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Laser for Measurement of Distance Laser Tape Rangefinders 0.16 to 329ft


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Laser for Measurement of Distance 328ft Laser Tape Range Finder

  • Making use of¬†precision laser technology, the laser¬†range meter package offers fast, simple, and precise measurements each time you utilize it. Pocket-sized for simple mobility, this useful tool uses area, volume, and length dimensions in inches, feet, and also metric devices.
laser for measurement of distance

  • Easy targeting with intense laser guideline, a labor intense laser distance procedure makes area job easy, accurate & simple. Ideal for home, building and construction and also sectors, particularly in big areas such as spaces, houses, structures, real estates, factories, warehouses, and so on

  • Double shot laser distance meter allows for durable as well as well construct, non-slip rubber-like material surrounding the edge makes it possible for a strong grasp and the buttons react nicely.
laser distance measurers

  • Wide measuring variety from 0.05 to 100m. High exact measuring +/ -2 mm, Multi unit selection of meters or inches¬†and feet, a digital laser range measuring device with 4 line LCD present.

  • Multi Measurement Modes: Single-distance Measurement, Constant Measurement, Location Dimension, Volume Dimension and Indirect Pythagoras Measurement, a fantastic laser range measurer package.
laser measuring distance
  • This laser variety meter supports data hold as well as data clear feature, Supports information store/recall feature, IP54 defense Auto/Manual power off.
distance measurer laser
  • The Compact Laser Measuring Device procedures as well as displays size; displays and also computes location; as well as presents continually upgraded measurements as you relocate toward or away from your target.
measuring distance with laser
  • Perfect for remodeling, interior decorating, floor and wall coverings, realty estimate and also evaluation, it is the quick, exact and very easy way to measure, also at walking-out distances.


 measuring distance with a laser


measure distance laser

laser to measure distance








Working Range






Bubble level



One bubble levels: vertical



Button/Key q'ty






Distance measurement precision






Measurement unit options






Continuous measurement function






Area/Volume measurement function






Pythagorean proposition measurement function



Full mode



Add and subtract measurement function






Min/Max/ value






Max storage



30 units



Automatic backlight






Button/Keys sound






Laser level






Laser type






Automatically cut off laser






Automatic shutdown






Storage temperature



-20‚ĄÉ - 60‚ĄÉ



Working temperature



0‚ĄÉ - 40‚ĄÉ



Storage humidity






Power supply



AAA 1.5V x 2pcs(not include)












Model: SW-T40, SW-T60, SW-T80, SW-T100,

Working Range: 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m

Dimension: 112*50*25mm

Package Included:

1* Laser Distance Meter

1* Portable Bag

1* Hand Strap

1* User's Manual

1* Gift Box

1* Reflective Plate

laser measure distance 

laser for measuring distance

laser for distance measurement





Function 1: Continuous measurement function

Function 2: Area/Volume measurement function

Function 3: Add and subtract measurement function

Model: SW-T40, SW-T60, SW-T80, SW-T100

Working Range: 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m

Dimension: 112*50*25mm



Laser for Measurement of Distance Laser Tape Rangefinders 0.16 to 329ft


In previous times, when you needed to gauge a space, you would go out right into your garage and also get your tape action. The common tape step can be difficult to make use of. If you obtain the tape action unclean or wet, it will certainly not retract all the means.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a measuring gadget that you could use on your own and not have to fret about it obtaining wet or filthy? Fortunately exists is a laser measuring tape tool on the market and also we will certainly be covering how great they are.

If you are a real estate agent or a house evaluator, the rangefinder laser gauging tape is optimal. You can determine area sizes and rapidly compute square video footage of spaces and also locations in any kind of home. Professionals can also benefit for the sort of gauging device. This modern technology will minimize the moment an employee needs to spend as well as gives you unbelievable accuracy for building and construction as well as redesigning work. More and more experts are using this kind of determining develop everyday.

One of the advantages concerning making use of a laser gauging tape is that you do not require anybody to assist you. They are extremely simple to utilize. They include a red dot pointer and you simply direct it at what you wish to gauge. It works on an indicate factor system where the laser strikes an additional surface and also recuperates to provide an analysis. You will get an immediate analysis on just how much away the wall or things is. Then transform and also take that dimension to feet, inches, meters or any sort of dimension you require. A few of the ones on the marketplace can be also connected to you laptop computer so that you can input all of your dimensions right into a spreadsheet or file. Say goodbye to discovering an additional person to hold onto the dump end of a conventional measuring tape. Factor as well as click, that's all you do.

