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LED Light Facial Mask Skin Care Mask


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LED Light Facial Mask Skin Care Mask


This LED light facial mask is made of ABS material, reliable as well as risk-free. The skin care mask adopts LED organic color light therapy, via the concept of photo dynamic treatment and also skin to gently massage skin metabolic process, promote skin to take in items quicker, make the skin bright appeal, allow you can get to the impact of get two times the outcome with half the initiative, and it has far better impact to utilize in combination with the face mask, try it.


Features of the LED Light Facial Mask Skin Care Mask:

With high pureness, the qualities of solid light, the power thickness attire, played a substantial impact in skin care, is called the biological activity of light.
This mask combines red, orange and blue light which can accelerate collagen revival, shrink pores, boost skin flexibility to make sure that make your skin white, tender, company and attain the function of skin restoration and always maintain young.

Activated the collagen: promote skin collagen development, make the skin much more clear as well as white.

Tighten up pores: tighten up pores, making the skin stronger, boost skin illumination, more smooth as well as elastic.

Accelerate cleansing: efficiently accelerate skin metabolic process price, advertise the discharging of toxic substances of skin.



LED Light Facial Mask Skin Care Mask

Oxygen increase: advertise skin leaks in the structure, rise oxygen to lock skin moisture
Repairing skin: promote blood flow, lighten blemish and red bloodshot.

Red Light: 640-650nm, advertise cells metabolic process, make the skin collagen and coarse tissue, to fill up the skin collagen loss by the space, speed up the blood circulation, increasing skin elasticity, boost skin so as to accomplish the effect of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, fixing skin, better than the typical skin treatment impact.

Blue light: 445-450nm, it camera effectively tighten skin to bring back fiber elasticity, and it has a fine effect on the sensitive skin.

Orange light: 600-610nm, cell regeneration and collagen secretion, integrate facial mask, significance can achieve great result.

Every 5 minutes alter the color instantly.

Can connect with your phone with the 2 in 1 USB cables( appropriate for all type of phones), offering you anytime use.

You can have fun with the phone while utilizing this mask, secure your eye and being lovely, extremely hassle-free.


3 Color Facial-Mask, Portable and light Face-Mask, Photon-Face Skin Care Device Use USB Rechargeable


Call: Light Treatment Face Mask
Product: ABS product
Color: transparent
Thing dimension: 210 * 175 * 140mm/ 8.27 * 6.89 * 5.51 in.
Item weight: 83g/ 2.93 ounce.
Package size: 220 x 200 x 130mm/ 8.66 * 7.87 * 5.12 in.
Bundle weight: 315g/ 11.11 ounce.


Package Includes:

1x Light Treatment Face Mask



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