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Lice Combs - Head Vacuum Lice comb Electric Capture Pet Filter Lice Treatment Head Lice Treatment - Electric Lice Removal Comb


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Lice Combs - Head Vacuum Lice comb Electric Capture Pet Filter Lice Treatment Head Lice Treatment - Electric Lice Removal Comb

  • Lice. The word itself is enough to make your head crawl.
  • Like it or otherwise, all children are at danger of obtaining lice, even when practicing great hygiene.
  • Finally, here's a gadget that can take all your nit as well as lice issues away.
  • The Electric Lice Elimination Comb eliminates 100% of Lice, Nits, and also eggs without making use of harmful chemicals or shampoos!


lice treatment

Efficiently Captures Lice


All the lice and also eggs are entraped in the non-reusable capture filter which makes it less complicated to capture them as well as securely dispose them away. This filter is for once usage just and also requires to be replaced after use. Snap on the lid to detach the capture filter for sanitary disposal.


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Advantages of the Lice Treatment Device


  • 100% Effective - All lice, eggs, as well as nits caught in the disposable capture filter to maintain health.

  • All-natural Therapy - No hazardous chemicals or chemicals entailed that can position a hazard to you as well as your household's health and wellness. This is the most safe lice comb readily available in the market today.

  • Conserve Time as well as Stay Clear Of Mess - Chemical hair shampoos and electrical zapping combs are rough on the skin as well as scalp. The Lice Elimination Comb utilizes it's rounded, stainless steel-tooth comb and also suction power to smoothly run across the scalp as well as delicately lift lice as well as eggs.


  • Recyclable - After each usage, simply get rid of the non-reusable Capture Filter, close the lid and also take care of the filter permitting safe and also hygienic disposal.

  • Avoid Versus Future Infestation - The Lice Treatment Device is very efficient in discovery and eliminating any kind of phase of infestation. Make use of the Device on a regular basis completely step.


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Ecologically Safe

Standard lice therapy is tough, needs damaging chemical pesticides as well as will normally lead to a second invasion. The issue is that a lot of lice combs do not pick up all of the nits, making this procedure dynamic. With the Anti-Lice Gadget ™ you'll no longer live with this opportunity.

Bundle Consists of:

1 x Electric Lice Elimination Comb
3 x disposable capture filters
1 x power adapter
1 x user handbook


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