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Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath Machine Personal Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath


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Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath Machine Personal Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath 


Note: Foot Spa Tub in the pictures is NOT included.

What Is This?

Portable Day spa purifying Foot Bath - Mini Detoxifying foot Bathroom, portable and also space-saving, only a little larger than your hand, is the master control tool for home usage or traveling. In addition, detoxing foot bathroom device matches nearly any type of type washbasin. You can enjoy a foot health club anywhere.


Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy

Most beneficial for those who are under long-lasting pressure and also really feel psychologically worn out. Poor rest quality is insufficient, sub-healthy people susceptible to colds, like to eat high-fat food. They are susceptible to illness and weakened body immune systems.


Immune boost - Strengthens your immune system, stabilizing blood glucose and also stress and anxiety. Boosts memory and rest, eases muscle mass discomfort, decreases irregular bowel movements. Let your body unwind as well as kick back, allowing you to appreciate a foot spa up to the specialist degree.

No negative effects - Pure and also secure and also easy to use, as long as the power is switched on, press the power button on the controller, put the selection as well as your feet right into the water as well as add a little salt, the maker will function, water response with no negative effects and toxic compounds, as well as irritant smell, is a secure as well as ensured choice.


  • Lower Chronic Tension
  • Get to Optimum degrees of Equilibrium as well as Health
  • Aid Food digestion
  • Lower Injury Recovery Time
  • Stimulate Red Cell
  • Heal Painful Headaches
  • Promotes Healthy And Balanced Rest Patterns
  • Deals With Joint Tightness
  • Relax as well as Feel Unbelievable


      • Power Output: 2.7 amps at 15 volts
      • Unit Dimensions: 7” wide x 8” deep x 2.5” tall
      • Standard 110 US Outlet

      Package Includes:

      • Controller Unit with Power Cord 
      • 1 Ion Array
      • User Manual

      Note: Foot Spa Tub in the pictures is NOT included.





      What Is An Ionic Detox Foot Bath?


      One of the latest health craze is the ionic detox foot bath. This is considered a highly effective alternative medicine that can help to rejuvenate your body. You may have heard about this method as an alternative method for weight loss. If you are wondering how does ionic cleanse foot bath work, then here are some benefits of ionic detox foot bath that may interest you. Read on to find out more.


      It has been found that toxins in our body gets converted into ions and these ions are eliminated through pores of our feet. The pores open to release the toxins but there are certain problems that can occur if we do not take care of them. These problems will result in fatigue, skin problems, and even skin cancer. If the pores of our feet are clogged with toxins, it will prevent us from having a normal sleep at night. We have to be very careful about the way we take care of our feet. Otherwise, we can get sick.


      There are several benefits of ionic cleanse. People have reported getting better sleep and improved skin tone after using ionic detox products. It has been proved that when we apply ionic products on our body, the harmful toxins are wiped out. This can be beneficial for those who want to get fit or want to shed some of their extra pounds. Ionic cleanse products are very effective and most people have had great success with them.


      Ionic foot bath works on several levels. When you first do it, you will feel refreshed and energized. After a few days, your skin will look healthier and you will notice that your nails and feet look healthier and more beautiful. It has been proven that ionic detox foot bath helps in improving overall health. It detoxifies and purifies the body from within. A lot of people feel more energetic after each use of ionic detox foot bath.


      This is not only for detoxification purposes but also for exfoliation purposes. It helps remove dead skin cells on the feet, which can make our feet look dull. We can get rid of toxins in our body through ionic cleanse. Our skin gets healthier and we get more fresh air inside the house.


      Many people do not realize how much toxins we are exposed to everyday. The food that we eat is full of preservatives and chemicals. It is very easy to accumulate toxins over time. We get more air pollution and we make the most of what nature has given us through birth and natural aging. With ionic cleanse, you will be able to reverse all these effects.


      Ionic detox foot bath has several benefits. You will be able to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. It makes us feel more energetic. With constant use, it repairs our skin and hair. It also reduces stress levels, anxiety, and worries.


      If you want to be healthier, then you should try ionic cleanse. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Give ionic detox foot bath a try today!


      What is ionic cleansing? Well, ionic cleansing is using natural and organic substances to help get rid of toxins and harmful elements in our body. We use natural substances such as sea salt, aloe vera, coconut oil, and green tea. We can mix these items with water to create a homemade ionic cleanse. This mixture can then be applied topically to the skin.


      Studies show that there are certain nutrients found in seaweed that has the power to break down fats. Japanese researchers found out that this method can also be used to eliminate toxins from the human body. Japanese researchers found out that some common pollutants found in the soil can also break down fat cells in our body. In fact, the body only needs a small quantity of these pollutants to get rid of toxins. If we can get rid of toxins, our health will improve and our energy will also improve.


      There are two ionic cleanse foot baths which can help us get rid of harmful substances from our body. One of them is a foot-bath solution, which is made from sea salt and green tea. The other ionic cleanse foot bath is made of organic substances that will help remove toxins from the body. These ionic detox foot bath solutions can be used at home by anyone.


      Other than the ionic detox foot bath, you can use other products to help you detoxify your body. These products include foot bath solution, herbal teas, and diet pills. These products are usually found in health stores and pharmacies. You need to consult your doctor first before you use any of these products.




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