Laser gauging tapes are an instance of using innovation to make daily jobs easier for male. Some individuals will discover it tough to transform to the current technology equipment and also will still utilize the basic old steel measuring tape for their measuring tasks. In the end you can not defeat the accuracy of a laser determining tape.

Examine the requirements of each laser tape as well as establish what choices you will call for. Some can calculate much more, some will also come with a stud finder, while a few even come with a laser level.

Gone are the days when we needed to obtain an assistant to assist us when we need to gauge ranges, unless it is short enough for a single person to do it by themselves. Nonetheless, it was all so troublesome and also time consuming as we typically have to take a couple of measurements on the basic tape measure prior to we can make certain that the dimension was proper. With the innovation of contemporary technology, we can now measure a distance conveniently with a laser measuring tape.

Making the job much simpler and also quicker for the individual, there are several other benefits for utilizing the laser tape measurer. If you are considering purchasing a measuring tape as well as, and are not sure of which kind to buy, the list of advantages below will certainly help you make up your mind.

1. Enables even more precision

When you are gauging a distance, specifically if you require to use the device really usually as it becomes part of your task, you will want the device to give you accurate dimensions. With the laser determining tape, you can do so simply and by yourself as well so it minimizes workforce. Currently you will certainly not need to grab another body to hold the end of the tape while you hold onto the tape measurer itself to measure the distance. All that you really have to do is to make laser contact externally that you want to determine and also the measurements will be presented on the gadget promptly and also easily.

The dimensions are revealed in electronic type so it allows easy analyses. You can likewise choose to do the analyses in either in inches or centimeters, depending on your individual preference. It is additionally a fantastic benefit when you need to take a trip frequently. This nifty little device can even determine and compute room sizes.

2. Power saving


One more benefit is that it utilizes a battery for measuring and also it does not call for a great deal of energy for usage. Hence, every battery is able to keep the laser distance measurer for a long time. This is valuable for someone who is searching for a measurer that is durable as well as economical.

3. Available in various sizes

Depending upon your requirements, you might often need a bigger or a tiny determining tape could get the job done. The laser procedure is offered in numerous shapes and sizes so you can pick something that fits your requirements.

The above are just some benefits of using the laser measuring tape instead of the conventional measuring tape. You can look up and also compare the pros as well as disadvantages of the two sorts of tape measure prior to you make a dedication if you still can not determine.

Typically, people would certainly utilize the common measuring tape yet that may not be exact. It is additionally extremely time consuming, as you will have to take the dimension again to make sure that you have actually gauged it properly and also you will additionally require an assistant to aid you hold a side of the tape. Now you can utilize time of flight to measure distance by factoring the time that it takes the laser beam divergence to travel when measuring speed of light.

If you perform a search, you will see that there are many type of laser distance procedure readily available and also each performs a different function. Thus, which tool you get depends greatly on your demands and also budget plan. However, generally the major goal is to make the chore of measuring the range less complicated for you.

With the creation of such laser gauging devices, you no longer need to guess the dimension. Currently you can get specific measurements from the laser action simply by directing at the distance you wish to determine. On top of that, it also enables you to take measurements for prolonged ranges. With the basic gauging tape, you can only determine distances for as long as the measuring tape will certainly permit, unless you purchase measuring tapes that permit you to determine long distances. The laser tool of higher quality will enable you to take dimensions of approximately 650 feet without errors.

You will certainly not be able to determine any kind of distances on your very own if you are making use of the common tape procedure. Currently with the laser determining gadget, you can take lengthy or high ranges on your own.

Depending upon the device, some laser action can also determine size, length, volume, range and also location. Some can even be utilized to do estimations and also conversions properly. Being useful and also small, you can effortlessly bring it with you when you have to travel. This is also referred to as laser triangulation. 

Since you know the numerous benefits of the laser distance procedure, you are ready to make your choice. A point to maintain in mind is that you need to ensure the gadget is able to lug out the determining jobs that you have to do so that you can change if for the typical determining tape.

In the past, when you require to measure a space, you would certainly go out into your garage and also get your tape action. Some individuals will certainly discover it tough to convert to the most recent tech tools as well as will still utilize the typical old metal tape measure for their determining jobs. With the innovation of contemporary innovation, we can currently measure a range conveniently with a laser tape step.

Currently you can obtain precise dimensions from the laser procedure just by pointing at the distance that you want to measure. With the common gauging tape, you can just gauge ranges for as lengthy as the tape will enable, unless you purchase tapes that permit you to gauge very long distances.

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