, winter night hikes, and winter nighttime romps. LED lighted dog collars are also ideal for safety training and as a first aid measure for your dog. LED dog collars provide an excellent first-aid measure during cold winter nights and in the event of sudden injury or breakdown during the winter. LED lighted dog collar with LED lights is a great investment as it will provide your dog with a sense of security and safety.


      A LED lighted dog collar with LED lights will alert you if your dog has come in contact with another dog or object such as a car or a snowman, in addition to keeping you aware of your dog. It's a highly visible LED lighted collar which gives off a bright light and increases your dog's visibility. LED lighted dog collar with LED lights can be used for a variety of reasons. First, it acts as a warning system for potential predators. When your dog comes in contact with another dog or object, the LED lighted collar will signal you with a bright, intense light. This way, other animals are aware that your dog is alerting them to a threat.


      LED lighted dog collar with LED lights can be used for walking safety. If your dog is running around, you want to be able to see him or her. Walking safety can be highly important for all pet owners as well as handlers. Therefore, when walking your dog in the dark, you should consider using a LED lighted collar. There are two types of LED dog collar length available for you to choose from. One LED lighted dog collar length is able to give you full visibility for up to thirty yards; however, the other LED lighted collar length can remain on for up to forty-five yards.


      Another great reason to use LED lighted dog collars with LED lights is for quick release. Most LED lighted dog collar light has a quick release clip so that you will not have to hassle with fastening the leash onto your collar again after it has been taken off. The LED lighted dog collar with quick release clip allows you to quickly take off the collar and replace it with a new one. If you do not want to replace the LED lighted dog collar with another, then there is a model that allows you to replace the LED lighted dog collar with a spare. A quick release clip makes replacing the LED lighted dog collar quick and easy.


      For the pet owner who works outside, an LED dog collar is also able to give you extra safety. Many people who work outside need to be able to see where their dog is at all times, especially if they are walking outside in inclement weather or in the dark. When you are working outside, you can never be sure of what the weather will hold and you might come across a tree or road intersection that you need to cross with your dog. LED lights are perfect to help you see in such conditions. The LED dog collar with its bright flashing lights is also perfect to help you identify your dog in case it gets lost.


      LED dog collars with multiple colors is another feature that makes this LED lighted safety necklace a great option. Most dogs love to display a variety of colors. Some dogs might like to wear their most favorite color; while others might prefer to wear their favorite multiple colors. LED lights allow your pets to show off their favorite colors. You can choose from a variety of colors including black, yellow, red, and blue. This LED safety necklace comes in both long and short sleeves.


      LED collars with both low and high modes are another feature that makes this collar unique and convenient. A low mode is great for training purposes and if your dog has just learned to walk on a leash and needs some additional training. A high mode offers a quick release of the leash when your dog pulls on it, which is useful if your dog is pulling too hard and could cause injury.


      LED dog collars with rechargeable batteries are the perfect choice for all dog owners. Many of the LED lighted collars have rechargeable batteries, which make them even more convenient. LED lighted dog collars with rechargeable batteries have a handy charging clip on the base of the collar. Once your pet uses the LED lighted collar and the LED light turns on, it will take approximately 2 hours for the battery to charge fully.




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