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LED Flame Light Bulbs Decorative Lights 3 Modes with Gravity Sensor


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LED Flame Light Bulbs Decorative Lights 3 Modes with Gravity Sensor


LED Flame Light Bulbs



  • Man-made brilliant fire: vibrant moving flame, simulate all-natural fire flame, it resembles real. Creates an eye-catching appearance and sends out a unique and also romantic environment by offering a warm orange or blue radiance.

  • Safe as well as power conserving: no harmful materials, no UV as well as infrared radiation, it can conserve 90% of the electrical flame bulb. Conserve power as well as cash. It is the best alternative to traditional candle lights and bulbs.

  • Application: old, timeless design locations like church, castle, abbey, bar, resort, clubs, rental properties, wedding celebration designs. It is also the very best option for house decor, room, outdoor gardens, living room, holidays , parties, Halloween, Christmas, and so on.


  • Achieve that cozy as well as comfy atmosphere in any type of part of your house!


  • This LED Fire Impact Light Bulb creates a charming as well as relaxing mood that will reduce any stress after a lengthy day!


  • Perfect for areas with antique, traditional style like a castle, church, bedroom, living area, bar, hotel, outdoor gardens, suites, wedding event decors, party, and so on.


  • Many people are acquiring this for Halloween to place inside of pumpkins, as garage wall surface lights, as well as for yard gardens. It's power efficient, also, so you'll reduce your electric costs.



  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Voltage: A/C 85-265 V.
  • Lifetime: 50000 humans resources+.
  • Lumens: 700 LM.
  • Color temperature: 1500 K (Real Fire color).
  • Gravity Sensor - Auto changes the fire direction upside down.
  • Light beam Angle: 360 Degrees.
  • Settings: Flame Emulation Sets/ General Light Mode/ Breathing Mode.
  • Material: PC/ PP.
  • Size: 13.5 * 6 (centimeters).


Package Includes:

5 x LED Flame Light Bulbs with Gravity Sensor (Yellow or Blue)



We only offer the E27/E26 (North America & Europe). Unfortunately, we do not have the B22.

Q: Are E26 and E27 light bulb bases interchangeable?

Yes. The E26 is the common 120 Volt American voltage. The E27 is the European standard and also is ranked at 220 Volts. Having said this, an E27 bulb can fit in the E26 base any issues. The sockets/bulbs are compatible except for the voltage ranking. Therefore, LED E27 light bulbs that are global line-voltage can be utilized in both E26 and also E27 outlets.

Q: Can this light bulb work if it is upside down?

Yes. Our LED Flame Light Bulb featuring Gravity Sensor will certainly feature Gravity Sensor. It will certainly automobile change the fire direction upside-down.




LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs - The Right Choice?

LED (light-emitting diode) flame effect light bulbs are among the most popular technological breakthroughs of the past few decades. They have replaced incandescent light bulbs, which leave a glowing wick, fluorescent tubes, and now LED light bulbs which use an entirely different concept altogether. LED's last several years have been tumultuous, to say the least. Production cost has skyrocketed while production times have gotten extremely long.


LED light bulb flame-effect technology has brought about much discussion, controversy, and debates as to whether LED's have actually surpassed the efficiency of their sixties predecessors. Many prominent light bulb manufacturing companies such as Honeywell, Toshiba, Philips, and GE just aren't convinced that LED's are worth the investment. They see LED's as a flash in the pan sort of proposition. The idea that LEDs can replace light bulbs is a bit of an overstatement. LED's have actually surpassed many of the more widely used light bulbs in the U.S. with the sheer volume of their sales.


However, LED's aren't just a flash in the pan phenomenon. LED's are now becoming one of the most popular choices in lighting and industrial applications because of their unique properties. LED's are better suited for a number of applications including the LED flame effect light bulb, LED grow lights, LED bars and lighting, LED strip lights and the new LED lamps. Let's take a closer look at these LED flame effect light bulbs.


LED's burn cooler than traditional light bulbs. What does this mean? The heat that makes up the light bulb in a traditional light bulb is radiated up and out, which means it spreads light in all directions. With an LED light bulb, the heat is radiated down and only concentrated on the front or side of the light where it becomes hot and bright. This means LED's are better suited to cooler applications and therefore are often found in cooling fans, computer lights, and even laser light tube lighting.


LED flame effect light bulbs produce light in all the colors that traditional light bulbs can. Traditional light bulbs only produce red, blue, and green light. While it is possible to install LED's with additional colors such as yellow or pink there is a great deal of expense involved. With the advent of the ultra-short wavelength LED light bulb (also known as a LEDA light bulb) the possibility of using colored lights is very interesting. This type of LED will be available soon so you will have even more color choices.


LED flame effect light bulbs use much less energy than traditional light bulbs do. LED's consume only about half the energy of a traditional incandescent light bulb while producing the same light. The best thing about LED's is that they also use far less heat so they are better for use in cooling fans, computer light tubes, and even laser light tubes. In fact, the LEDA technology which underlies the vast majority of LED lights is itself thermally activated which means that it is only a matter of time before LED's become commonplace in every home.


The biggest problem with the LED's at the moment is their cost. LED light bulbs are not cheap and are actually more expensive than incandescent light bulbs. Luckily, things are gradually changing. Led light bulb manufacturers have already begun mass producing the LED's at a lower price point. It is possible to find LED's starting at around $1 per watt, which is still way beyond what most people can afford but is way lower than the high-end cost of incandescent effect light bulbs.


If you are interested in finding LED's for your lighting needs it is still best to do some research on them and look around for different models. Look at the stores that stock LED's or check out the various websites that specialize in LED light bulb information. Be careful to compare all options available to you as there are a wide range of prices, models, and types of effect light bulbs on the market right now. It is always worth looking around as you might be surprised to find something suitable at the right price. And don't rule out LED's as an option, particularly if you are working with a budget.





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